Thursday, April 23, 2009

Psst...ix-nay on the vestigation-nay


A friend of CasablancaPA asked me to post this email that was recently sent to House Democrats.

House Democrats:

Isn't Patrick Meehan just the cutest thing?

Does he really wonder why Attorney General/Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett chose not to take legal action against Janssen Pharmacuticals, Eli Lilly or AstraZeneca? (Philadelphia Inquirer 4/19/09)

Can he really be so naive?

Doesn't he think just maybe it has something to do with $900,000 in campaign contributions?

That's right: $900,000.

While the Philadelphia Inquirer has been clutching its pearls over the corrupting influence of a $500 (that's two zeros, not five) contribution to a Democratic state lawmaker (Inquirer 4/16/09), no one seems to have a word to say about $900,000 in contributions (that's $900 multiplied by 1,000) from pharmacutical companies and their lawyers and lobbyists to Corbett directly and to Corbett's two most important PAC supporters, that have dumped at least $1.6 million into Corbett's campaigns.

The Pennsylvania Future Fund is Bob Asher's PAC and the Republican State Leadership Fund is the arm of the Republican National Committee. Both have dumped a tremendous amount of money into Corbett's coffers.

Here's the breakdown since 2003:

For the record, in the same time period Pennsylvania Future Fund has contributed $349,000 to Corbett and the Republican State Leadership Fund has contributed $1.27 million.

Yes, that's more than they got from the pharmacuticals. You want to get technical about how contributions to PACs weren't really contributions to Corbett? Then ask Corbett why he returned a $6,000 contribution in late 2007 from the Great Valley Leadership Fund, whose sole contributer was former Pa. Senate Majority Leader David "Chip" Brightbill. (Patriot News, 8/4/08)

These guys are laywers, which probably means they were liberal arts undergrads, but the math is not that complicated. If there's something not quite right about Gov. Rendell awarding a contract to a firm that contributed $90,000 to his campaign, isn't there something not quite right about Corbett's refusal to take legal action - action that Patrick Meehan himself contends was warranted - against companies that have contributed more than 10 times that amount to Corbett?

 Brian Nutt, Corbett's chief of staff in the Attorney General's office also happens to be his tax payer funded campaign manager. (York Daily Record, 7/22/08) It isn't hard to believe that Nutt whispered in his ear, "Psst...ix-nay on the awsuit-lay. We get too much campaign money from these guys."

So, when you consider all the money Corbett has received from Republican legislative leaders and those close to the Republican Party -- over a million dollars (Capitolwire 10/17/07) --it also isn't hard to believe that when it comes to the bonusgate investigation and Republicans, Nutt whispers, "Psst...ix-nay on the vestigation-nay."

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