Friday, October 3, 2008

Motion to Postpone Filed. Will McCorbett have to Suspend his Campaign?

Captain Renault News Flash: I can confirm that as of this morning at least one motion was filed by a lawyer representing a Democrat defendant to postpone Corbett's show trial/prelim hearing/campaign event scheduled for next week. I will post a copy of the motion when I can get it.

Will McCorbett have to "suspend" his campaign next week a la John McCain if there is no show trial for him to use as material for his re-election?

The motion does use Corbett's own words, reported in various newspapers, for the reason to request the postponement. Corbett has said that he would not bring additional charges (against Republicans?) in the Bonusgate investigation before the election because he didn't want to "unduly influence" the voters with pre-election publicity about possibly wrongdoings by legislators.

So instead of indicting Republicans before the election, Corbett plans a show trial/preliminary hearing of Democrat defendants one month before the election. There will be lots of press coverage of course where Corbett gets to act like the avenging prosecutor. No "undue influence" in that he says.

Where is the outrage from the state's editorial boards on this obvious use of the justice system to benefit the campaign of someone running for the top cop in our state? Where is the outrage form the state's leading Democrats and the Morganelli campaign? Are the bloggers (see Checking the Balance too) the only ones who are covering this part of the story and willing to make the point?

Developing...more to come.

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