Saturday, March 14, 2009


A Captain Renault post: Well the court hearing took place on Friday in a Dauphin County courtroom packed with lawyers to hear the pleadings in an unprecedented legal battle between two elected caucus leaders of the same party. I will post here some of the news coverage of the hearing and some of my own comments on the coverage and the hearing. Upcoming posts will include some of the documents from the hearing -- including a very interesting email from Bill DeWeese's lawyer to Eachus's lawyer.

John Micek of the Allentown Morning Call says he was in attendance and described the legal battle as a "steel-cage death match" between DeWeese and Eachus in his Friday blog post. Micek seems to be a smart guy and a good reporter. His blogs are entertaining and he includes a high level of snarky commentary in his morning blog column. Nothing wrong with snarky comments (I use them liberally) but I hope he also does some serious reporting on the underlying issues in this legal battle between Bill DeWeese (by himself) and Todd Eachus (representing the House Dem Caucus). What is Bill DeWeese hiding John? Why are the rest of the Democrats so intent on viewing the DeWeese/Chadwick files that they file a public suit knowing that the resulting press coverage would be nothing but horrible for all of them?

Speaking of horrible press coverage, The Scranton Times-Tribune published the first that I saw of what will undoubtedly be numerous editorials damning everyone involved in this mess.

Mark Scolforo broke the story on the lawsuit late last week and continues to cover it almost daily with updates throughout the day. I hope Mark stays on the story and digs a little deeper to report on what may really be at stake here. Mark, what is DeWeese hiding? There are enough serious people now questioning whether or not DeWeese and Corbett have some kind of unholy alliance or even a secret deal that it surely it warrants your attention and talents for a closer look.

The blog Sights on Pennsylvania has a great post about the absurdity of all of the lawyers now involved in this Democrat circular firing squad and the costs for the huge billable hours all of these lawyers are racking up. And yep, you the taxpayers are paying for every minute of it. We now have lawyers who are representing lawyers who represent lawyers who represent some staff and House members (some of whom are lawyers!). Sights on Pennsylvania is always recommended reading for those following politics in PA -- especially Northeast PA.

The Republicans must be really getting a kick out of all of this. We now have the press focusing on more House Democrat Bonusgate related stories instead of on why Corbett has only indicted House Democrats and no House Republicans after two years of the Bonusgate investigation, or why after two years there has been virtually no investigation of the Senate Republicans even though they gave out some of the biggest bonuses to widely known political operatives and were also widely known to have a serious political operation within the caucus.

More in the next few posts -- including some court documents and the very interesting email I mention above.

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