Friday, October 31, 2008


A Captain Renault post: In today's Philadelphia Inquirer the campaign spokesman for the House Republicans gives a big wet kiss to Tom Corbett. We all know this is a very difficult campaign season for Republicans everywhere and Republicans all over the country are running scared -- from the race for President to the US Senate, to state House races in many states.

But here in PA the State House Republicans have a weapon of mass destruction to unleash on their Democratic counterparts: The hyper-partisan Attorney General Tom Corbett. To help the House Republicans Tom Corbett rode in on his high horse and indicted Democrats before the election and made sure there "wasn't enough time" to charge any Republicans before the voting started (if ever). Corbett reached into his bag of tricks and made sure that in this very difficult election season at least in PA Republicans would have something to hang on to and beat the Democrats over the head with.

In today's Inquirer the House Republican campaign spokesman let's the whole world know that in PA, Bonusgate is the only issue they have that gives them a fighting chance:

"In terms of control of the state House, it really comes down to Bonusgate vs. Obama's popularity," said Al Bowman, a spokesman for the House Republican Campaign Committee.

"All politics are still local, and while Barrack is claiming he will usher in a new day as president, local state House Democrats are still being chased by the ghosts of their own corruption and inaction."

So the House Republican campaign spokesman gives a big wet kiss to Corbett today for giving them the issue to use in this tough election year. You can just see the high fives all around. Corbett of course continues to maintain that the timing of the indictments against Democrats and the fact that there "was no time" to thoroughly investigate Republicans before the election is all just a coincidence. Yeah, I know, "shocking".

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