Monday, December 1, 2008



In my earlier post today I reported on a meeting Bill DeWeese had 2 weeks ago with senior Democrat caucus staff. I received several emailed tips about the meeting and tracked down a couple of staff people who spoke to us off the record. All of the sources told us similar things about the meeting and one called it "a typical weird BS performance by DeWeese...most of the staff were just rolling their eyes".

What I found to be very interesting was how one source described DeWeese's "speech". From one of the emailed tips:

"DeWeese basically told us the new leadership was a "team" and that he would be "very involved" in making decisions about the staff and everything else. He said it with a wink. Whatever that means. Then he told us we were all "safe" and that there would be "no changes" in the staff. Hell, we want changes. And we thought we were going to get a change from DeWeese to McCall and Eachus. It was very disappointing and disheartening to listen to DeWeese act and talk like he is still in charge."

Is crazy DeWeese still running the show despite his demotion? I wonder why Eachus and McCall weren't part of that meeting? Is all of the DeWeese staff "safe"? And "safe" from what? And what does all of this mean for the larger Democrat majority and Ed Rendell's agenda in the upcoming session? What does it mean for Corbett's investigation of DeWeese and the Democrats?

From what I can see and hear, from on the hill and in the street, Democrats both inside and outside the Capitol building are hoping this DeWeese "speech" to the staff is just more of his craziness and that someone will put a muzzle on that guy. Most Democrat activists around the state seemed to be hopeful that DeWeese would at best join his colleague John Perzel as a back-bencher in the legislature. But unfortunately that did not happen. DeWeese is an embarrassment. But from all of the reports I've read in newspapers across the state, the guy seems to have no shame. And THAT is a shame.

Will bring more tips and tidbits in future posts in our new HEARD ON THE HILL - AND IN THE STREET feature.


Anonymous said...

Colonel Strasse has just been informed that certain attornies at Deutsches Pandemic (DP) a/k/a DiilPickle Phila were let go and have purloinwed papers of passage corroborating Fumo-trading by the DP ascent to assets from the Harrisburg Exchequer.
"Me man's fumo-gation did not work." We shall cleanse the ranks before next May's races.

Well, I must return to choir practice -- singing is popular this season -- especially in Casablance. Stop around at Rick's some eveningk for a Knob Hill. Remember our motto: ARBEIT MACHST FREI

Anonymous said...

Colonel Strasser reporting:
Mein herren und damen:
Eachofus has brought this pandemic to the House and that could mean a concentration term.

Korporal Eachofus Unter Hireling Frau Vilkermann (Scene on the Linden) in an ever-popular summer Tee -- cotourie Basik Black in a white "Gott Caught?"
DEINE KLEINE SCHOTZIE (tres Vichy - tres chic ) has become a student of Professor (best naught) B. Caught. Vilkermann seeks a degree in the Art of Politiks: majoring in Intelligence Design.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Strasser reportingn. Ja Vohl!
There are traitors everywhere!
But, have no FEAR for the ReICH vill deal with them. There is no qwestion that the BigLaw firmen are in a bind and their argentuers would LOVE to see the DilPickle Phila firm criminally investigated so they can replace them. Quite a Brilliant auto de fe.

Anonymous said...

COLONEL STRASSER hier once more:

I seem to remember the first time I was in Casablanca. There were many SIGNS of insurrection and many political posters in public buildings. I often wondered how they would get in remote villages like Habaj and other distant places.

Mostly I recall the informants as local Demorats but then we had a way of eliminating them with very bright search lights. Immanuel Kant taught us this.

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen the man who has the nice ring? I would be interested in buying it for Victor.