Friday, January 9, 2009


A Captain Renault post: We are fast approaching the 2 year anniversary of Attorney General and Space Cadet's Bonusgate investigation. Here are a few quick observations on the Calendar in this bungled investigation so far:

Jan/Feb 2007: News reports break about "secret bonuses" paid to caucus staff.

Feb/Mar 2007: Corbett indicates he will investigate.

Mar/Apr 2007: Press reports suggest a Grand Jury is taking testimony. It's clear from press reports and the usual Harrisburg chatter that only Democrats are being hauled in front of the grand jury. Democrats are in the majority in the House for the first time in 12 years. Corbett is a Republican.

Mar/Apr 2007 - July 2008: Corbett and the Grand Jury focus exclusively on the House Democrats despite Corbett's weak public assurances that "all 4 caucuses are being investigated". There are no press reports of any examples of scrutiny by Corbett on either the House Republicans or Senate Republicans. Republican staff quoted in articles say they have not been subpoenaed. Corbett is a Republican.

July 2008: 12 Democrats indicted. Corbett is a Republican.

Sep/Oct 2008: The first press reports appear indicating some Corbett focus on the House Republicans. Corbett announces there will be no more indictments before the election. Corbett is a Republican.

Oct 2008: Corbett schedules and conducts a preliminary hearing for some of the 12 indicted Democrats. The hearing generates much statewide positive press for Corbett one month before his re-election. Corbett is a Republican.

Nov/Dec 2008: Corbett's announces that he still needs more time and there will be no more indictments in 2008. Corbett whines publicly about his lack of staff and resources. He continues to claim he is investigating all 4 caucuses. There are no press reports or internal staff rumors indicating any investigation of either Senate Caucuses. This despite the fact that the Senate Republicans doled out some of the highest bonuses to their staff. Corbett is a Republican.

Jan 2009: Very little press coverage of any Bonusgate Grand Jury activity of House Republicans or either Senate Caucus. The two year anniversary of the Bonusgate investigation fast approaches.

So there is an abbreviated outline of my view of the Bonusgate calendar. This calendar points our how Corbett has used the investigation for his own -- and the Republican party's -- benefit. It also points out how badly Corbett has handled the investigation from the start. At this pace, with Corbett continuing to indicate and complain that he can only investigate one caucus at a time, one of the Senate Caucuses will get a thorough investigation sometime in 2010. The other Senate Caucus will get investigated in 2012.

It will be no surprise to me if the Senate Republicans just happen to be the last caucus investigated. Oh, Corbett is a Republican.

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