Monday, April 20, 2009

A Translation for the DeWeese-Impaired

Some portions of Bill DeWeese’s hysterical letter to the editor in response to Brad Bumsted’s April 12 column appear to be in desperate need of editing. Please, allow us:

"I hired the commonwealth's former inspector general to
ascertain what was really going on
cover my ass. Different stories from different staff did not add up to the story I wanted to tell.

"I cooperated with the attorney general's investigation, including turning over thousands of subpoenaed e-mails that my attorneys picked and chose to implicate others and not me-- even though some of them, taken out of context that slipped through accidentally, might appear really, really damaging to me.

"I urged some 200 employees to cooperate fully with the investigation, and appointed them lawyers, answerable to me, who kept a very close watch over what they told investigators.

"I fired several high-ranking employees -- most of whom later were charged by state prosecutors thanks to the evidence and testimony that I handed them -- after evidence of their misconduct was presented to me. tweezed out of the tens of thousands of e-mails my lawyers and I examined. I knew they might have every reason to try to implicate me as an act of revenge. justice.

"The column correctly notes that Brett Cott is providing selective e-mails (which I accidentally turned over to prosecutors) to the media. Cott, whom I fired, is facing 42 criminal counts, with a possible penalty of 272 years in prison and $575,000 in fines. And someone actually believes his lament that because I "threw him under the bus"?

"When a small group of employees decides to steal from the company, the last person they tell is the boss, which in this case is the taxpayers. We'll let the courts, with the evidence I provided and witnesses counseled by my lawyers, decide my version of the truth.

"Bill DeWeese "

Tsk, tsk, taxpayer-funded spin doctors! Try to be more careful next time.

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Anonymous said...

DeWeasel should be careful what he wishes for... after the "courts" aka the public, hears the truth, it may just "shock his conscience" to know that he is the one being indicted...