Friday, October 3, 2008

News Flash: Motion to Postpone Corbett's Campaign?

A Captain Renault News Flash: I got a tip today from a reader that saw my post earlier today on AG/SC Corbett's show trial for next week -- the preliminary hearing for the Democrats charged in the Bonusgate investigation. This reader sent me an email indicating that he/she heard that a motion or motions were filed by one or some of the lawyers representing the Democrat defendants asking the court to postpone the preliminary hearing until after the election.

The tip came in after the courthouse was closed so I could not check for any filed motions. I will try again in the morning and update with anything I find out.

The tipster suggested that the rationale provided by the lawyers for the defendants in requesting the motion to postpone was the very same rationale that Corbett provided for not indicting Republicans before the election. In many public comments by Corbett in September, he said there should be no justice system action on Bonusgate until after the election because it would be unfair to candidates, to the voters, and would" influence the elections". Oh, and Corbett doesn't think his scheduled show trial of indicted Democrats one month before the election will "influence the election". It's just incredible he gets away with this stuff.

This was an anonymous email tip so I will have to check the courthouse and update here. If there is a motion to postpone, I hope it is successful. That would be at least a thimble full of justice in this absurdly partisan investigation by Corbett. Oh, and Corbett would have to spend his own campaign money next week for publicity and good campaign material instead of the taxpayers money. (A Renault Hypocrisy Alert -- isn't that what he charged the Democrats with? Isn't that what Bonusgate is supposed to be all about?)

Developing....more to come.

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