Thursday, January 15, 2009


A Captain Renault post: Mid-state House Republican members issued a press release today of a letter to Gov. Rendell demanding that Rendell immediately fire former Democrat Rep. Dan Surra from his newly created state job at DCNR. Surra lost his election in November and just started the new $95,000/year job last week.

It looks like John Micek of the Morning Call and other reporters caught up with Rendell today at the State Farm Show and Rendell does not appear to be happy about all the questions regarding Surra getting a new job just as the Gov announced a state hiring freeze. Surra was known to be a real soldier in the legislature for Rendell so the job looks like a standard political payback for carrying the Governor's water for years.

It looks like the new post-partisan politics hasn't made its way from the swooning inaugural city of Washington D.C. up the road to our very own Capitol. These Republicans look like their out for Democrat Dan Surra's head.

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