Monday, March 16, 2009


A Captain Renault post: Brad Bumstead of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review breaks a story in today's edition that adds to the mounting evidence of some kind of secret deal between Bill DeWeese and AG Corbett and his staff. The Bumstead article is explosive and begins to help explain why DeWeese has been trying so hard to prevent the rest of his Caucus -- and anyone else -- from looking at the Bonusgate file he and his lawyer Chadwick compiled over the last two years. We will post more later on the Bumstead revelations but we want to focus this post on another interesting email that to us highlights the unholy relationship between DeWeese and Corbett.

According to the public documents entered into evidence during last Friday's hearing in the suit between Eachus and DeWeese, on the very day that Deweese and his lawyer Chadwick had agreed to turn over their investigative file to Eachus and his lawyer, they changed their minds and DeWeese invoked his attorney-client privilege and ordered Chadwick to not turn the file over.

Read the email here.

The fascinating part of this email is that as Chadwick informs Eachus' lawyer Chris Casey that he will not turn over the file, he copies Chief Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina (and DeWeese) on the email! A portion of the email is redacted either by Chadwick or the court (and not by us). We of course would love to see the redacted portion of the email because it must really go to the heart of what DeWeese is hiding and what the AG knows about the contents of the Chadwick file.

To me the very fact that Chadwick copied Fina on the email to Casey points out how DeWeese and Corbett are closely working together on the Bonusgate investigation. It also seemed to me to be a threat to Casey and Eachus -- a clear indication that if you "screw with me Eachus you are going to incur the wrath of the Attorney General!"

This email just adds more fuel to the fire on the speculation that DeWeese and Corbett have some secret and corrupt deal.

Want more fuel for that fire? According to several sources within the Capitol, DeWeese made some fascinating comments in the closed-door, members only caucus meeting last week.

Paraphrasing the sources:

DeWeese to the caucus members: "Tom Corbett told me personally that he doesn't want anyone to see this file". (So according to DeWeese he is talking directly to Corbett. How does that happen?)

DeWeese to caucus members: "The investigation of the House Democrats is done. It's over with. I know. We have nothing to worry about." (So DeWeese is speaking to the caucus for the AG's office? How can DeWeese claim to "know" what is happening with the Bonusgate investigation unless he is talking directly with Corbett and his staff ?)

The AG's staff has continued to decline to say publicly whether or not Deweese is cleared of any wrongdoing in the investigation. But DeWeese himself has been telling anyone and everyone in a very public way that he is "cleared". DeWeese is either stone cold crazy (very possible) or he has a deal with Corbett (very possible and seems more likely every day).

More fuel for the fire later today....


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