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In the Pennsylvania Republican Party, with very few exceptions, locking up the nomination for Governor requires a nominee to win the Republican State Committee endorsement. (Daily News 1/26/06)

The Republican State Committee consists of local elected officials, large campaign contributors and individuals who are very much influenced by local elected officials and large campaign contributors.

Certainly, these committee people are very much influenced by their state legislators.

For these reasons, it is troubling that partisan Republican Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett continues to insist that he can be both a candidate and an impartial investigator of public corruption both at the state and local level.

Last month, Corbett's GOP gubernatorial rival Congressman Jim Gerlach questioned Corbett's ability to ethically campaign for governor seeking endorsements and campaign contributions from state legislators while concurrently conducting his bonusgate investigation of the very same state legislators.

On Friday, Democratic State Party Chairman TJ Rooney questioned whether Corbett could equitably investigate Republican local elected officials and party activists while at the same time seeking their support for his gubernatorial campaign. (Centre Daily 10/3/09)

Corbett's bonusgate investigation isn't just about how and why legislative bonuses were awarded. He has made it clear that his use of statewide grand juries also includes:

As Attorney General, Corbett has consistently turned a blind eye to local Republican malfeasance in these very areas.

The most recent example in Centre County stretches credulity to believe that Corbett can somehow conduct a neutral criminal investigation of the office of his protege, Centre County Mike Madeira. (Centre Daily 5/13/05)

But, this is just more of the same from Corbett:

Corbett's consistently blind eye doesn't just include elected officials. He has also ignored outright criminal activity by significant campaign contributors to both his campaigns and the Republican party and its candidates.

Former Erie County Republican Chairman and Corbett campaign contributor (over $2,000) John Mizner robbed his law firm. But the Republican Erie County DA refused to prosecute Mizner and so did Corbett. (Erie Times 7/27/07)

Just as egregiously, GOP uber-donor Vahan Guerghian has used his state-funded charter school as a personal piggy bank, yet there isn't a whiff of an investigation by Corbett. (Inquirer 12/30/08)

Perhaps that is becuase Guerghian has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars in just the last two years both individually and through his Campaign for PA's Future PAC to Republican candidate committees and Republican county committees...including $10,000 to Corbett directly.

Corbett's taxpayer-funded campaign manager Brian Nutt is becoming well known for saying goofy things, but after reviewing just these few documented cases of Corbett blantantly ignoring Republican misdeeds, we think Nutt set a new standard for goofiness when he told Capitolwire recently that campaign polling results "clearly show that the families of Pennsylvania support Tom Corbett's relentless fight against corruption in Pennsylvania." (Capitolwire 9/30/09)

Or perhaps Nutt is mistaking the term "relentless" for "limp." We guess that only those who know Nutt intimately will know if he usually mixes the two up.

We do know that Corbett selectively chooses to use his authority to investigate these local Republicans. Time and again, Corbett, Nutt and the taxpayer funded flak Kevin Harley say Corbett doesn't have jurisdiction.

But, Corbett didn't have jurisdictional problems with bringing charges against former Democratic Rep. Linda Bebko-Jones for filing fraudulent petitions or to drag dozens of Penn Hills officials and employees in front his grand jury to hassel Democratic Rep. Tony DeLuca. (Tribune Review 3/24/09)

Corbett knows his chances of winning the Republican State Committee endorsement decreases if he drags committee members or those close to committee members in front of a grand jury. In the case of Guerghian, some Southeastern Pennsylvania Republican committees depend on his largess.

Gerlach and Rooney don't agree on much, but on this one point it is obvious why they both agree. Corbett making a bid for governor while supposedly policing all levels of Pennsylvania government is a joke.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you turn all of this over to the FBI's White Collar Crimes Unit?

Anonymous said...

Prosecutors Defend False Testimony as 'Truthful, but Inaccurate'
Lynne Marek
The National Law Journal
September 23, 2009

Federal prosecutors in Chicago have asked a judge to reconsider her ruling last month that four convicted drug traffickers deserve a new trial because prosecutors engaged in misconduct.

The prosecutors from U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's office on Sept. 18 filed a motion for reconsideration in the case, telling U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow that the government witness who she determined gave false testimony at the trial actually "was truthful, but inaccurate."

When taking into account additional evidence not cited in Lefkow's decision and viewing the case as a whole, no finding of misconduct is justified, the prosecutors argued.

Lefkow, who is overseeing the case in the Northern District of Illinois, ruled on Aug. 26 that there was misconduct during the five-week trial because the government relied on testimony from a lead witness even after the defense showed it was erroneous.

The witness, Senecca Williams, said two defendants conducted drug business in an apartment that one of them, Rondell Freeman, was renting at the time.

But the defense presented evidence during the cross-examination of Williams that the other defendant, Brian Wilbourn, was sitting in a county jail during the time Freeman occupied the apartment.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Rachel Cannon's "dogged insistence" during her rebuttal that Williams' testimony was truthful, even after acknowledging that his dates might be wrong, constituted misconduct, Lefkow wrote in her opinion.

Prosecutors in the case, including Assistant U.S. Attorneys Cannon, John Lausch, Sharon Fairley and Kruti Trivedi, are due to appear before Lefkow on the motion Wednesday.

Leonard Goodman, a solo practitioner in Chicago who represented Wilbourn, said the prosecutors should have stood up and acknowledged to the jury during the trial that Williams' testimony was false.

The government's motion for reconsideration will fail because there's no basis for it, he said. "It's a placeholder motion," Goodman said. "They're basically trying to buy more time to come up with some basis."

In the motion to reconsider, prosecutors contend that if the judge looks at the totality of evidence presented at trial, she will see that the jury was able to "draw the reasonable inference" that Williams was mistaken about the time periods in which drug activities occurred at the apartment and that the apartment was used prior to Wilbourn's incarceration.

"Because arguments based on evidence in the record and reasonable inferences to be drawn therefrom are not improper, Williams' testimony was sufficient to warrant the prosecutor's argument that Williams' testimony regarding incidents involving Wilbourn and Freeman at the Granville apartment was truthful, but inaccurate as to the dates," the prosecutors wrote.

"Based on this argument, a finding of misconduct would not be justified, even if in retrospect it was determined that the evidence should have been excluded based on lack of foundation."

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Anonymous said...

In Surprise Move, U.S. Attorney to Leave Philadelphia Post
Shannon P. Duffy
The Legal Intelligencer
May 26, 2009

In a stunning development, Laurie Magid, the first woman to hold the post of U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia, announced on Friday to the prosecutors in her office that it was her last day at the helm.

Before the day was over, it was announced that Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Levy had been appointed to serve as interim U.S. Attorney.

Sources said Friday that Magid's Feb. 11 appointment by Attorney General Eric Holder to a 120-day term as an interim U.S. Attorney was set to expire next month and that she would then have needed a majority vote by the judges of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania federal bench to hang on to the job.

But the judges' vote was not likely to favor Magid, several sources said, as a result of news that broke in March that Magid was under investigation for possible ethics violations, as well as a Justice Department internal review of the office in which Magid's leadership was sharply criticized.

According to a report in The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General is investigating whether Magid acted improperly when her husband, Jeffrey A. Miller, held a $250-per-person fundraiser for Meehan, a likely Republican gubernatorial candidate in 2010.

Magid, 48, had served as Meehan's first assistant and took over as acting U.S. Attorney when Meehan left the office in July 2008. The Inquirer report said that Magid and "a handful" of the prosecutors she supervises attended the Meehan fundraiser.

The probe is also reportedly focusing on the propriety of a similar previous fundraiser Miller held for Sen. Arlen Specter during the time that Magid was serving as Meehan's first assistant.

The Inquirer report also cited sources close to Magid as saying that she had obtained clearance for the fundraiser with the Office of Special Counsel, an independent federal agency that provides guidance on activities prohibited by the Hatch Act.

Under the Hatch Act, federal employees must abide by strict limits on political activity in the office. The probe is reportedly focusing on whether any of the prosecutors who worked under Magid felt pressured to attend. When Magid sought the advisory opinion, she was reportedly told that the Hatch Act did not prohibit a spouse from holding a fundraiser and that she was free to attend and to help in its planning.

Despite news of the probe, Magid continued to say she was interested in being appointed by President Obama to a permanent appointment as U.S. Attorney. But several sources said Magid's chances of securing a continuing appointment from the Eastern District judges was significantly harmed by an internal report that revealed strong criticisms of Magid by some of the prosecutors who worked under her.

A statement released late Friday said that Magid "is remaining with the office in the appeals division.” "I want to thank Laurie Magid for her dedicated service and for her gracious assistance in the transition."

Anonymous said...

Corbett is a disgrace and a menace to the rule of law.

bobguzzardi said...

Another thought: Ugarte may be a Democrat but he has done the Republican and Independent Voter a real service. The Forgotten Taxpayer says "thank you", Ugarte whoever you are and where ever you are. :-)

Anonymous said...

There is a principle called the domino effect - everything stands together, or it falls together, one after one.

If they take you out of here, they own you.

You can't go it alone.

We never put all our money on one horse.

Trust no one. No one!

Anonymous said...

Political consultant Tom Severson charged with election law violations
By Michael Buck
May 14, 2009, 3:20PM

Tom SeversonThe Pennsylvania Attorney General today accused political operative Tom Severson of violating campaign election laws by filing fraudulent expense reports and submitting deceptive invoices to his clients.
Severson is charged with 12 counts each of tampering with public records or information, false swearing, unsworn falsification to authorities and five counts of criminal conspiracy, according to a news release from the attorney general's office.

Severson, of Pen Argyl, is said to have circulated anonymous letters and automated calls days before a 2007 election slurring former district judge candidate Brian Monahan.

The automated calls were traced to a data management corporation in King of Prussia that does election calls. Mailings identical to the calls were posted with the Northampton County Democratic Committee's bulk mail permit.

Monahan faced Cindy Greene in the May 2007 primary and Daniel Corpora in the general election for a district judge seat then held by Sandra Zemgulis. Both candidates denied having any involvement with the fliers. Monahan lost the race to Corpora.

The author of the Monahan ads filed a campaign expense report after the primary under the name John Doe, "c/o my attorneys at Leeson law offices."

The report includes an $861 expense for bulk mailings to Precision Marketing Inc., a Palmer Township company. Severson is president of Precision Marketing.

Last month, a Northampton County jury convicted Severson of harassing Northampton County Councilman Ron Angle at a 2007 funeral in Pen Argyl. The jury also cleared Severson on charges of simple assault and making terroristic threats.

Police said Severson threatened Angle during the funeral Mass for Gemma Turtzo on Dec. 14, 2007, in St. Elizabeth's Roman Catholic Church in Pen Argyl.

Anonymous said...

The Good Old Days And Remnants Of Power As All Glory Is Fleeting!


Anonymous said...

The OAG is doing the job, but it has to take into account, how the accused develop practices that crossed the lines.

It is only fair, and I am not making excuses for anyone, I am not condoning what happen, but these Defendants are good people not evil doers intent on breaking laws on purpose.

If not, in my opinion, these cases will be reversed on Appeal

Anonymous said...

“Wouldn't it be much worse if life were fair and all the terrible things that happen to us, come because actually deserve them? So now I take comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the Universe” Marcus Cole

Anonymous said...

Did you see the Tribune-Review story that said Tom Corbett leads Jim Gerlach by 42-13 percent according to a Quinnipaic University poll? The same poll said Corbett would beat Democrat Dan Oranoto 47-28 and Democrat Jack Wagner 44-29.
Sorry to burst your bubble, Team Casa, but it seems like your campaign efforts are having no effect.
This must be disappointing. But look on the bright side: Now you can start criticizing Quinnipaic University.

Anonymous said...

You think love is blind? So is justice. why would you turn everything over to the FBI, Eric Holder isn't running for Governor.

Anonymous said...

I just found a case that proves Brett Cott cannot be guilty of campaigning on State Time.

Chvala, Charles
1 Coach House Drive
Madison, WI 53714
(DOB: 12-05-54) Complaint Alleges

Andy Gussert, who was the Director of the Senate Democratic Caucus said Defendant might be replaced by Mary Eisenhower and her friend Brett Cott was hired as an SDC employee.

So how can Brett Cott be working on PA Campaigns if he is in Wisconsin?

Give it up Corbett.

Anonymous said...

Team Casa has a way of working miracles. They can be in two places at one time. It would appear that Bret Cott was able to run a campaign in Wisconsin, get paid from a state payroll in Pennsylvania and contribute in Kansas and Iowa all AT THE SAME TIME. IS IT NOT TRUE MISTER COTT?


Anonymous said...

Wow, if one would look at Brett Cott's campaign records, reports, and deatils, someone COLLECTED or Reported MORE THAN 29,000 IN EXPENSES FROM A CAMPAIGN in 2000.

July 14 2000, but I may be misreading it, so Brett will tell us how others may be judging him wrong with wrong information.

Anonymous said...

Is Mary Eisenhower related to Jim Eisenhower that ran for Attorney General and lost and is mad looking for revenge?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Mary Beth Buchanan could get a majority of the judges votes in the western district?

Anonymous said...

It would seem to me that if judges have votes on who the prosecutors are then that kind of gives an unfair advantage to the court and the prosecutor"s

Anonymous said...

I've been following this conversation since yesterday. The folks are googling Brett Cott aren't checking all the links. Cott didn't start working for the state of PA until 2003. Read his bio here:

So if you were trying to have some kind of a "gotcha" moment, you're out of luck. And, you suck as researchers.

Ugarte said...

It is Mary Isenhour, not Eisenhower.

Anonymous said...


Great Picture of Felon Fumo with Congressman Brady at the Republican created Pennsylvania Society.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I've been following this conversation since yesterday. The folks are googling Brett Cott aren't checking all the links. Cott didn't start working for the state of PA until 2003. Read his bio here:

So if you were trying to have some kind of a "gotcha" moment, you're out of luck. And, you suck as researchers.

October 5, 2009 11:20 PM


Commonwealth of PA - Campaign Finance Reporting
BRETT COTT HARRISBURG,&nbspPA &nbsp17101. Description: PAYROLL. 7/14/2000, $1202.51. BRETT COTT HARRISBURG,&nbspPA &nbsp17101. Description: PAYROLL ... - Cached - Similar


Anonymous said...

hell with the spelling is mary isenhour related to jim eisenhower?

Anonymous said...

Now if we can just find the real criminals in the banks that finance the cocain growers?

Oh, I forgot they give money to Law Enforcement to stop the drugs, but they keep flowing.

Now lets hang public servants that stole dimes on state time!


Signor Ferrari said...


Do you think maybe it's because he worked for the House Democratic Campaign Committee in 2000?

Anonymous said...

"Woe Nelly" --

Cott worked for the House Campaign Committee before working for the House Caucus. Nothing suspicious at all.

Google can be dangerous in the hands of an idiot.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...You think love is blind? So is justice. why would you turn everything over to the FBI, Eric Holder isn't running for Governor. October 5, 2009 10:41 PM"

Humor at its best! Thank You!

I hear rumors if chaos continues, Senator Casey may put his hat in the ring.

Lions From Pittsburgh, Tigers From Philadelphia, Bears From Harrisburg, Giants from Washington...Oh My!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...It would seem to me that if judges have votes on who the prosecutors are then that kind of gives an unfair advantage to the court and the prosecutor"s
October 5, 2009 11:05 PM"

Not so sure bout your statement and thus wrong conclusions.

After all, those that were charged worked on many Judges Campaigns too.

God is America wonderful, we have balance even in crimes or false accusations and it always comes down to politics.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...I've been following this conversation since yesterday. The folks are googling Brett Cott aren't checking all the links. Cott didn't start working for the state of PA until 2003. Read his bio here:
So if you were trying to have some kind of a "gotcha" moment, you're out of luck. And, you suck as researchers. October 5, 2009 11:20 PM"

I quite agree, I googled Brett and I read that case in Wisconsin. At no time was Brett charged of anything.

Sure, he worked on campaigns and did so as being employed according to testimony, but to be fair, it is unfair to attack Brett over nothing he did in that case.

Please note, I have defended Veon, Ramley, Cott, Manzo, and most of the accused. Also, other Lawmakers in DeWeese, Santoni, Eachus, George, and McCall.

It is my belief these are mostly ethical violations that can be reimbursed not crimes with intent.

I have advocated the AG come up with a better plan to resolve these broad allegations deep in scope.

But Brett Cott has enough on his plate to determine his fate, let us be fair, and that post on what happen in Wisky State was unfair if you read the entire case.

Anonymous said...

Do you think maybe it's because he worked for the House Democratic Campaign Committee in 2000? October 6, 2009 12:36 AM"

Yeah, let's string him up now without a trial???? After all being posted on google means you are guilty of crimes is it not true????

Thank You, Signor Ferrari, for standing up and correcting the record for Brett Cott.

Brett is passionate about his politics, and I respect that, and why I advocate other ways in dealing with charges not with criminal intent.

None of these people are evil, and these cases should not have gone this far in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said..."Woe Nelly" --
Cott worked for the House Campaign Committee before working for the House Caucus. Nothing suspicious at all. Google can be dangerous in the hands of an idiot. October 6, 2009 12:56 AM"

Quite agree, and even worse is an OAG ignoring the "Rule of Law".

Hang in there Brett!

Anonymous said...

Injustice is some of the most shameful periods in the history of humankind wherein certain people are selected for systematically persecution via prosecutions.

Both political parties believe they have the superior agendas and the other party is inferior, and a threat to good government.

So, once every decade almost anywhere some smart asses-(Power Elites Not Tom Corbett)-comes up with a dastardly plan, wherein they incarcerated other politicians in both parties based on how they lived in their own conditions, and for new ways to change the pork for them.

Apart from other politicians, prosecutors in both parties are then sent information making them target the staffers because this the best way to end the careers of their employers so other power brokers can achieve what they want for their communities.

Some staffers are subjected to persecution based on their behavioral, ideological, and political backgrounds.

However, it is the most effective staffers that are the primary victims because they are associated with not just their plight by like scholars that know too much.

This is where the terrifying lessons happen because this kind of mindless inhumanity recur again and again, from state to state, city to city, town to town.

All leaving victims or survivors but are really dark periods of human history, ignored until the injustice is done.

Prosecutors will victimized some people for what they did, some for what they refused to do, some for what they were, and some for the fact that they were.

When injustice is done in this manner, it actually creates the most evil crimes.

We in Pennsylvania should be all the more thankful for the freedom and religious tolerance we enjoy, but it now a myth of magic.

We should always remember the lessons learned from unfairness, in hopes we stay vigilant against such inhumanity now and in the future.

I use to try and get people to understand that the values that led to alleged illegal elections are in fact prominent in Pennsylvania Society.

For me, these Bonusgate Charges are not just a Commonwealth tragedy, but also a human tragedy.

After the indictments and when I saw that the public, media, and pundits were talking only about the tragedy of HDCC Employees numbering less than 20, I began posting blogs asking them to talk also about others who are being persecuted with us together - many of them only because of political associations, affiliations, and cooperation.


Anonymous said...

A blog can be dangerous, too, in the hands of someone with an agenda.
The people using Google to build a theory based loosely on unrelated facts aren't really much different than Team Casa.

Anonymous said...


We all must stand up and demand a better way to resolve these allegations and make Pennsylvania a turning point in history because it belongs to everybody in the Commonwealth, America and the World.

It is a part of our humanity thus is part of our destiny.

These Prosecutions are a central event in many people's lives being charged, but soon will come upon all of us because it is becoming an allegory for our Commonwealth for the coming centuries.

There cannot be an end to speaking and writing about it.

No one yet knows what awaits the Defendants in the coming months, but we must make every effort to ensure that it is better than what will befell all of us in the coming months as well.

Because, in spite of everything, I still believe that people are actually good at heart.

I simply can’t build up my trust on an underpinning consisting of misunderstanding, wretchedness, and loss of good people in government.

If we do not stand up now. I see Pennsylvania steadily being turned into a political wasteland.

Do we all not hear the ever-forthcoming rumbling, which will damage us too?

If we can feel the sufferings of a few defendants in their times of despair.

If we can look up into the universe of a higher power.

I think that it will all come out right, that this injustice and unkindness too will end, and that true reforms will bring a serenity to return again to Harrisburg, our Commonwealth, and be a beacon for America.

For me, a proper change in attitude to seek out a better way to cause real changes in political practices must lie within all of us and why my redolent plead to all of you is the largest part of my resounding and heartrending of all.

All the Caucuses need reforms, the OAG needs to change old ways that no longer can be justified, but not on the backs of the few, or many, but together.

Hear me before it is too late, be kind before you have long-term regrets, and lead the way for a better Pennsylvania Today and Tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It is time we all must be strong in the broken places. Seek out lights when we are plunged into darkness.

Be a guide for a friend that has fallen.

Choose to be fairer in your doubts rather than a zealot for your own limited view of the pursuit of justice.

By the grace of all deities, whether we experience a loss of a child, job, reputation, spouse, and remember with great friends, it is possible to become strong even with the broken places within our lives.

Anonymous said...

We are living in a Mad House a Mad House,

NASA is going to bomb the Moon,

Arabs are plotting to drop the dollar,

Conde Nast axes four magazine ,

Police Chiefs Endorse Spying on Your Neighbors,

We can't just say everybody can go everyplace and do anything they want,

The FTC is going to make Bloggers disclose payments for reviews,

Letterman has a Harem at CBS,

And Robots can sings using new voice technology.

It is a Mad House!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...A blog can be dangerous, too, in the hands of someone with an agenda. The people using Google to build a theory based loosely on unrelated facts aren't really much different than Team Casa. October 6, 2009 8:22 AM"

One thing that differs is that so far anything I post is put up by Team Casa even if I disagree with them and defend others.

They are not afraid to post other comments to date.

On the other hand, some of the information the public needs to know is still being hidden, within a enigma, wrapped in Strawberry Squares.

Anonymous said...

Few things would be more powerfully symbolic of the shift in the balance of power than to have the Attorney General trade their mission to punish crime doers using public funds rather than seek new methods of reforms.

True, no one is going to retract any charges tomorrow.

But you can see how that could change if more charges come out beyond the pale.

The Attorney General must pursue his mission for economic reasons, not sentimental ones.

Private businesses rule Pennsylvania and are still ruling to create wealth and provide goods and services to commonwealth consumers, importers, and producers.

The Governorship of Edward Rendell offered ample evidence of these intimate connections between the politics.

Halliburton Marcellus Gas Wells and Gaming in Chicago is Pennsylvania' future.

Campaigning dollars have been easily traded for future allegiances and outcomes. As such, it makes sense to change leadership now so more dollars can be traded tomorrow for our economic power elites.

The end of the old leadership spells the rise of a new order no matter what happens with the indictments.

This new dawn of change is so forthcoming that the Republicans tectonic plates have shifted. The ouster of Jubelier and Brightbill faster than anyone expected is just the start. (Spelling Their Names Right Is No Longer Important For They Are Retired And Out Of Power)

Yesterday Republican House Leadership must be weighing on their own minds the fuzzy changes of policy-makers staffers no longer within their control.

The legacy of the current dilemma is actually the recognition of how Private Economic power relations in Pennsylvania are a fate accompli.

As we know, the old adage is the Economic Power Elites always control the Political Power Elites; this is why all legal lemmings seeking influence flock to the Waldorf Astoria in New York every December holding parties deciding who will be funded and who will be dumped until another time.

In other words, the recession has accelerated the rise of new political leadership because the economic leadership needs it to happen now.

The brutal truth is that for most of the next decade it will take years for these new select few to learn how to be in charge, as the old leadership bleeds in undercover investigations meant to mask them as impotent imposters of power.

They in effect have been neutered into geldings and neutralized as people of influence.

Even the current leadership in both parties does not know it yet. But estimates of the power players’ calculation will reduce current legislators to less than 32% after all investigations are completed.

As all struggle to try not to inform on each other, many others will run to new people asking for a place at the court of the Green Dome. Most will be used then denied.

Anonymous said...

The new leaders still in their cocoons will soon decide who will survive and who will fry.

All positions enjoyed by pre-eminent yearlings in training will help to push them in how to trade others into positions of controlled power.

As older ones are placed towards a basket of protected pensions, if they behave like sheep within a pen.

Now these new pensioners protected from prosecution will be forever the greatest debtors and will take the money and run.

They can no longer sustain their roles as protector of the anything in the long term.

The humbling of and removal of Fumo, Jubelier, LaValle, Brightbill, Habay, LaGrotta, Ramley, and Veon is proof that the Pennsylvania Political System is not invincible.

Suddenly, as the public, cynics, and colleagues turn on one another embracing any investigator to cut deals.

Others will be thinking they are in line and will try to be emerging powers. They do not understand their minds like their staffers are betraying them.

Thoughts that they are the only speakers at the forum are complete mistakes for their wisdom is broken by their foolhardiness.

The new leaders have already be identified, compromised, and verified.

They have been helped by being bailed out of all sins of yesterday by the old guard forgetting tomorrow.

The most clever ones have avoided spats with all others in the confidence they are set to grow as others become more bitter.

Yesterday attacks will resumed on the value of over anointing the sick ones, by the very saints claiming they know all the answers. But they too are really being prepared to become new puppets for old masters.

Next will come an increasing resentment at the vast debts built up among one another.

In turn, other Lawmakers’ nervousness about their long-term worth will start to submit to plead deals to keep their honeys by holding onto the money.

And this is the great absurdity of it all. Current Lawmakers holds approaching assets so they cannot afford to see the collapse of their power.

Yet, their fate has been decided by younger Lawmakers that want to become less reliant on anyone.

The Pennsylvania Economic Power Brokers have already bought what they need to build and prosper in the coming years.

The Pennsylvania Political Power Brokers will soon become victims of investigations that turn on themselves.

They are two drunken colossals leaning on each other. Yet a sobering reckoning of some sorts seems predictable; and it is difficult to see how both can be winners.

Because new leaders make mistakes in becoming experienced, and that takes time and once they are experienced, their judgments are clouded by their own arrogance thinking they are the power. New entrepreneurs do not have the time to train them and thus will lose opportunity due to their own arrogant stupidity.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Domino Theory: Congratulations!
You have done your homework and deserve a day off. Let someone else think for a spell.