Tuesday, April 21, 2009


pa2010.com is a new political blog on the scene in PA.  As the name implies, the blog is focused on the politics, candidates, and analysis of the 2010 campaigns in our state.  They provide some regular postings from Democratic and Republican party officials and some commentary from columnists on both the left and the right.  They also do some interesting original reporting.

The political junkies should add pa2010.com to their bookmarks menu for daily reading.

Here is their first post on AG Tom Corbett and his partisan Bonusgate investigation.  The reporter does a fair job of outlining the upsides and the downsides of the politics involved in the investigation.  To us, the article demonstrates that many observers and participants of PA politics now clearly believe that Corbett is determined to use Bonusgate to his political advantage and will try to milk it for all it's worth.  That seems to be a given fact reflected by sources quoted in this article and other recently published articles.  The questions that remain for many are: is Corbett's decision is right or wrong, does it serve justice or not, is it politically wise or not, and will it work?

Corbett's hypocrisy is stunning.  He is now entering the third year of his Bonusgate probe of an entire branch of state government (at least that's what he claims).  At the core, Corbett is investigating whether or not the staff and members of the legislature used public resources for partisan political gain.  And now it's accepted fact by many involved in or observing PA politics that Corbett is using his public office and resources to make Bonusgate the linchpin for his own campaign for Governor.

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Dan said...

Hey Captain,

This is Dan Hirschhorn, pa2010.com's reporter, editor and publisher.

Wanted to thank you for spreading the word about our new site. A small clarification for your readers: The original reporting is the absolute foundation of what we do. Our insider bloggers, op-ed contributors and other material springs from there. But objectively reported news is what we're here to do.

As a loyal reader of the blog, I've been wanting to reach out to you. I meant to send you our release when we launched, but can't seem to track down your e-mail address anywhere.

I'd like to be in touch, so if you could e-mail me at dan@pa2010.com, I'd really appreciate it.

And my door is always open to any of your readers. Dialog with the audience is critical to what we're doing at pa2010.com.

Continue the good work you all have been doing with CassablancaPA. These are important issues, and its' encouraging to see a site pursuing them so doggedly.