Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A Captain Renault post: A writer with roots in PA published an explosive story yesterday on his website. The story is incredible and breathtaking in so many ways I am not sure where to start. But always a good place to start is with my favorite hypocrite -- the very partisan Tom Corbett.

This explosive story exposes a complete Corbett whitewash of an incredible list of criminal acts, political campaigning in a public office, sexist and racists comments, lax accounting of public dollars, personal and political work by county staff on county time, grant money spent outside the rules and guidelines, selective justice for friends and political allies, and more -- all in the York County office of Republican District Attorney and Corbett political ally Stan Rebert.

This story makes the stuff Corbett put in his big press conference about the House Democrats when he indicted them look like kindergarten stuff. And these people involved in this explosive York County story are people with badges -- county detectives, county prosecutors and the Republican DA himself!

So for the investigation of the House Democrats Corbett convened a grand jury, did at least an 18 month investigation, interviewed and brow beat over 150 Democrat staff people, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and used thousands of man hours and indicted 12 Democrats in July. And for Corbett's "investigation" of Republican DA Stan Rebert you ask? No grand jury, few (if any) interviews with county staff ,and the Corbett made an announcement a year later that Republican Rebert was "cleared".

This Yardbird.com story by Bill Keisling has so many twists and turns it will take numerous posts to just highlight the incriminating facts about Corbett and his Republican allies in York County. The story is well written and particularly explosive because it is based on the material in sworn depositions collected and filed in a Federal civil case. There were over a couple dozen depositions taken in this civil lawsuit and it's all there in black and white. I read through many of the depositions, including those of Stan Rebert and his wife, and they are damning to say the least.

So much for Corbett's "following the evidence where it leads us" and his "highly touted investigative staff". When you read the depositions you quickly realize either Corbett did NO investigation and just covered up for Republican Rebert or he investigated the DA and buried the results -- or more likely, some of each. Either way he and his staff are implicated and complicit in this scandal.

This expose of Corbett and Republican DA Rebert is more powerful evidence that Corbett is an extremely partisan Attorney General who will use the justice system in this state in a partisan way to punish Democrats and help Republicans.

I will post much more later. I will also post the sworn depositions so you can read them for yourself. Read the entire story by Keisling using the link above or here.

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