Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A Captain Renault post: On Monday the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article entitled : "Bonusgate records contradict DeWeese". The lengthy article adds to the mounting evidence now in the public realm that DeWeese was complicit and neck deep in the alleged activities for which 12 other Democrats, 10 of which were staff and not House members, were indicted by Attorney General Tom Corbett. Yes, Tom Corbett indicted 10 staff and not the Leader of the House Democrats despite what appears to be significant evidence that DeWeese not only knew what the staff members were up to but also actively participated in many of the same activities for which the staff were indicted.

To say that the "records contradict DeWeese" is now surely an understatement.

But to me the real story here is the walking and talking contradiction known as Attorney General Tom Corbett. You can't blame Deweese for not being indicted but you can blame Corbett for not indicting him. To me the more important story raised by the unraveling of Deweese's Sgt. Schultz defense is : "What did Corbett know and when did he know it?"

The recent DeWeese revelations have added tremendous weight to the serious questions being raised about the quality and motives of Tom Corbett and his investigation. Did Corbett make some kind of secret/corrupt deal with DeWeese? What does Corbett's treatment of DeWeese mean for John Perzel and other Republicans supposedly now under investigation by Corbett and the grand jury? Will Tom Corbett indict former Republican Speaker John Perzel or other leading Republicans now that he has let the the former Democratic Leader off the hook? Will there be a sacrificial Republican lamb indicted to polish Corbett's image as he runs for Governor?

We will look at and comment on these questions and others in more detail later today.

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