Thursday, July 23, 2009


"Checking the Balance" asks today whether or not partisan Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett is lucky enough to get through his bonusgate investigation without announcing any charges against Republicans and still be considered a viable gubernatorial candidate. Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

The Blogs I read only prove that CasablancaPA posting that Corbett and DeWeese made a secret deal to make Corbett Governor have now been disproved.

The very fact that Newspapers, Media and Blogs are asking when more Indictments will be coming is clear evidence Corbett is not playing politics in anyway.

Tom Corbett did not create this investigation, nor did he seek it out to become Governor, he is like all of us, disappointed and dismayed, that bonuses for campaign work went on, and has to stop.

Blaming everyone else as well as Corbett’s Staff will not work when former Legislators and Staffers, have admitted this happen in addition to supported computer data, fundraising reports, and campaign election documents.

In conclusion, the people of Pennsylvania will be electing a Governor, not a jury, legislators powers, and Newspapers waiting for copy to sell more papers on the backs of good people caught in bad practices as Fumo’s, LaGrotta, Manzo, Foreman, and Lavelle conviction give you an idea about.

Signor Ferrari said...

This blog has never alleged that Corbett and DeWeese made a secret deal to make Corbett Governor (as if DeWeese ever that kind of influence!)

This blog alleged Corbett and DeWeese made a secret deal to protect DeWeese from indictment.

The only thing that could "disprove" our theory is DeWeese's indictment in connection with the activities at the center of Bonusgate.

And that hasn't happened.

Anonymous said...

Dear Signor Ferrari,

I stand corrected and thank you, on your honor that this blog never said it, but I certainly remember such an implication but maybe it was another poster.

I still have a tough time believing in any secret deals between Corbett or DeWeese or Anyone. It does not make sense, is not rationale, and Corbett would never stoop to such a tactic.

Your assumption and I quote, “The Only Thing That Could "Disprove" Our Theory Is DeWeese's Indictment In Connection With The Activities At The Center Of Bonusgate.” ……is as wrong as you claim your own arrests, perp walks, and charges have been to you and 11 others.

If you feel and suspect on a “Theory” that you have been wronged than your call for Bill DeWeese to be charged on a “Theory” is wrong too. Is it not? You are actually saying, indict the entire legislature and senate on a “Theory” not evidence!

The evidence that Bill DeWeese did all that you accuse him of doing, does not stand up to all of the other evidence found out by an Independent and Grand Jury investigations.

Theories, conjectures, and assumptions that the Attorney General Office would do such a thing are just plain out in the wrong too. And calling for the Attorney General to indict DeWeese is outright erroneous, if you are innocent?

No one should be indicted on something they did not do, just because others did it.

The Public, Federal Courts, and Media would be outraged if the AG Office did such a thing because others caught blamed DeWeese for doing the right thing.

None of it makes sense, and it looks like you just want to blame someone for things you are being accused of, and if you have been wronged then it is wrong for you to claim DeWeese deserves to join you in your wrongs.

I understand your pain too, but it is not evenhanded, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Coming up soon, the entire democRATS caucus.

Of, by, and for republicans from a chosen few democRATS.

Here, there, and every where our hearts will go on, but not the party.

Anonymous said...

I have always argue that people seeking office where their actions can have unconstructive consequences on society.

They need psychiatric therapy evaluations before they are given access to the levers and buttons of power. This applies more to Appointed Officials not elected ones.

I would imagine the incalculable bulk of such people are exactly as Nietzsche described them:

“But thus do I counsel you, my friends: distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful! They are people of bad race and lineage; out of their countenances peer the hangman and the sleuthhound.

Distrust all those who talk much of their justice! Verily, in their souls not only honey is lacking. And when they call themselves ‘the good and just,’ forget not, that for them to be Pharisees, nothing is lacking but — power!”

Anonymous said...

A year ago, it was a slam-dunk that AG Tom Corbett would be the next Governor.

Today, this investigation grows more inept everyday.

If Brave New Big Indictments are rolled out eventually, they will not capture the Public's Imagination anymore.

It will look political for political purposes, and even if this is untrue, other political spin masters with their own agenda different from Corbett’s' will make it look so anyway.

Justice delayed is Justice Denied and that is Just the way it goes, as too much Time Goes By!

Viva The Defendants, Down With Vichy Water Down Witnesses, March On Brothers And Sisters!

Anonymous said...

A road to long is a road not to follow.