Monday, November 3, 2008


A Captain Renault post: As a sure sign of their increasing desperation, the Republican party in PA has gone deep into the reservoir of hate politics to run an ad that McCain at one point in his ever-changing campaign said he would not allow on the air. (McCain's campaign strategy day to day = change you can count on).

Starting Sunday the PA GOP began airing an anti-Obama ad focusing on Rev. Wright.

Watch the ad here.

We read more accounts every day that it all comes down to the voters in PA for McCain. Every poll published in the last few days has Obama with minimum 4-7 point lead.

The GOP and Corbett's Bonusgate gambit and campaign strategy seems to be falling flat so they roll out Rev. Wright at the last minute. My own view is that the Wright ads will hurt McCain and the state GOP as much as they help. These ads only play to the GOP base, at best, and they turn off the moderate voters in each party. I have also seen and heard very animated reactions from strong base Democratic voters over the last two days as they saw these Wright ads. The ads just motivate them more than ever -- if that is possible.

Tidbit: In another sure sign of McCain's sure desperation he is appearing today in Tennessee. Yes, Tennessee. While there is no doubt that Tennessee will be in McCain's column tomorrow night, McCain's appearance in that part of the state seems to be designed to appeal to the local media and TV market in neighboring Southwest VA. This part of VA is relatively lightly populated compared to Norther VA where Obama is doing very well. Desperation for sure.

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