Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In an item in today's Post-Gazette, gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett told Dennis Roddy he will be using his bonusgate investigation as part of his campaign:
"...Mr. Corbett gained name recognition and some criticism for an aggressive series of grand jury investigations into the legislative spending scandal that came to be known as Bonusgate. His first round of grand jury presentments snared a collection of former state legislators, including former House Minority Whip Michael Veon, D-Beaver. Amid criticism that he was targeting only Democrats, he later unloaded scores of criminal counts against the Republican former state House Speaker, state Rep. John Perzel, R-Philadelphia. He has made it clear he'll run on that record, but to date, the primary challenge from Mr. Rohrer has pushed Mr. Corbett to shore up his conservative credentials, leaving little time for internal party messages about crime-busting. 'You might see that coming,' Mr. Corbett said, 'but right now we don't need that for the primary.'" (Post-Gazette 4/27/2010)
This is the first and most blantant admission from Corbett that bonusgate is a major piece of his campaign and that he will use it when he feels the "need."

Here at CasablancaPA, we don't find this shocking. However, many others who have been following the gubernatorial campaign may find it big news, especially since Corbett directly contradicted one of his key strategists who made a fairly adamant promise just last month:
"John Brabender, Mr. Corbett's chief media strategist, insisted that, 'I can tell you now that we will not be talking about Bonusgate -- ever -- in the governor's race.'" (Post-Gazette 3/24/10)
We guess Brabender better start putting that bonusgate tv spot together now. He has probably already checked in with Mike Long who used the bonusgate issue aggressively in the state senate campaigns he managed in 2008.


Anonymous said...

This is yet another perfect example of the mission of this site:
"Exposing the hypocrisy of Tom Corbett".

Clearly, this site is very relevant and needed, because the media has abdicated its responsibility when it comes to questioning the AG/Gov-in-waiting.

Anonymous said...

Corbett's campiagn will crumble!

Anonymous said...

Corbett has to answer why with 800 employess he could not come up with charges against 50 senators he claims he is investigating?

Yet, D.A. Zappalla with only 140 employees has been able to conduct a Grand Jury in 5 months against one Senator that was found doing far more than any House Member.

Corbett's Bonusgate Investigation was bogus and Corbett along with Brian Nutt and Harley will be investigated shhowing they did the exact same things he charged others.

Anonymous said...

The Newspapers should be ashamed of themselves for not pointing out and investigating Corbett's hypocrisy, crimes, and record with Waste Management.

Anonymous said...

If Corbett is going to brag about how 85% of his Charges were discounted and dismissed by Juries, and his 40% Conviction rate....bring it on, with 800 employees he has been a very ineffective Attorney General.

District Attorneys in almost all 67 Counties have been performance with far less employees.

In addition, none is being sued in Federal Court by Career Senior Deputy Attorney Generals such as Corbett is being involved in a Federal Lawsuit.

Corbett is starting to become frighten as his own acts of campaigning on State Time will come out before November and even still elected Governor will be removed from Office as Tricky Dick Nixon was after the election due to Watergate.

Corbettgate is just staring to grow legs.

Anonymous said...

Corbett forgot one basic rule in life, when you go after a giant make sure you kill him, if not, you run the rest of your life.

Corbett is on the run, so he is using words to confuse the issues.

Too late, the giant is gaining and no mortal wound will suffice now.

Anonymous said...

Corbett Campaign commercials brags about bringing in Billions of Dollars as AG for Pennsylvania, only one question.......WHY DO WE HAVE A $3 BILLION DEFICIT.....and Why Does Corbett complain he needs more money for the OAG when he cannot investigate 253 Lawmakers with 800 Employees for 4 years now.

How much has that cost the Taxpayers and if he brought in Billions, why does he not use that money????

Corbett catches himself in his own lies every day!

Anonymous said...

God is watching Corbett every move, slight of hand, and mouthy lies, Corbett will have to ANSWER TO SOMEONE!

Anonymous said...

Stolen money burns a hole in your pockets! Corbett needs to come clean!