Friday, October 16, 2009


Partisan Republican Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett's hubris increases weekly.

For over a year, he has been teasing Pennsylvania with promises of what he describes as "shocking" Republican indictments that will be announced allegedly very soon. We're not sure that he is going to live up to his own hyperbole. It is beginning to look like Corbett feels he can do and say whatever he wants without being held accountable.

To show just how much he has the GOP nomination sewed up, Corbett trotted out another establishment Republican to endorse him this week. That isn't surprising and neither is the hypocrisy found in the endorsement statement his campaign wrote for former Congressman Bob Walker:
"Certainly Tom's success in fighting corruption is well known. And his election to the Governor's office will go a long way towards restoring people's trust in our state government."
This is only true if you consider "fighting corruption" and "restoring people's trust" arresting only Democrats and ignoring mountains of evidence implicating Republicans. But Corbett's bonusgate investigation was never about justice, rather it has shaped up to be a transparently partisan witchhunt to manufacture headlines for his gubernatorial campaign.

The whole "fighting corruption" message Corbett pushes is hypocrisy everyone in Harrisburg has grown to expect from him.

But this part of Walker's endorsement is a new and especially hilarious wrinkle in Corbett's message:
"As the manager of one of the state's largest operations, with over 800 employees, Tom also has the necessary managerial skills that will be needed to cut out of control spending, lower taxes, and develop an economic plan to create much needed jobs."
This portion of Walker's endorsement is so very funny when you consider that the one person Corbett put over this massive organization as Chief of Staff is his tax-payer funded political hack, Brian Nutt.

If Corbett is such a fiscally responsible steward of taxpayer dollars, them why does he allow Nutt to spend the majority of his time on leave working on his political campaigns and lards up his office with blatantly political staff?

Walker's statement this week is tame compared to the nose-thumbing Corbett gave to the voters when he decided to attend a fundraiser in Philadelphia this week for Bob O'Donnell, Republican candidate for governor in Virginia.

John Micek with the Morning Call breaks the news on his blog here.

This Virginian is the guy everyone, including Majority Leader Todd Eachus, points to as the example Corbett should follow by stepping down from his post as Attorney General to avoid any appearance of partisanship in his investigations, especially bonusgate. (Tribune-Review 3/31/09)

Rather than avoid stirring up the debate on his ability to be politically impartial, Corbett ignores the irony and puts himself on the same stage as the guy who everyone recogizes as the model for how a politically active Attorney Generals should conduct themselves.

It is this attitude that leads us to believe that Corbett is going to underwhelm everyone when -- and if -- he ever announces any arrests of Republicans.


Anonymous said...

Should The State Allow Judges To Erase Some Felony Convictions?

After Bonus Gate Plea Deals, Trials, Convictions, or Acquittals, Hundreds of Pennsylvanians felons might begin a campaign to erase their convictions and criminal records.

It is time to talk it about now and plan whether it will be supported or negated.

Supporters say it provides a second chance for youthful, elderly, and political offenders, while opponents say it lets people off the hook for serious crimes against the state and citizens.

Under some circumstances, we are turning more and more misdemeanors into felonies in an effort to "crack down" on crime.

It is becoming a world where you cannot make any mistakes anymore without paying for it the rest of your life.

How do these ex-convicts even be hired and begin a new life and those criminal records are just not relevant to who they may be now.

Some convicted with no previous record, other then a few minor traffic violations have been in no trouble since paying their price to society.

Yet, after many years, such records still hang over the heads of Ex-Cons.

It is tough enough to find a solid job, but these records often hold others back from apartments and getting promotions. Many of these Ex-Cons are very good people and learned from their silly mistakes.

On the other hand, some argue to not erase any felony convictions. Professionals, Management and Guards that work in a jail setting say, most of the people in jail are repeat offenders.

They had their chance to reform but seldom take advantage of it. Erasing some of their convictions would amount to free passes on some of their crimes.

Many say it will not change how they think or act. It is just another example of some politicians trying to dictate their personal agendas to the public voters.

A felony is a felony is a felony and those who commit felony crimes should not have the opportunity to clean their records without some type of review or oversight to determine if they deserve a second chance.

What Do You Say?

Anonymous said...

Remember in the days before Tivo when you used to watch a TV show every week? And then midway through the season, they would run out of material, so they would run a "clip show" episode? They would add about 1 minute of new dialog to make you think it was new, but then they started running funny moments from past shows.

And pretty soon you would realize that they had nothing new to offer, they just wanted you to remember that time that they were funny.

You guys are like a bad clip show, except there are no new episodes, are there?

Anonymous said...

I read Lagrotta's book - Tom Corbett is in a shitload of trouble. Lagrotta has times, dates, proof...
Bye Tommy.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to rely on Frank LaGrotta, you are on quick sand.

LaGrotta finally got what he deserved after hiring his relatives and as the spineless person he is, informed on all Legislators, to save his selfish Pension.

Corbett's OAG let LaGrotta plea down along with his sister and niece to save their selfish pensions and still have jobs wit the Commonwealth.

If Team Casa is looking at culprits look no further than Elwood City and Notre Shame!

All LaGrotta Book is going to get him is a Civil Lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

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Live as you continue to live, be judgmental, mock others and things, thank a God for you being better, pretend you are more than you will ever be, and you just want to live a normal life. So quietly, you skimp, save, and steal where you can a small fortune that will be taken from you by Hospitals, Rest Home, and the Government before and after you die. It Is Called A Normal Life In America and when you learn you have such a life, it is too late to change it. So you just winkle and die never realizing there is no normal life just life and you did not live it!

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Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...Should The State Allow Judges To Erase Some Felony Convictions? What Do You Say?October 16, 2009 1:57 PM"

Very interesting, in vino veritas, In wine is truth, When drinking, One speaks his mind!

I can only respond by saying, Eventus stultorum magister, Events are the teachers of fools, Fools have to learn by experience!

Anonymous said...

Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit is a Latin phrase of a badly garbled corruption translation.

The phrase generally means, “A Grape Changes The Color And Ripens When It Is Near Or Sees Another Grape”.

This serves as a figure of speech for how people in one group's journey in life meet, greet, welcome others into their vocations, tasks, and then exchange values that go through a process of personal maturation and development among one another.

Or devolution into misdeeds of misconduct that eventually ruins all their lives.

Many grapes ripen in the presence of other grapes on a vine.

Imagine that fruit was often, for various reasons, harvested immature so there is an evolutionary advantage in having fruit ripen quickly if the options are now or never.

The Harrisburg 12 Charged with suspected crimes will all come together and help one another or are already on a course of going it alone falling like Dominos.

After all is said and done and even as wrong paths are taken due to stubborn pride of not recognizing crimes have taken place.

It is yet, another existential theme, using tragic events to emphasize the inability of anyone charged with a crime to achieve a contented or happy life.

It is the perfect example of how relationship after long bouts of working together and arguing can change a group into becoming criminals thinking they are saints for a higher purpose.

Once being elected or employed in the high halls of political power everyone assumes they found their contented place in life. Soon, reality sets in and one finds out that this version of happiness is an illusion.

Anonymous said...

IF you believe in Heaven and Hell, Ying and Yang, Equal and Opposite Forces, whatever, you have to believe that Corbett wil not be elected Governor. He traded DeWeese who clearly knew about all of this, and lest we forget, was in charge, for the likes of Earl Mosley. Are you kidding me, Earl Mosely. You don't get rewarded for this like this in the Universe that I live in.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...IF you believe in Heaven and Hell, Ying and Yang, Equal and Opposite Forces, whatever, you have to believe that Corbett wil not be elected Governor. He traded DeWeese who clearly knew about all of this, and lest we forget, was in charge, for the likes of Earl Mosley. Are you kidding me, Earl Mosely. You don't get rewarded for this like this in the Universe that I live in. October 18, 2009 10:19 AM"

Earl Mosley is a fine person that I believe were caught up with all this Fumoism (Using State Money For Campaigns In And Out Of Pennsylvania) not Veonism.

Earl approved the bonuses as ordered, BUT WHO ORDER IT?


Now why did Earl Mosley go to Veon's Victory Party???? Who was in command of the Re-election Campaigns and Bonuses Assessments?

Interesting is it not?

The only problem

Anonymous said...

Good point, why would Earl Mosley go only to Mike Veon's Primary Victory Party and not Bill DeWeese's.

I think you uncover some mighty fine evidence that Earl Mosley knew Veon was running the HDCC and had Mosley Approve of paying out the Bonuses.

Earl Mosley was not at Bill DeWeese's Primary Celebration in Waynesburg.

So it shows who was running the Re-Lection Campaigns and Bonus Payouts and it was not Bill DeWeese!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that you align yourself with Eachus who, evidence shows, ran the state-operated politicking while persecuting DeWeese, who evidence shows was not involved in the bonus scheme. Hopefully the public will one day understand who was the ethical House Majority Leader and who was not.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
It's amazing that you align yourself with Eachus who, evidence shows, ran the state-operated politicking while persecuting DeWeese, who evidence shows was not involved in the bonus scheme. Hopefully the public will one day understand who was the ethical House Majority Leader and who was not. October 19, 2009 3:10 PM"

Todd Eachus will not last as Majority Leader, Todd breaks his word and promises, no leader can survive that kind of character and still lead.

In my opinion, Eachus did in Veon first and then tried to do in DeWeese!

Veon was a good leader and far better than Eachus. Veon got caught up with some ethical problems at the wrong time.

Eachus bragged about running the HDCC Incumbent Protection Program
and he sold out Cott, Manzo, Veon, Lavelle, and Foreman.

Just like he was part of the Juvenile County Prison that exploited children for private gain.

Eachus soon will be toast!

Anonymous said...

Bill DeWeese might have a big ego but don't you think Tom Corbett is smarter than that to believe that bill DeWeese couyld elect him the governor? If Bill DeWeese was so powerful, why isn't he the Speaker of the House?

Anonymous said...

I just saw that movie FROST/NIXON and it reminded me how the media can make a point and influence everything with one frame or one statement. Is that "shocking"?

Anonymous said...

I agree that Pennsylvania is a big state and I suppose there is a lot of crime all around the state. 800 employees is a lot of crime-fighters even for a large state. How come there is such a drug problem? Might they be spending toomuch time on politics?

Anonymous said...

Pray without ceasing. That is what the Lord God Almighty Demands of Us. I will Continue to Pray that good government be returned to Pennsylvania and the God will find just ten just men who will stand up and restore our Commonwealth to Morality and Christendom.

God Bless America. Let us Pray before the Elections that God will make his Face to Shine upon us and restore PEACE and MORALITY TO PENNSYLVANIA.

Anonymous said...

There was no Veon or DeWeese primary in 2005. Representatives are elected in even years you freaking idiots.