Friday, July 10, 2009


Pending Bonusgate charges will "shock the conscience of people. You will be stunned. It's the amount of money involved."

-Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett in the Tribune-Review, February 20, 2009


Signor Ferrari said...

Here's another one: "If he only indicts more Democrats and no Republicans, there will be a large outcry."
- Harrisburg "activist" Gene Stilp, Inquirer, March 30, 2009

Anyone hear an outcry?

Anonymous said...

If this does happens, it will be time for all Democrats to cut the infighting, and forgive past mistakes, and come together to unite, defend, and expose the unfairness.

Ben Franklin once said, "If We Do Not Hang Together We Will Most Certainly Hang Separately."

Outcrys will be the smallest reactions, to say the least!

Signor Ferrari said...

If it happens?

Have you seen any Republicans walking around in handcuffs?

Where's the outcry?

Anonymous said...

So far the only beatuiful relationship with Republican US Attorneys and Pennsylvania Attorney General has been with the G.O.P., this is going to change sooner than most know!

Anonymous said...

A Cover Up is usually worse than the crime.

Obstruction of Justice is often the final charge of any investigation.

The Prosecutors usually grab you on Mail Fraud, Obstruction of Justice and Lying to Investigators, over the crimes one is charged with at the start.

They are so easy to prove and so difficult to defend.

This thing is taking so long and is not over because crimes are being investigated by some that thought they were more cleaver than the SS, (Strawberry Square) dudes.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a number of signs around the world bearing the three words "Commit No Nuisance”.

In Shrewsbury, it is carved into rock at the end of the Welsh Bridge.

We now know it is a euphemistic way of saying, “Don’t Urinate Here”.

It originated in Victorian days. H. W. Fowler, in Modern English Usage” (first published in 1926) mentions it as a euphemism of the past:

“The notice ‘Commit No Nuisance’ or ‘Decency Forbids’ used for the injunction put more bluntly in France as ‘Défense D’uriner.’

Kind of like responding to the controversy surrounding US ATTORNEY’S Mary Beth Buchanan in Pittsburgh and Laurie Magid in Philadelphia.


Anonymous said...


1. Federal Inquiry On REPUBLICAN US Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan:
On Buchanan, the Justice Department is looking into comments U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan made about Dr. Cyril H. Wecht during a news conference when she dropped all charges against the former Allegheny County coroner. Former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh, function of Wecht's defense team, asked Attorney General Eric Holder to formally rebuke Buchanan. In letter to Thornburgh dated July 8, the department's Office of Professional Responsibility responded by saying it has started an inquiry into his allegation that Buchanan's comments were "completely out of order, violate all notions of prosecutorial ethics and decency and ... warrant remedial action by the Department of Justice."


Anonymous said...


2. Resignation Of Acting REPUBLICAN US Attorney Laurie Magid:
On Laurie Magid, Ms. Magid unexpectedly stepped down as interim U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia on Friday amid fallout from a Justice Department Inspector General probe of alleged fundraising events she hosted for Republican office-seekers, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Magid, 48, was appointed interim U.S. Attorney in February to succeed Bush-appointed U.S. Attorney Patrick Meehan, a potential GOP candidate for governor who had resigned last year. Although Magid is a Republican who once served under then-Gov. Tom Ridge (R) on a state sentencing commission, she had expressed interest in remaining the Eastern District of Pennsylvania’s top prosecutor under President Obama.


Yet, when it comes to US Attorneys, (Especially Republicans), alleged violations of the laws on fundraising, ethics, or Lawyer's Code Of Professional Responsibility there seems to be a propensity towards having them keep their jobs or PROVIDED ALTERNATIVES such as reassignments or resignations NOT PROSECUTIONS as for Democrats?

Laurie Magid alleged did the following according to Justice Inspector General:

She alleged held a $250-a-person fund-raiser earlier this year in her home for gubernatorial hopeful Meehan. The event was technically hosted by Magid’s husband, Jeff Miller, a caterer, and Magid had “ethics guidance” from the Office of Special Counsel in Washington saying it was all cool.

Furthermore, 20 prosecutors that Magid supervises were “invited, and but Magid’s underlines wanted to come even though it still raises an obvious Hatch Act question.

The Justice Inspector General also reportedly is looking at another fundraising event Magid arranged for then-Republican Sen. Arlen Specter, but is now a Democrat.

In addition, the IG Report alleged found that Ms. Magid is a partisan Republican and that a Justice Department evaluation gave her low marks as a manager.

Finally, Main Justice last year overruled her attempt to merge the Organized Crime Strike Force, which brought cases against the mafia, into a more general unit focusing on gang and drug violence

Now folks, how can Fumo, Veon, Ramley, and Cott and others be so bad and perp walked?

While longtime Prosecutors that Officers of the Court, escape the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and Ethics Commissions still have jobs????

Even worse if this is going on the Federal Level of the Department of Justice by former Republican's Ridge employees, appointees, and Tom Corbett supervision, what is going on the Commonwealth level, and who is going to investigate the investigators and prosecutors?

Democrats better start uniting and fight for their own before Republicans take them out one by one.

What Warren Buffet said is true...."If There's Class Warfare Going On In America, Then My Class Is Winning."
~Warren Buffett

Anonymous said...

How much money was raised by Republican Acting US Attorney of Philadelphia from 20 prosecutor....oh I forgot, it was never investigated?

Maybe the AG Office can look into following that money trail?