Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A CasablancaPA reader alerted us to former Rep. Frank LaGrotta's blog that started up a few days ago. You can find it here.

We're looking forward to checking in on it frequently to see if he has any thoughts or insight regarding partisan Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett's bonusgate investigation, especially since he was collateral damage from Bill DeWeese's effort to throw everyone under the bus in order to save himself.

We're wondering if Todd Eachus, Keith McCall, Josh Shapiro, Dan Frankel and many other members will meet the same fate as LaGrotta. Based on the information found in Mike Veon's recently denied motions (all of it provided to Tom Corbett by DeWeese), it looks like the have reason to worry.


Anonymous said...

DeWeese supplied the information in response to a subpoena. That's what you calling throwing you under the bus? What did you expect him to do? Take a hammer and magnet and destroy the backup tapes? Why all of this rage just because he followed the law?

Anonymous said...

In a healthy organization, individuals who commit crimes should expect to be "thrown under the bus" by leaders who find out about the misconduct. It's a bizarre allegation.

Anonymous said...

Here's what Eric Heyl of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review wrote in his column Sunday:

"Former state Rep. Mike Veon of Beaver Falls continued to implicate everyone except Pope Benedict in his attempt to beat dozens of criminal charges for using public resources for political gain.

"Veon's defense has been based not on a contention of innocence but on allegations that other powerful legislators — such as House Speaker Keith McCall, House Majority Leader Todd Eachus and House Majority Whip Bill DeWeese — were engaged in similar activities.


Anonymous said...

Just what we need: Another blog from someone facing criminal charges.
Here's a blast-from-the-past news story:

Ex-lawmaker faces charges as corruption probes roil Pa. House

The Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Prosecutors on Wednesday accused a former Democratic state lawmaker of installing two relatives in no-show state jobs, one day after a House staff shake-up tied to a broader corruption investigation at the Legislature.

Ex-Rep. Frank LaGrotta's sister and niece collected about $25,000 for work that was never performed, a grand jury found. The three were expected to be formally charged Thursday.

Ugarte said...

Anonymous 5:05am -- We'd agree with you regarding your contention that DeWeese responded to subpoeanas and "followed the law" except that he didn't.

DeWeese and his attorneys, notably Bill Sloane, didn't turn over all the evidence requested by the subpoenas. None of the emails between Buxton and DeWeese staff found in this item in the Inquirer ( )were turned over from Sloane's and Bill Chadwick's search of the caucus email system. They were part of the evidence provided from Buxton's business hard drive. Sloane and Chadwick should have found these emails on the caucus system, too, since they were sent and received on the caucus servers. Our sources in the House Caucus tell us they found them and then "lost" them.

Even more blatantly, Sloane had an entire box of evidence sitting in his office that he didn't turn over to the Attorney General. The box turned out to have many, many emails that inculpated DeWeese (and Sloane.) Here is the story:

Finally, a reporter from the July 7th pre-trial hearing for Veon related to me that the Attorney General's office told the court that even more "recently found" evidence from the House Caucus would be turned over as discovery material to the defense soon.

DeWeese was never "cooperating" or doing the right thing...instead he was scrambling to find what he could on other members of the House to turn over to the Attorney General and hiding what he could get away with from the Attorney General.

Anonymous said...

Woe Nelly, you have gone too far. It is Mike Veon and his Lawyers that persist to incriminate everyone except Nelson Mandela in his challenge to overcome many counts from a Grand Jury of criminal charges for using public resources for so-called personal, private, and political gain.

Mike Veon’s Lawyers in a 900 page Motion is pointing Fingers at McCall, Eachus, Shapiro, Gerber, and not just Bill Deweese. Bill DeWeese never has done what Mike Veon Lawyers just did. Let us be fair not outright wrong.

It is Veon's arguments that have been rejected, and have starting points not on a assertion of blamelessness but now are producing accusations that other legislators such as Keith McCall, Todd Eachus, Mike Gerber, Josh Shapiro, Dan Frankel, were engaged in comparable behavior.

Quit blaming other Legislators and Bill DeWeese for Veon’s wrongs. If Mike Veon’s own Senator from Beaver County that he worked with admits he was in the dark of Veon’s activities, why blame DeWeese for needing to hire outside Independent Counsel to find out what was going on and protect the HDC from a cover up charges.

In addition how do you praise and defend Todd Eachus when he takes credit in working with Veon and says he did not know what Veon was doing either? Yet, Eachus hires convicted felon on 137 counts Senator Fumo’s former Law Firm that has admitted publicly they benefited from Fumo’s representation and employment?

Duplicity of attacking some and praising felons is not a defense for this website that will not pass muster before a Jury of Pennsylvanian’s Peers?

Anonymous said...

LaGrotta was never charged with placing anyone in no show jobs. Read the damn criminal complaint before you shoot your mouth off. LaGrotta was charged with hiring a relative - his sister - which two-thirds of the House does regularly (and YES I have the list!) and he was charged because his niece's state paycheck was deposited in a bank account that LaGrotta's name was on - since the little girl was 3 years old.
DeWeese would throw his mother under a bus to save his bow-ties and his ego...not to mention his pension.

Signor Ferrari said...

Who is praising and defending Todd Eachus?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous quoted, “Lagrotta Was Never Charged With Placing Anyone In No Show Jobs. Read The Damn Criminal Complaint Before You Shoot Your Mouth Off. Lagrotta Was Charged With Hiring A Relative - His Sister - Which Two-Thirds Of The House Does Regularly (And YES I Have The List!) And He Was Charged Because His Niece's State Paycheck Was Deposited In A Bank Account That Lagrotta's Name Was On - Since The Little Girl Was 3 Years Old.”

Sorry, but if you cannot handle the Truth why attempt to destroy it? What was charged, and what Lagrotta and his relatives pleaded too based on cooperation to target others and to avoid trials. Lagrotta is a known cheapskate and cried for a job when the people of his district voted him out because he wasn’t doing his job by their vote indications.

He got greedy and tried to pass on some state dollars to his family members before he left, and started this whole mess more than anyone else.

And you saying two thirds of the Legislators put their relatives on their own pay rolls is and outright false, defending Lagrotta actions by trying to blame others and DeWeese is not a defense. Especially, since DeWeese does not have any relatives on his staff, and the HDC gave Lagrotta job out of kindness too.

Anonymous said...

Who Is Praising And Defending Todd Eachus?..... We're Wondering If Todd Eachus, Keith Mccall, Josh Shapiro, Dan Frankel And Many Other Members Will Meet The Same Fate As Lagrotta. Based On The Information Found In Mike Veon's Recently Denied Motions (All Of It Provided To Tom Corbett By Deweese), It Looks Like The Have Reason To Worry.

If Lagrotta was innocent he should have plead “Not Guilty.” If all Defendants are Innocent they should go to Trail and stand up to all and any charges! They also are admitting DeWeese is innocent too, by the way.

On the other hand, DeWeese investigated hired an Independent Inspector General to investigate the entire HDC as well as his own office, as soon as he found out about things he did not know was happening. Once he found evidence he did not know he turned it over to the Attorney General as he should have done, and that was the right thing to do!

Did Lagrotta alleged tell Deweese he was hiring his niece and sister?

Did Manzo alleged tell DeWeese he put a girlfriend up in a Cigar Shop?

Did Veon alleged tell DeWeese he used state employees on state time at state expenses to send motorcycles to a Motorcycle Convention?

Did someone allege forged DeWeese signature when it was proven it was not DeWeese signature?

Did DeWeese alleged do 24+ hour legal work on state time?

Did DeWeese alleged hire Convicted Fumo’s Ex-Law Firm not to protect Caucus Members Attorney Client Privileges?

Did DeWeese alleged keep how BIG Non-Profit Money was spent from his own Senator in charge of BIG that ended up in his brother’s pockets?

There is no deal between Corbett and DeWeese just your theories against the above questions none of you can answer, in all honesty!

You are upset DeWeese did the right thing and refused a cover up, even on his own office.

Signor Ferrari said...

Yeah, we keep hearing that DeWeese's signature was forged without his permission, but it's a funny thing - no one ever was charged with doing that.

Anonymous said...

Do the math: A

Anonymous said...

Little Frankie probly had to spend his communion money and graduation to defend hjisself

Anonymous said...

After reading all these postsand seeing no one answers any questions.

I am concluding someone is out for deweese, eachus, mccall and many more democrats.

It is a shame democrats are really turning on one another. The ones caught want to hang democrats that did not do what they did.

Corbett needs no deals with anybody to become governor the democrats are handing their heads on a platter.

Way to go and cook each other up. penns woods will be republican land for a longtime.

Now I see the key word in democRATS.

Thank you, the GOP!

Anonymous said...

Hey, if we cannot hang together, hang them one by one.

There is more freedom in North Korea for a single man than in America for a married man.

In America a married man cannot leave his home but can leave the country.

In North Korea, a single man cannot leave his country but can leave his home.

In Harrisburg, republicans can break laws and have republicans cover for them by going after democRATS that serve democRATs up to republicans.

It is not class envy just party envy.

Anonymous said...

Do the math:
Rat in

Clever, I see you spelled ARTHMETIC!

So how does that add up, Newton?

Anonymous said...

ANONYMOUS you Said,..."In Harrisburg, republicans can break laws and have republicans cover for them by going after democRATS that serve democRATs up to republicans."

What about rePUBliCANS! PUB CANS!!

See anybody can make up words to attack another. Please be civil, there are real lives at stake, just like in Watergate and IranGate.

I apologize for my remarks and used them as only as a example.

Republicans like DEMOCRATS all care for nation, state, and local government, we just have different ways in doing things.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Strasser ist verklempt fwom all die reading. After 900 pages Eachofus now knows that the Incumbent Protection Program was presided over by Todd Eachus. That was a lot of reading. I seemed to have missed a meeting in Oriean or Turzai, but it was worth it to educate the ReICH. Knowledge is POWER.

Anonymous said...

Frank LaGrotta did his time and deserves consideration and is doing his community service.

We all make mistakes and I am sorry I am not perfect either, so I am not going to condemn him.

Go In Peace And Sin No More!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous posted above...
Colonel Strasser ist verklempt fwom all die reading. After 900 pages Eachofus now knows that the Incumbent Protection Program was presided over by Todd Eachus. That was a lot of reading. I seemed to have missed a meeting in Oriean or Turzai, but it was worth it to educate the ReICH. Knowledge is POWER. July 27, 2009 10:21 AM

Heir Strasser,

May I ask, by your coded messages are saying "ICH" is a hinted secretive trail of evidence from the wobbly windmills in others minds by the light of Mr. Moon's merchandise for certain lawmakers?

ICH means:
The official website of the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH).

Anonymous said...

Heir Strasser,

Answer my questions, where is Mr. Moon, and what was he acquiring for staffs and lawmakers. Inquiring people want to know, not to mention Investigators.

Quit leading the singing of the "Die Wacht Am Rhein", we have too many singers in Harrisburg these days.

Come be honest, tell us what you know about Mr. Moon here?

Our Underground needs this information to save all of us.

Anonymous said...

Forget the past that has been paid for by blood and money and reputations.

Frank is telling the truth about Rendell and the Budget impasse. Frank is 100% correct when he said and I quote, “This insane demand to spend all this money on public education is really about giving more subsidy to that endless money pit of patronage called the Philadelphia School District. Do not shake your head at me! Remember, I was there for 20 years; I lived through 20 budgets. It's ALWAYS about more money for Philadelphia!”

No question Frank is right, just look at the $500 million SPENDell (Rendell wanted to spend on Computers for very child. Now those Computers are not going to be taken care of if paid by the state, when they will not even take care of Textbooks. Thank God they cut that out of the budget.

Now Mayor Nutter us claiming he will shutdown the Courts, Police, and Firefighters, Oh, Boy what a Philadelphia Con Job by Elected Officials wanting to rape the State Coffers.
Anyone knows the Judges in Philadelphia come in at 10:00 AM, go to lunch from 12:00 to 2:00 PM, and go home at 4:00 PM.

Frank Lagrotta is right start listening to him on what he knows about the Budget and how Philadelphia is upset when they cannot grab more money from all of Pennsylvania. Thank God, the Republicans are standing up to Governor SPENDell!

Mayor Nutter Threatens Cuts If Money Not Passed For His Overpaid People LINK:

Anonymous said...

Colonel Strasser Here! (Shoes Clicking & Arm Goes Up In Salute)

Achtu liebe zeit! Undt who is herr Moon, or should I say HairLos, fur he shaved his head.

I belive he was a purveyor of the south american herb cocainea or at least that was what many people on the Hill told my own supplier.

He was always faithful in delivering it to them. I believe he was from up the Allegheny Valley when things were more wide open and he was always a favored one.

But, I cannot say because I want a gold badge to match my golden watch and my pension, if this information does not come us before I become an US Attorney.

When fires burned down bars, I used to let others take away the Liquor for free.

What all this means is, drugs are sometimes used on the Hill, and not just the ghetto.

Wiedersehen my Brother Moon!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Farnk LaGrotta's views on what is happening with the budget.

As per Strasser, you walk a dangerous line, be careful, be fair, do not spread rumors you cannot confirm.