Wednesday, September 23, 2009


As we wait and wait and wait for Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett to announce the shocking Republican indictments of biblical proportions, Team CasablancaPA has determined, through careful deductive reasoning, another two who can be crossed off the long list of potential Republican targets.

(Another two in addition to Mike Long, that is)

Apparently cleared for flight have been Rick Santorum and Bruce Castor.

Santorum clearly intends to run for President in 2012. There is no way he would even consider such a run without very clear assurance from the Office of Attorney General that he is not under investigation for any of the following:
While all three appear to fall into the realm of activities Corbett claims to be investigating, no politician in his right mind would launch any kind of Presidential campaign if even the hint of such an investigation were looming.

Furthermore, Santorum and Corbett share the same political media strategist, John Brabender.

So cross Santorum off the list.

Corbett won't indict Castor for the simple reason that Democrat Joe Hoeffel has called for an investigation of Castor, and Hoeffel is running for Governor, too.

Castor admitted to working on his own state attorney general campaign during county business hours, and using county equipment.

Although Corbett's Bonusgate investigation focuses on identical activity among state legislators, indictment of Castor would only boost the credibility of a likely Democratic opponent for governor.

We think not.

So, although the menu of possible Republican indictments remains vast, it appears there's only so much Corbett's delicate digestion can handle.


Anonymous said...

Santorum is such an embarrassment. Honest conservatives abandoned him in droves. He was summarily dismissed by the voters of his supposed state of residence/domicile. Who in their right mind would run for President on that record?

I see pathological narcissism here. God save us from another narcissist.

bobguzzardi said...

Former Senator Rick Santorum who received 797,184 fewer votes in 2006 than in 2000 will, likely, lose his home state if he decides to run for President. It seems he has not done polling in Pennsylvania. Had Sen. Santorum gotten same number of votes in 2006 as he had in 2000, he would have won the election. Sen. Santorum's close ties to Unions, like Sen. Specter's, are well known and Card Check is major issue to Free Market conservatives. We will also remember his votes for bigger and bigger Bush Spending that set stage for the historic deficits and debts, including unsustainable Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

As to Bruce Castor, from what I know by reading the newspapers, I think the transgressions were minor. Limited to use of email. Typical of Castor's arrogance not even to think he could not use County resources.

The Mike Long issue, though, is the most serious.

Anonymous said...

To Bob Guzzardi: You're right about Mike Long. This blog and many other news sources have clearly demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that Mike Long was the top political operative while working for the Senate Republican Caucus. Everyone who worked in that Senate Caucus at the time Long was there KNOW Long worked on campaigns and politics all the time. Yet Republican Corbett won't touch Long. It's disgusting and proves the point made by the Democrats about Corbett.

As to Castor, your comment I think makes the point the CasablancaPA authors are trying to make. You cite the news articles as the source for your opinion that Castor's "transgressions were minor". I read those articles too. And who said the "transgressions were minor"? Well...Castor himself said so! There was NO investigation by the DA or Corbett. (Unlike the treatment of the House Democrats). There was no Corbett Grand Jury investigation (unlike the House Democrats.) There was no subpoena of all of Castor's emails (unlike the House Democrats). There was no subpoena for Castor's employees and staff (unlike the House Democrats).

Since Castor is a Republican he get's to walk away because HE says his "transgressions were minor". Castor himself admitted to political emails and political use of his staff in his Fumo court appearance under oath.

If all of this weren't so serious, Corbett's abusive partisanship would be a joke.

By the way, where does one draw the line on "minor"? Is 10 political emails "minor"? 20 emails? 50 emails? What is the standard you and others are using for drawing this line for criminal activity and "minor transgression"?

How much use of your taxpayer staff for politics is "minor"? And who gets to say it's "minor" vs. "criminal activity"?

Corbett is a hypocrite, a partisan Republican, and is abusing his massive authority for his own political gain. He is so arrogant and his motives are so transparent that I still have some hope it is all going to catch up to him and blow up in his face -- and cost him any chance for election as Governor.

Anonymous said...

If Mike Long is not Indicted no Democrat will be convicted and there will be a Federal Investigation into the Corbett Investigations.

There are too many Media Watchdogs waiting for the hunt, and there are too many insiders waiting to dish out information and documents never seen before, we will know the paths taken by next Wednesday.

Corbett & Staff should have listen and come up with a proper way to check the practices that needed corrected, and avoid the charges that will look unfair to the public from which jurors come from, and then the slow leaks of others not caught up in prosecutions and looking like persecutions.

Anonymous said...

It is too late now, but all of this came about from what many thought should have been a grateful workforce, instead were actually dissatisfied, envious, and vicious employees and fancy bringing down the Pennsylvania Politicos of Fame as the quietly worked to crown new Power Elites.

These employees pretended to work freely and loyally for the most part. They became involved in finding a person that knew something or has something that you can induce them secretly to give to you.

It was intentional to always involve a perfidy of trust.

Even those that had eyes to see and long ears are still mortals especially the tiny natives cannot keep a secret.

Even as their chops are silent, they babble with their fingertips and eventually treachery trickles out of every minute opening under the tongues control not by honor or the wits.

Anybody who has not practiced the elation of unfaithfulness knows nothing about elation at all.

No breakdown in Pennsylvania, whether of hate, love, or money, is ever trouble-free, it is for all time a kind of disloyalty, a gathering of shadowy and shared hopes they are doing something right for their ungratefulness.

Unsurprisingly, when one makes steps forward, always some see it as duplicity of supposedly mutual aspirations and benefit.

Nonetheless, is it possible to succeed without any act of infidelity in a competitive world of politics and power? In the end, Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.

What few understand is that this is a start of much bigger change than anyone ever imagined. It is not just a clean up process of removing the old leadership for new leadership.

It is a fundamental transformation of leaders, staff, and contractors that will not be visible until it is upon and one and done.

They came asking for help, then stood by after they obtain what they needed, decided to bring down those that helped them.

It did not start with the intent to deceive it just grew into it and they came with, "A Smile Being A Curve That Can Get A Lot Of Things Straight"!

In the coming days, many will understand this quote, and in the coming years, many will regret what they have done, whom they trusted, and those that targeted others to get ahead.

Ultimately, we all catch ourselves when we work towards the accumulation of trust for us and not others goodwill...

Anonymous said...

We need not put people in the position of no hope for trying to give others hope.

Anonymous said...

Brett Feese, John Hanley, and John Perzel will be charged soon....just wait and see

Ugarte said...

We hope you are correct, but we've heard the same story over and over and over since September of 2008.

For over a year, people close to the Attorney General's office have said "next week", "soon", "next month", "during budget hearings", "before the election", "after the election", "before the budget heats up", "after the budget deal is done."

Look, maybe now that Corbett is an actual candidate and the budget will be signed over the weekend we'll see the much anticipated arrests...but if past is prologue, we're not holding our breath.