Monday, April 13, 2009


A Captain Renault post: I've mentioned before on this blog that we here at CasablancaPA are big fans of the Checking the Balance blog site. The author of that site has some keen insight on PA politics, writes well, opines on interesting stories, breaks some news at times, and most dear to our hearts, is very often critical of Tom Corbett and his Bonusgate investigation. CTB has been posting insightful comments and links on the Bonusgate investigation almost from the start.

If you look around the internet you will see other blogs and even some Main Stream Media starting to cast a very wary eye on Corbett and his personal, political, and partisan motivations in the Bonusgate probe. Many of these bloggers and even some MSM reporters and editorial boards are now not only questioning Corbett's motives but also the quality and soundness of his investigation. We have posted many of those stories, links, and editorials here. We here at CasablancaPA are not alone in our distrust and criticism of AG Tom Corbett.

Today we just want to provide some links to some of favorite recent Checking the Balance blog posts:

CTB on DeWeese's truthfulness (or lack thereof).

CTB on Corbett being as slow as molasses.

CTB on Corbett biting off more than he can (or should) chew.

CTB on DeWeese's absurd defense.

CTB on DeWeese (and Corbett) needing a new storyline.

There are plenty more Bonusgate posts where these came from. I highly recommend you double check the Checking the Balance blog site for interesting commentary and useful links to Bonusgate stories and other PA political news. My kudos to the author.

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