Friday, December 5, 2008


A Captain Renault post: New Majority Leader Todd Eachus made it clear yesterday that he intends to be the top dog in the House Democrat Caucus. Eachus seems to be moving quickly and decisively to grab the reins of power and to make sure Bill DeWeese is relagated to a very minor (and hopefully irrelevant) role in how the Caucus is managed. In a session with reporters yesterday Eachus outlined some of his goals and described some of the first steps he is taking in order to make some of the necessary changes in his caucus operations.

In the meantime, I noticed a pitiful and pathetic letter to the editor that DeWeese sent to the Hazelton Standard-Speaker. DeWeese's letter looks like a child's effort to be noticed and was in response to an editorial the Standard Speaker published recently. The Standard-Speaker editorial encouraged incoming Speaker Keith McCall and Todd Eachus to break with the past and bring some needed reforms to the legislature. The editorial also bemoaned the fact that the Democrat Caucus elected DeWeese to any leadership position.

If Eachus really does decisively take the reins of power in his caucus, it will be fun to watch DeWeese stomp his feet in the months ahead in a vain but useless attempt to have anyone care about anything he says or does.

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