Wednesday, December 3, 2008


A Captain Renault post: It looks like Todd Eachus didn't much care for those meetings DeWeese held a few weeks ago with senior Democrat caucus staff. According to several staff sources who attended the meetings, DeWeese suggested with a wink and a nod that despite his demotion he would still be making many decisions about staff and direction of the caucus as part of "the new leadership team". I described the meetings in an earlier post.

Well from the news reports today it looks like the new Majority Leader Todd Eachus responded to DeWeese's wink with a big foot on his neck.

Eachus has hired Attorney Chris Casey of the famous PA Casey clan to "conduct a full scale review of House operations...". In this Standard - Speaker article Eachus seems to be making it clear that he is in charge of the caucus. Although he doesn't mention DeWeese by name in the various articles today, he goes out of his way to describe the changes he wants to make after "14 years of the same leadership".

From what I can tell form the emails we get here and the staff chatter on the Hill and in the street, many are holding their breath waiting to find out if there is going to be a power struggle between DeWeese and Eachus or if Eachus will in fact be in charge and in control of all aspects of the Democrat caucus.

With his selection of Casey as "outside counsel" and his very strong and public comments today in the press, it looks like Eachus isn't going to take his foot off of DeWeese's neck anytime soon.

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