Sunday, July 12, 2009


In a half-hearted swat at Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett, the Patriot-News today urged him to bring his long-vaunted next round of Bonusgate charges "as soon as possible."

Folks, "as soon as possible," is long, long in the past. It's way too late to file them "as soon as possible."

"As soon as possible," would have been as soon as it was possible to file his first round of charges, which was as soon as it was possible to have the maximum impact on the 2008 legislative elections.

The editorial repeats Corbett's false rationale that he had to launch an investigation on Democrats alone in January 2007 because he believed - mistakenly, as it turns out - that the Democrats were destroying evidence. The Post-Gazette exposed the lie in November of 2007, pointing out that investigators "rushed" to seize boxes after they got the "tip" in August.

It also begs the question of when he would have begun investigating Republicans if he hadn't believed the Democrats were destroying evidence. It makes no sense if you think about it too much; fortunately for Corbett, no one seems to be thinking about it too much.

One can hardly blame the Patriot-News for clinging to this discredited theory, because the alternative theory - that Corbett never intended to charge any Republicans - is almost too overwhelming to contemplate. Corbett's been getting by on winks and nods ever since his fake "moratorium" on charges last September, without facing any tough media scrutiny.

If Corbett charges any Republicans now, it will be nearly impossible for him to rebut the accusation that he did so primarily to avoid the appearance of partisanship.

It's too late for Corbett to avoid the appearance of partisanship. His investigation at this point is so compromised it's impossible to separate politics from justice.


Anonymous said...

"It's impossible to separate politics from justice."

And that should scare every Pennsylvanian wit-less. We are living in a de facto banana republic.

Anonymous said...

As I see it, if more people are indicted in both parties, then the 12 currently under Trial or Guilty Pleas are really in trouble.

If only a few are indicted, and mostly Democrats, it will not stand, and I truly feel for the 12 whoe lives have been ruined.

Anonymous said...

How do you fight someone when you cannot understand his or her strength? Therefore, one has no choice but to stand in the present let future look after itself. This is the only way for what faces one should never frighten one, if they hold onto their moral fiber.

As one is defeated, indicted or convicted one should be happy even though it defies reason, all one has to do is work harder considering the setback was sent by a deity to try their faith in their religion, within society, and in their political affairs.

Only a higher power can turn losing into winning. When you drive theses devoted public servants and their staffs out of Harrisburg you will come to know in the future they are taking Harrisburg with them.

What Fumo, Veon, Ramley, Manzo, and all of the current and future defendants from both parties must come to comprehend is that individuals often are trapped on our faults. When that happens one must storms the hearts of others not put up walls of confusions or become apostles of deceptions.

We are only what a higher power has given us, chiseled us with each blow that actually makes each of our offenses, misdeeds, and mistake ending up creating a beautiful bust in our image. When we submit to each strike of the hammer into the bronze block of our soul, spirit, and life, we learn from our slip-ups and live a healthier existence towards one another for the future to kingdom come.

Trust in doing what you need to do to survive everyday, and let a higher power decide your future based on what you did today!

Justice will prevail over politics; Democrats will come together for the good of the party, good of the caucuses, and good for the commonwealth and our citizens.

Anonymous said...

If the Most Powerful Politician in Pennsylvania can be put in Prison, I doubt those that refuse to recognize their own faults in the same way will end up free either.

Fumo sentenced to 55 months in prison for corruption
Tuesday, July 14, 2009
The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA -- A federal judge has sentenced former state Sen. Vince Fumo of Philadelphia to 55 months in prison for corruption.

Federal prosecutors say Mr. Fumo stole not because he needed money but because "he was drunk with power." They had sought a sentence of more than 15 years.

Mr. Fumo, his voice breaking, told the judge he loved his job and never intended to steal from the senate.

U.S. District Judge Ronald Buckwalter reduced Mr. Fumo's sentence based on his public service. The guideline range had been about 10 to 12 years.

A jury this year found the long-powerful Philadelphia Democrat misused millions in state and nonprofit assets for his own benefit.

Fumo survived two earlier indictments in his 30-year political career.

He must also pay about $2 million in restitution.

Anonymous said...

If Fumo's voice cracked during his speech, than others will cry, Fumo is one of the toughest men the commonwealth ever produced.

Vince does his time as trooper, come out early on good behavior, and play a shadow role in politics.

Politicians never give up loving politics, even after election defeats, resignations, convictions, or probation.

Once bitten by politics it is like vampires blood, you never can run from it, it returns and flows through your veins and your last thoughts are on it as you slip away.

What I hate seeing is that Fumo has the wealth to pay for his fines, restitution and attorney fees, but many others indicted will be ruined for life, if we do not seek a proper solution for restitution before trails.

If the Judge recognized Fumo’s Public Service within his sentence, others that did far less have hope too, but I still contend the intent to break laws was not as easy seen as shown in the Grand Jury Findings.

Anonymous said...

Vampires blood? ROTFL. I guess that beats crying, which is appropriate most days in this crazy situation.

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, the Republican Acting US Attorney in Philadelphia allegedly raised money from 20 Prosecutors and is investigated by DOJ Inspector General.

Yet, keeps her job by being reassigned, but never perp walked, investigated, or brought before a Grand Jury.

At the very least she should brought before the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board for the violation of the Appearance of Impropriety!

Just like when President Clinton had his Law License suspended along with his ability to appear before the US Supreme Court after admitting his error on a deposition.

I guess it just applies to Democrats not Republicans!

What a country!