Monday, April 26, 2010


A comment gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett made regarding his supposedly on-going bonusgate investigation over the weekend while campaigning in Westmoreland County caught our attention:
"This investigation we're doing was probably not in my best interest. There are some very powerful people out there who want to get even with me." (Tribune-Review 4/26/10)
Oh, really? Who are these mysterious "very powerful people" that want to get even with him? Because from our vantage point, no one with power has yet to be indicted by Corbett or has any quarrel with him.

Former Representatives Mike Veon and Brett Feese can't be who he's referring to. Both were no longer in office when indicted and it is laughable to believe either still has any power or influence.

Representatives John Perzel, Bill DeWeese and Sean Ramaley were all still in office when he indicted them, but no one would argue they held any appreciable power beyond their single votes in the legislature by the time they were arrested.

Former Representative Steve Stetler was the sitting Secretary of Revenue when indicted, but no one would call that position "very powerful" and no one would say Governor Rendell has been vociferous in criticizing Corbett for the arrest.

Corbett seems a bit paranoid to us when you consider he's done nothing to anger those currently in power. In fact, those in power appear to owe their political lives to Corbett at the moment.

The Majority Senate Republicans have no ax to grind with him. Their fight is with Allegheny County District Attorney Steve Zappala, not Corbett, who ignored the whistleblower who started Zappala's investigation of Senate Majority Whip Jane Orie.

The same can be said for the Majority House Democrats. Corbett hasn't arrested Speaker Keith McCall even though PJ Lavelle testified under oath at the Veon trial that McCall hired him to do the exact same job as he did for Veon (Associated Press 2/19/10). And, Majority Leader Todd Eachus has yet to be arrested even though Corbett has sent a "target letter" to him (Post-Gazette 12/4/09) and the very same evidence used against Veon showed Eachus was aggressively involved in using taxpayer resources and staff for political campaign work.

Even the most cursory reading of Corbett's grand jury presentment against Perzel and Feese would leave one wondering why Corbett didn't arrest House Republican Leader Sam Smith, so Smith has nothing to complain about.

Finally, Corbett hasn't done anything to Senate Democratic Leader Bob Mellow warranting revenge even though it is well documented that Mellow has abused his legislative expense accounts and campaign accounts for his own personal benefit (Scranton Times Tribune 11/1/2009).

Until Corbett through his bonusgate investigation indicts someone who actually has power, he is creating these "very powerful" enemies out of wholecloth. He's stooped to a new low...or maybe he's always been a fan of the tinfoil hat.

In the meantime and back by popular demand, we present to you the CasablancaPA Players portraying Corbett's announcement of who is lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce:

And, scene.


Anonymous said...

You left off Underdog, Mighty Mouse, and Ant Man!

Corbett has been carrying water for the powerful such as Waste Management Inc and his previous pollution will be a molehill compared to what is coming from Marcellus Shale.

Major Steel, Cement, Coal, Oil, and Gas Companies all backing Corbett a long time ago destroyed our rivers, lakes, and forest.

America and Pennsylvania Democrats fought back with environmental regulations leaving a legacy of over 50 years to clean up Brownfield’s, Acid Dumps, and restoring clean waters.

Now Marcellus Gas will go after our Ground Water as Corbett prepares to take over for Governor with a Republican House and Senate and Supreme Court.....and this cannot be refuted.

Tom Ridge just joined the Board of Directors of one of the largest Pipeline Companies in Pennsylvania.

What Corbett does not understand is he is being used by the powerful to remove all opposition that would force environmental regulations, severance taxes on gas, oil, and coal, and the watering down of the Mine Safety Act!

Once the Republicans approves of these mass intrusions Pennsylvania Ground Water will not be pristine anymore and we will pay dearly through hidden health costs, poor water qualities, and damage to our streams, lakes, and rivers.

The only thing stopping now is the Honorable and Wise State Representative Bud George the Chairman of the Environmental and Energy Committee.

The law will catch up to Corbett Duplicity just as it did in Connecticut, Illinois and Louisiana.

Corbett is the pawn for the powerful not the enemy of the powerful and at the appropriate time of their choosing, he will be sacrificed just as many as come before him.

It is not how high you climb but how you got up there, and the fall is most hurtful and painful when you know you thought you were using others, but they were using you.

Anonymous said...

Corbett guilty conscious is working overtime.

Corbett knows he has ruined good people on over 85% charges his office could not prove.

Corbett knows his own campaign staff has broken the same laws he charged others with and now knows they will be investigated eventually.

This is a way for Corbett to blame any investigation on his own actions on Boogey Men.

Corbett now has to explain why he himself will be coming under investigation, so he blames the powerful, boogey men, and his enemies, but he should be blaming only himself.

Anonymous said...

Life is short and Corbett's desire for power over true justice has caught him in his own web of deceits and receipts.