Monday, April 27, 2009


A Captain Renault post:  Attorney General, Governor wannabe and the always hypocritical Tom Corbett has managed to author his own version of what has become a national story on "pay to play" politics.  The Wall Street Journal, the Houston Chronicle, the Legal News Line, and other national and state publications have all published stories or editorials on the controversial legal contract awarded by Gov. Rendell to the Texas law firm of Bailey Perrin Bailey after firm founder Kenneth Bailey gave significant campaign donations to Rendell.

Thanks to some great research which we posted on our blog last week, we now know why Corbett was "not impressed" with the Bailey law firm and their strategy to sue a pharmaceutical company on behalf of the state of PA.

It seems that Corbett was much more "impressed" with the hundreds of thousands of dollars contributed by national pharma companies to his own campaigns over the years.

So our own Attorney General has managed to hypocritically compromise himself again by doing the very same thing others are calling on him to investigate.  Let's see if the Republican State House members add Corbett's version of "pay to (not) play" to the growing list of "ethical reforms" they want to enact as they pound away on Rendell and his administrations legal contracts.  And let's see if the media devotes any attention to the hundreds of thousands of dollars contributed by national pharmaceutical companies to Corbett and other Attorneys General around the country.

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