Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hard To Top Corbett's Hypocrisy -- But Palin Gives It The Old Corbett Try

A Captain Renault post: Spotting high end hypocrisy in political officials is a favorite past time of many people in the media and the blogging world. For me, Captain Renault, it is my specialty so I am big fan of the MSM folks who are very good at exposing hypocrisy in politics. Of course there is so much for us to work with that it can be a full time job -- especially in PA with AG/SC Tom Corbett running amok.

Kieth Olbermann is very good outing big time hypocrisy in campaigns and candidates. he is having just too much fun his his recent Special Campaign Comment on Sarah Palin. Watch it here:

Oh if we could only get Olbermann to come to PA and do some Special Comments on Tom Corbett. There is so much material on Corbett that Olbermann could do his whole one hour show just on Corbett's hypocrisy and his avid use of the double standard when applying "justice" in PA.

More on my earlier post about Corbett's York County coverup later today.

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