Monday, November 3, 2008


A Captain Renault post: Attorney General and Space Cadet Tom Corbett has obviously been very busy lately. Between campaigning for re-election, working on the Bonusgate investigation (same as campaigning for re-election), rallying the Republican troops for McCain's election in PA, burying any wrongdoings by Republicans, and fending off various lawsuits filed against him by former employees, Corbett just hasn't had time to shop for some new clothes.

Sarah Palin and the RNC should step up and use some of that clothes money they spent on Palin's wardrobe recently to help ol' Tom out. Afterall, Corbett's Bonusgate campaign strategy has been a great service to the Republicans running for election in PA (especially the State House Republicans). A little money for clothes is the least the Republican Party could do for him.

The reason for my new found concern for Corbettt's need for some clothes is apparent in this video I came across today of Corbett and other Republican bigwigs doing their best to somehow convince a very Republican crowd that McCain could still win in PA. Corbett has on a too-small Phillies hat and an incredible shrinking red sweater. Watch the video here (go to the 4:30 mark to see Corbett in action):

Corbett let's us know in the video that he "was with Sarah Palin yesterday". It doesn't look like she gave him any fashion advice or some of that pocket change from the RNC for some clothes for his public appearances. Or...or...maybe Sarah did give him some advice: "Tom, just go out there and talk to the real Pennsylvanians and the real Americans dressed like our hero Joe the Plumber! You betcha!"

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