Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Tom Corbett, March 8 on KDKA:

Jon Delano: "You're pledging no tax increases of any type? Fees, taxes, state income tax, the sales tax - can you be precise as to what you - "

Corbett: "The pledge as it's written - and I don't have it written here - is no tax increases during the course of the next term. That's exactly what it says. That's what we're gonna aim for. No tax increases whatsoever."

Tom Corbett, Sept. 27, Candidate's Debate:

Corbett: "I would look at the payroll tax, increasing the payroll contributions."

h/t The Rick Smith Show


Bob Greene said...

I'd like to suggest Corbett doesn't have a lying problem he has Fuzzy Memory Syndrome (FMS). Your familiar with it, Regan had it, Scooter, Alberto and now Tommy boy. Hits all the old, white republican men when justice is on there heels.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating new radio ad from Tommy Corbett, sports fans! He's for Marcellus Shale, he's for our environment, and he's a tough prosecutor!

So how about some analysis? Let's take these in reverse order. First, is it me, or is he abusing his office as prosecutor when he says he will prosecute truant drillers who wreck our environment to the fullest extent of the law? Governors can't prosecute anyone, so he must be talking about himself as AG. Anyone see any issue with that??? Threatening prosecution through his current job in an ad campaigning for his next one. Not good... Or is he referring to his hand-picked AG replacement once he ascends to the Gov's throne, and achieves total control?

Tommy's newfound love for the environment is also curious. As AG, he's got probably one of the worst records on environmental prosecutions, so perplexing are his claims. More perplexing is his cash haul from the Marcellus Shale drilling firms. Does anyone really think he will drop the hammer on his cash cows? After all, there is always reelection to think about, and the natural gas industry isn't going anywhere for a long time.

And since this election is about jobs, jobs, jobs...How about the reports that have established how few jobs have been given to Pennsylvanians, in favor of the out-of-staters trucked in by the drilling companies? So if these companies are going to give hundreds of thousands of jobs to Pennsylvanians (as Tommy claims), why haven't they started, Tom? A little showing of good faith would lend some credibility to that argument.

As for the scare tactic about overtaxation, over 80% of this state sits on the Marcellus Shale plate. These companies and their lobbyists can yammer and whine about the proposed tax, and threaten to go to other states, but they can never tap the heart and true abundance of that plate without being here in PA.

Fellow PA'ers, let's show Tommy and his drill-baby-drill pals that we are not going to fall for their scare tactics and empty-suit rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

Tom Corbett worked for Waste Management and under his term it was cited for many violations.

What do you think he will do to protect our water with that kind of track record?

Marcellus Shale Companies are the ones putting corbett in Office, he will serve them not the people.

Anonymous said...

HELLO??? Anyone in there? Perhaps we need a refresher. The whole premise of this website is "Exposing the hypocrisy of Tom Corbett."

And yet you remain silent?

Earlier this week AG Tom is in the news for sending a fundraising inquiry to indictee John Perzel. Making it MUCH more interesting, the fundraising letter was sent to Perzel's Capitol (state taxpayer funded) office. You know, it's illegal according to Tom to campaign out of your state office. Yet he can send fundraising solicitations to state offices? Is his crack team trying to entrap candidates by doing this, or are they just incompetent?

And mouthpiece Kevin Harley, thank you for letting us know this was simply a mistake, and that it shouldn't have been sent to government office.

Confounding, however, is the frequency of this mistake. For instance, Corbett, Perzel, Preski and Nutt have a nice breakfast to discuss who knows what. But despite Corbett investigating the entire legislature, he is the beneficiary of a Preski-coordinated fundraiser.

Let's not forget the campaign solicitation sent to a Capitol office that was scanned in here, on CasablancaPa. And the letter letter Corbett sent to Steve Stetler asking for money, which was revealed by Stetler's attorney.

Folks, this is no longer a "mistake"; it's a pattern of irresponsible, hypocritical behavior.

And Dan Onorato, grow a backbone and get after this guy! Quit holding up newspaper headlines praising Tom. The people pf PA are about to hand the reins of the Guv's power to Corbett, and give him total control after he appoints the new AG for the next 2 years. My stomach is turning already!