Friday, January 9, 2009


A Captain Renault post: Checking the Balance continues to do great work on their blog. We are big fans.

CTB has a this great post with a nice chart that demonstrates the continued absurdity of the way Tom Corbett is conducting the Bonusgate investigation. The amount of money spent by the 4 caucuses to date on defense lawyers now exceeds the amount of money spent by the 4 caucuses on bonuses to employees for the years being investigated. That's our money -- as in taxpayers money.

Because Tom Corbett is milking the Bonusgate investigation for all it's worth for his own political advancement, the caucuses will continue to run up huge legal defense bills. Before this is all over, there will be 3-4 times as much money spent for lawyers than for bonuses for staff. So the lawyers who on average make well over $150,000-200,000/year will all get nice legal fees and the staff of the 4 caucuses who probably average $40-50,000/year will continue to be condemned and take pay cuts and pay freezes.

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