Monday, December 1, 2008


A Captain Renault post: One of the interesting things about posting a blog about state politics in PA and reporting on the happenings of the state Capitol and it's players is that you get quite a few tips and tidbits from the people that work in the business.

SEC. STEVE CRAWFORD TO MAKE A MOVE? One of the latest hot tidbits and tips from some Capitol insiders has the Governor's Sec. of Legislative Affairs, Steve Crawford, under active consideration for a top post with the incoming new Democrat Leadership in the House -- either with Soon-to-be-Speaker Keith McCall or Majority Leader Todd Eachus. We aren't sure if they are pursuing Crawford or if Crawford is pursuing a new assignment but it sounds like either way there's lots of chatter about it.

DEWEESE IS CRAZY. BUT IS HE STILL RUNNING THE SHOW? Speaking of the new Democrat Leadership and tips from insiders, we will post some observations from some staff who attended a strange and weird meeting last week with Bill DeWeese. These staff left the meeting shaking their heads for lots of reasons and wondering if DeWeese was still in charge of the Democrat Caucus staff operation. He seemed to imply just that at the meeting. We wonder how Eachus feels about that? Or is he in on it?

Will post some more details soon with some interesting observations from staff who claim to have been at the meeting and emailed some tips to me about the things DeWeese discussed.

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