Sunday, March 15, 2009

Corbett and DeWeese: Deal or No Deal?


This email was recently sent to the House Democratic Caucus:

House Democrats:

So, Bill Chadwick finally admits what we've known all along: his high-priced team of taxpayer-funded lawyers worked for Bill DeWeese personally.

The lawyers who gathered all the evidence and determined what would be turned over to Tom Corbett in response to subpoenas were Bill DeWeese's personal lawyers. (“An unseemly Democratic spectacle” Tribune Review, 3/15/09)

The lawyers who counseled all the staffers who testified to the grand jury - and may have testified against you - were Bill DeWeese's personal lawyers. (“Mediator may settle DeWeese controversy” Associated Press, 3/14/09)

The lawyers who sat in the courtroom as representatives of those witnesses and listened to all the supposedly secret grand jury testimony were Bill DeWeese's personal lawyers.

In essence, partisan Republican Tom Corbett said to Bill DeWeese: "We think you and your colleagues may have been up to no good. Could you do me favor and check around and let me know if you find anything incriminating?"

You shouldn’t be surprised that DeWeese turned over evidence incriminating others and not himself.

Or did he? What's in the secret file Chadwick is withholding?

DeWeese admitted to you in your members-only caucus last week that Corbett told him personally that he doesn't want anyone in the caucus looking at that file. Chadwick made sure to include Corbett honcho Frank Fina in his email to Chris Casey denying the caucus access to the file. The redacted portion was redacted by Chadwick. See it here.

Just whom is Corbett protecting? And why?

Corbett continues to claim, like a broken record, that his investigation isn't finished, and more arrests are coming. Yet DeWeese also told you in caucus last week that he is 100% certain there will be no more House Democratic arrests. To quote him, “It’s over.” How does DeWeese know?

Don't give up the fight to get access to the file. Whatever is going on between Corbett and DeWeese must be exposed as soon as possible.

Whatever is in that file may have explosive repercussions for Corbett’s gubernatorial primary campaign. Republican primary voters are unlikely to look favorably on Tom Corbett cutting favorable deals with someone whom everyone in the Capitol knows should be a prime suspect in the bonus investigation.

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