Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A Captain Renault post: It sounds like much of the Capitol chatter today is all about the Eachus vs DeWeese open warfare and the suit filed by Eachus and the Dem Caucus against former caucus lawyer Bill Chadwick. There seems to be intense interest in and speculation on trying to figure out just what is Bill Deweese hiding in those Chadwick files he wants no one to see.

From the comments of people that have known DeWeese for a long time, and from reading published reports, DeWeese's rationale for invoking his attorney-client privilege preventing Chadwick from turning over the files to Eachus -- that he has some concern for the privacy rights of the staff that may have cooperated with Corbett's investigation -- is laughable.

The court documents filed by Casey (see yesterday's post) make no mention of Chadwick ever stating that DeWeese's concern was "for the staff" in the months they were arguing over the return of the file. Casey claims in the suit it wasn't until the day that Chadwick had set to turn over the file that he announced to Casey and Eachus that he suddenly could not do as promised because DeWeese invoked his attorney client privilege. In the first press reports on this subject Chadwick never mentions DeWeese's concern for the privacy of the staff. It was at least 24 hours after first questioned by reporters that DeWeese and Chadwick started to use the "staff privacy" rationale as a way to explain why DeWeese would not turn over the file. As I wrote above -- it's laughable.

From any casual reading of stories about Bill DeWeese over the years, one clear constant in his career has been that DeWeese's most important concern is for DeWeese and only Deweese. (See former Speaker Bob O' Donnell, see DeWeese-described "best friend" Mike Veon, see former DeWeese chief of staff Mike Manzo). It's pretty clear to most people in the state Capitol that DeWeese will throw anyone under the bus to save or advance himself -- and that would include every staff person that may have cooperated in the Bonusgate investigation and any current member of the House Democrat caucus. There doesn't appear to be much dispute on that point among the Capitol crowd.

So just what is Bill DeWeese so intent on keeping buried? There are many theories being talked about in the Capitol and there appears to be areal fear among some House Democrats that more of them are going to get indicted. Here are a few of the theories making the rounds in the Capitol:

1. The file contains information that proves DeWeese made a secret deal with Corbett to implicate anyone and everyone Corbett wants to indict as long as he lets DeWeese off the hook. (Our favorite theory)

2. The file contains evidence of dossiers that DeWeese/Chadwick created on many members of the Democrat Caucus that includes embarrassing personal info and potentially incriminating criminal information such as emails or political files. (Which would explain why the rest of the Hose Dems want so badly to see the files)

3. The files contain very incriminating information/emails/files on DeWeese himself that he doesn't want any other members, staff or lawyers to see.

4. The files contain information that should have been turned over to the Attorney General based on subpoenas but was not.

5. The files contain information that make it clear Chadwick, DeWeese and their legal team selectively gave the AG's investigators information that implicates current members of the Democrat Caucus in some aspects of the Bonusgate investigation.

6. All of the above. (Our new favorite theory)

As we have mentioned in previous posts, the material in these files must be very explosive. Why else would Eachus and DeWeese so publicly go to war with each other in public court? So just what is DeWeese keeping buried in the Chadwick files? Send us your own theories here at our blog or email them to us and we will post them.


Anonymous said...

The name of the barber Eachus goes to and the name of the English teacher that tought DeWeese all those big words are in the file. It's kind of funny that the 2007-2008 caucus paid for the legal work with tax money, the 2009 - 2010 caucus is demanding the file, but it pertains to the 2005-2006 caucus. Neither Eachus or DeWeese has a right to the file. The taxpayers are the ones who should get to see it!

Anonymous said...

The name of the barber Eachus goes to is in the file. So is the list of all the big words DeWeese knows is in the file. The file deals with the investigation of the 2005 - 2006 Democratic Caucus. The 2007 - 2008 Democratic Caucus paid for the legal work with tax money. Now the 2009 - 2010 Democratic Caucus is demanding to see it. How about letting the taxpayers see what they paid millions of dollars for.

Anonymous said...

You forgot #7:

That the files contain evidence of the sex scandal that makes Manzo look like an amateur.

Anonymous said...

# 6 "new fav theory" is DEAD on, in my opinion. HWD will go to any length to save himself, and it will only get worse until this whole ugly battle is done and over with (and who knows how long that's gonna take--2 MORE years, probably, the way it's going now, and if Corbett has his way).

What's laughable to me is the sad fact that the Dem Caucus keeps shooting itself in the foot with respect to DeWeese--the reason they are in this mess is because they didn't take him out after this WHOLE process began--he should have been forcibly removed by way of reorganization after he cowardly and selfishly refused to step down as Leader after it was ridiculoudsly apparent he was a weak and incompetant Caucus Leader.

All he does is finger point the blame to others....he's ripe with guilt and incompetancy, and if there's any justice in the workd, he WILL go down and get what SHOULD be coming to him.

It is my sincere hope that FINALLY, the Dems will see DeWeese for what he REALLY IS, a pathetic, desperate little man who's only talent is DECEIT and SELF-PRESERVATION.


McGruff said...

Gave this article a mention. Take Care..Great work.

Anonymous said...

Another theory behind the "deal" that DeWeese made with Corbett is that if DeWeese gets off scott free, so does Perzel. Both of them are scumbags.