Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Show (Trial) Goes On

A Captain Renault post: I don't know. Maybe it is just me. But I see some high level hypocrisy in everything Tom Corbett does.

But Corbett sure makes it easy to call him a hypocrite who also knows how to do the double standard shuffle.

Here's the latest example. First Attorney General Tom Corbett claims there are no politics involved in his decision to not indict Republicans in the Bonusgate investigation before the election.

You see, he just "ran out of time". There is just not enough time before the election to complete the investigation of Republicans. It would not be fair, Corbett says, to have so much media attention on indicted Republicans right before the election.

Oh, but he has time to hold a "show trial" called a preliminary hearing for those Democrats indicted starting next week in Harrisburg just 4 weeks before the Novemeber 4th election. So he gets to play the big, bad prosecutor with the whole state as his stage just a month before the voters decide if he gets re-elected. The PA press will eat this up. And that no doubt is just what Corbett figured when he scheduled the indictments and the preliminary hearing.

Is it just me? Where is the outrage? Where are the editorial boards calling for the postponement of this show trial until after the election? Where are the Democrats who should be calling Corbett out on this? Where are the reporters who should at least be working on this story?

Instead of using the justice system (and public money and staff) to further his re-election effort, Corbett should file a motion to postpone this show trial/hearing until after the election. Corbett should put his money -- I mean our money -- where his considerable mouth is. Stop the show trial. This is one concrete step Corbett can take now to avoid even more and worse political motivations from being injected into this Bonusgate fiasco.

So you heard it here first. Will Corbett do it? Will at least someone in the media editorialize that he should? Will any Democrat step up?

Developing...more to come.

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