Thursday, March 12, 2009


A Captain Renault post: So who's feeling lucky on Friday the 13th? The lawyers for the top two Democrat Caucus leaders will face off in Dauphin County Court on Friday March 13th at 10am.

This is an incredible and unprecedented legal battle between two elected Caucus leaders. Eachus and DeWeese ran together on a slate for the #1 and #2 slot in November. Despite his demotion, DeWeese has made numerous public pledges over the past few months that he would be an active member of the new Democrat leadership team and a "loyal Lieutenant" to new Majority Leader Eachus. One thing that has become clearer than ever to people watching the Bonusgate story is that DeWeese, who is fond of invoking his status as a former US Marine, obviously skipped all of the Marine Corp training on loyalty.

The AP has published the latest version of their story.

We posted some of the court documents in the Eachus vs DeWeese lawsuit on Tuesday and we will post all of the documents as they become available.

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