Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today, the Uniontown Herald Standard editorial board questions the motivation behind partisan Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett's delay in bringing bonusgate related charges against Republicans. You can check it out here. They raise serious questions that Corbett will need to answer very, very soon.


Anonymous said...

The Perp Walk Media Torture Tour that was on display was not necessary.

A few people such as the government cynics and government haters loved it.

Still, it was truly a shoddy showmanship that disrespects one party let alone individuals that were not harden criminals.

Why it is taking so long to investigate Republicans is truly a disgrace and waste of Commonwealth resources.

A shadow has emerged over a cloud of questionable behavior by the Attorney General that now calls for a Pennsylvania Bi-Partisan Joint Investigative Committee to take a fair view of what happen at both bodies.

This Special Committee can offer immunity to all that testify, learn from the admissions, and place true reforms to make sure all employees, legislators, and senators know the lines of campaigning and constituent service.

Prosecutions should be withdrawn because the Sixth Amendment Speedy Trial Rules have not been respected and it is looking more and more like a Campaign Show rather than a true absolutely evenhanded investigations and prosecutions.

Anonymous said...

Corbett already has answered. It's just that no one really believes it.

Anonymous said...

I believe this was a reprint of a Harrisburg Patriot-News editorial that was not credited.

Anonymous said...

Corbetts' staff just needs to come here and look at all the comments, then go after the democRATS that confess here everyday.

Anonymous said...

It has been almost over 11 months when the Attorney General Office implied that indictments of Republicans could happen any day.

Well, almost 330 days have passed and it still seems no one is ready to file charges. Or fend off accusations that this "Investigation" is political partisan too long now?

If the Attorney General was close to indictments against Republicans in September of 2008, why has not anything come to pass in nearly a year?

Is there is anyone who believes that AG Office next round of indictments, if and when they finally happens, is based on anything other than what is best for his gubernatorial campaign?

I say so because one looks inept by so-called justice taking so long.

The humiliation that is taking place within the Attorney General's office is far more destructive than anything that the Attorney General is claiming to investigate, to date.

The "investigation" has already cost taxpayers many times, over what the legislative bonuses cost, and the people at election time will come to know if it continues, that it is just as politically motivated.

Maybe the public's tolerance for the abuse of office seems unlimited, but the Pennsylvania Judiciary Branch usually sees through these kinds of shenanigans.

There has been no outcry even after 2-1/2 years, but there will be in 2010 the longer this takes?

Trust me and take it to the Bank.

Signor Ferrari said...

We appreciated the sentiment when it appeared two weeks ago as a comment on the Pa.lotics blog, but you can never repeat it too often, as far as we're concerned.

Anonymous said...

Signor Ferrari said...We appreciated the sentiment when it appeared two weeks ago as a comment on the Pa.lotics blog, but you can never repeat it too often, as far as we're concerned.

You were right to write those sentiments then, and they are true no matter how many people adopt them!