Thursday, January 15, 2009


A Captain Renault post: This week's post by my colleague Ugarte was a powerful example of why Corbett's investigation can be fairly described as one-sided and partisan. Ugarte posted another letter from an anonymous author who has been sending missives to House Democrats about Corbett for months. The anonymous author's work is always very well researched and cited and this last letter is no exception. The author again makes a compelling case that Corbett continues to ignore any and all evidence about Republican misdeeds while he still investigates and prosecutes Democrats.

Today I post another credible example of why we believe Attorney General and Space Cadet Tom Corbett is a partisan Republican prosecutor who has used the justice system to his partisan advantage. It's also another example of serious information about Republicans ignored by Corbett.

Lisa Deon was a Republican who worked for former State Representative Matt Wright for 15 years, including a number of years as his Chief of Staff in his district office. Sometime in 2007 Deon signed a sworn affidavit which accused Wright, many of Wright's district staff, Wright's wife, and a number of Republican Harrisburg staff, of doing campaign work on state time and of spending public tax dollars on campaign activities.

Read the Deon affidavit here.

The affidavit makes many specific allegations about Wright and other Republicans. Read it for yourself. You can see that many of the accusations made by Deon are exactly the same kinds of activities for which Corbett indicted 12 Democrats. Read the Grand Jury presentment or the news articles on the indictment of the Democrats and read this Deon affidavit. Many of the alleged crimes committed by the Democrats are described in similar terms in the Deon affidavit as she describes the activities of Republican House Members and staff.

We'll have more to say about the Deon affidavit later today. This affidavit was widely and publicly distributed in the spring and summer of 2007. It was posted on several widely read websites at that time. Yet here we are almost 2 years after this affidavit made specific and serious allegations and not a single Republican has been charged by Corbett with anything.

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