Friday, September 25, 2009


We hereby declare a moratorium on flying pink ponies and poker-playing amphibious gophers.

What do you mean it's ridiculous to declare a moratorium on things that couldn't possibly happen anyway? Tom Corbett did it.

As another Election Day approaches, the Capitol press corps is - apparently without irony - dutifully reporting that Corbett will not impose another "moratorium" on Bonusgate charges.

You'd think it might dawn on them that more than a year has gone by without any Bonusgate charges at all. You'd think it might occur to them that whole "moratorium" thing last year was kind of a bogus smokescreen against accusations of partisanship. You'd think they might even take offense at the way they were duped, when Corbett convinced them the "other shoe" was about to drop .

You'd be wrong.

We admit we are flabbergasted. There's no question that Corbett deliberately created the false impression that charges were imminent a year ago. In some circles, deliberately creating a false impression is considered dishonest. And some circles actually frown upon dishonesty in their public officials. Not this one, apparently.

Team Corbett must laugh themselves sick daily that they're actually getting away with stunts like this.


Anonymous said...

CasablancaPA makes a great point on what is causing the delays and the significance of these delays.

We can only conclude three things:

1. The Investigation is very broad in scope and will include many people so the OAG comments can be backed up with Indictments on a grand scale. However, the Judicial Process Case Load actually limits what the OAG can do when it comes to numbers and trials. Speedy Trial is a Constitutional Right, very few investigations ever took this long in state history. If this is true then the question will be can the AG actually complete the elimination of the Culture of Corruption while he is running for Governor.

2. The OAG is a place with much inefficiency is part of the norm and is lacking the ability to stand up to its previous claims they will get anybody that broke the laws. Since they have branded the Defendants with a broad scope of crimes, they have to do the same to all suspects and that is the rub. They simply are collapsing under the weight of their own expectations and public statements. They lack the manpower and professionalism to handle the entire investigation due to the shear mistake of not limiting how they would conduct all investigations from the start. The real mistake was rushing the HDC Indictements before the General Elections of 2008. If this is true this is a failure of management and not stuff, Governors are made of.

3. The OAG Investigations are indeed being made with political ambitions and organizational leadership changes in mind. Many Newspapers suspect this is happening as well as questioning the focus of Attorney General Corbett & Staff to see them through when he has to concentrate on the Governorship. If this is true, it is political in nature and very wrong.

If all three are true, it is clear the OAG has let down AG Tom Corbett, as well as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania citizens, lawmakers, and taxpayers for not finding a proper innovative way to resolve this entire episode of chaos among constituent services and campaign requirements.

We will know soon enough, a true unbias and fair investigation into a Culture of Corruption, or a Witch-Hunt or a Burning up of the AG Campaign for Governor!

bobguzzardi said...

John Micek embarrasses himself by reporting this press release. You are right that AG and his staff must be amazed that they can get away with this. Where is the vigilant press.

Thank you, Signor Ferrari, whoever you are. a voice of common sense and sanity and intelligence.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting to me, is that the editorial boards all over the state really want DeWeese's head on a pike. I doubt Mike Veon kept them up at night. It is now an open secret, that DeWeese has an immunity agreement. The editorial boards don't even seem a little interested that Tony Soprano gets a walk while Paulie, Sil and the boys go to Sing Sing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...September 26, 2009 6:12 PM

DeWeese did the right thing, a leader must find out what happen, and what action needs to be taken, and DeWeese acted in a responsible manner at all times.

There is nothing wrong in hiring an Independent Investigator to find out what happen and working for an Agreement with any Law Enforcement that conducted an investigation that was going to happen with or without DeWeese. Especially after some such as LaGrotta broke laws and then became an informant to save his precious pension on deeds only LaGrotta misdeeds for his relatives’ enrichments.

DeWeese will be up for re-election and the people of Greene, Washington, and Fayette County will decide his fate such as all lawmakers.

Political Leadership cannot ignore or attempt a cover up at anytime, the cover up will do more damage than the truth, even if the truth can be explained and defended.

DeWeese as Majority Leader did the right thing; no one ever posted any rationale, and fair alternatives to provide what DeWeese should have done when he found out what had behind his own back, with his own forged signature, and not within the circle of HDCC that knew everything, unlike DeWeese.

DeWeese admitted mistakes as well and few leaders ever do that in history.

All public officials should do what Bill DeWeese did when they are given few answers to questions about hidden agendas, secret leases, changed computer systems, and forged signatures.

The Media Editorial Boards have the whole story, it just may not be your own version.

Anonymous said...

What I have read here on CasablancaPA are far more insightful than any newspaper.

The Pros write here and I do not mean J. D. Prose!