Monday, November 8, 2010


Are we the only ones who see the irony?

A candidate for governor whose main claim on the office is his prosecution of government corruption, placed into office by an ex-con convicted of multiple felonies in one of the darkest government corruption cases in Pennsylvania's history.

In his victory speech on Tuesday night, the very first person Corbett thanked, after his family, was convicted felon Bob Asher.

The 1980s bribery and racketeering case that sent Asher to federal prison has mostly faded from the public memory, and is notable mainly for the tragic public suicide of State Treasurer R. Budd Dwyer.

Asher's involvement? He threatened to withhold campaign funds and political support from Dwyer unless Dwyer awarded a multi-million dollar state contract to a handpicked crony.

Got it? He threatened to withhold campaign funds and political support from an elected official unless that elected official used his influence to benefit Asher's allies and cronies.

In 2004, Asher initially recruited and supported Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor to run for state Attorney General. But when Castor opposed Asher's appointment Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, Asher switched his support to Castor's primary opponent, Tom Corbett.

The lesson is clear. And Corbett appears to have learned it.

One of Corbett's earliest supporters in his campaign for governor, Asher served as co-chair of Corbett's exploratory committee. Asher's formidable support came as Corbett was in the throes of the political corruption investigation that would serve as the foundation of his gubernatorial campaign.

Remember, Asher tends to withhold support from public officials who don't do his bidding.

If we were the Patriot-News editorial board, this would be the part where we say, "We're not saying that Asher may have used his gargantuan influence to determine the direction of the Bonusgate investigation. But we can see where some people might be disturbed by the appearance of a possible conflict of interest."

Presidential Candidate Rudy Guiliani was foolish enough to be embarrassed by Asher's public support, and hastened to distance himself from the ex-con.

Corbett had no such qualms.


Anonymous said...

Tom wins and bob is king.Casa loses and you are a queen.

Anonymous said...

Mosley just had his sentencing. I assume you will be putting up the info to donate to his legal defense fund now?

Signor Ferrari said...

What part of "going to trial" do you not understand?

Anonymous said...

When will Manzo and Scott get sentenced oh and that little shit PJ?!

Anonymous said...

Tom won everyone. Signor Ferrari lost again. Please donate money To Tom, Not scum convicted Criminals.

Anonymous said...

Time for the FBI to get going. Corbett's AG's office under scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

Manzo is lobbying as he is waiting to be sentence by Corbett team of Misconduct Prosecutors!

We are still waiting for the Senate Investigations that Corbett promised?

The big question is will Corbett now work with those Senators he is suppose to be investigating?

Just like when he hired Senate Staffers for his Campaign that was were suppose to be investigated by Corbett and his OAG?

Weird but Corbett will have answer these question sooner or later during his Governorship.

Anonymous said...

Can't seem to find the dates schedulede for the DeWeese, Stetler and Perzel trials. Also, weren't there supposed to be Senate indictments coming? Is the point not to expect Senate R indictments til after Corbett is gone; or they're never coming? How about investigations into the DRPA scandal, the Philly Family Court bldg scandal and the PHA scandal?

Anonymous said...

You can ask about sentyencing for those who plead guilty (including Manzo who testified the bonuses were his idea, and Brubaker who confirmed he assisted Manzo in the bonuses) - but the better question is what about any charges at all against people like Steve Webb, who testified he perjured himself at the grand jury; Kevin Sidella, who testified he did primarily political work on state time; Karen Steiner Blaner who kept info about bonuses on state time and on state computers and Eric Webb, who operated the bonus tracking system on state time on state computers; and Angela Bertuglia who testified she freely exchanged sex for a state job and promotions. Or how about Todd Eachus, who got a target letter nearly a year ago; or Drew Crompton, the biggest bonus recepient after being off payroll to work on campaigns most of the year; or Mike Long who openly did ;politics on state time and advertised his state office/phone number as a private political consulting business. Blows your mind.

Anonymous said...

After reading articles on this site it becomes apparent that Harrisburg Politics is just a popularity contest between wanna be ass-kissers wanting to live off the public dime.
Not one post I read said anything about bettering the lives of a constituency.
No wonder the state political system is worthless. There are no intelligent people working for the common good. There are however a ton of intelligent people trying to figure out who they should befriend to get a better parking spot or corner office. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the rumor under the Green Dome, is that Bill DeWeese could have been Minority Leader.

This guy never stops just loves being a legislator.

One has to respect his resilience!

Anonymous said...

Apparently you're the one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Apparently you're the one.
November 19, 2010 2:31 PM

Under Estimation Is A Dangerous Trait Only Behind Choosing Bad Lawyers!

Anonymous said...

Respect isn't the word I'd use for DeWeese. Is he still making his staff buy his condoms, make his dates and shake down lobbyists to buy him dinner?

Anonymous said...

As 2010 continues to unfold, there's reason for some trepidation by state House Majority Leader Todd Eachus.

The Hazleton Democrat, No. 2 leader in the lower chamber, received a letter inviting him to testify before a statewide grand jury investigating alleged legislative corruption.

The grand jury testimony of former aides -- leaked to the media recently -- alleges that Eachus raised campaign money in his office and directed illegal campaign activity by state staffers. Eachus has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

He told WNEP in Scranton that "anyone who has created a problem should face justice."

He told the TV station that he was shocked and saddened "to see our colleagues having problems," The Associated Press reported.

Most Pennsylvanians probably don't know much about Eachus. But hardcore Democrat activists might remember 1995, when former Luzerne County Rep. Tom Stish switched from the Democrats to the Republicans, throwing control of the House to the GOP. Stish was absolutely despised by the Democrats' leaders. The man who beat him and recaptured the seat for the Dems was Todd Eachus.

Veon had been personally involved in that campaign and Eachus was like a favorite son.

In grand jury testimony, former aides identify him as aggressive and portray a politically ambitious lawmaker climbing the ladder in the House. He previously served as policy committee chairman and also chaired the House Democratic Campaign Committee.

Former staffer John Paul Jones said he was brought onto Eachus' staff "solely" to do political work. He said he had a "beard assignment" that he was supposed to be working on "alternative energy" issues.

"But you didn't study alternative energy?" a prosecutor asked him. "No," Jones told the grand jury.

Jones testified that Eachus wanted to spend "soft dollars" through state-paid public service announcements so the campaigns would spend less of their resources.

There were occasions, Jones testified, where he and another aide were called in to provide staff support so Eachus could make fundraising calls in his office.

Eachus denied a connection to the Bonusgate investigation, which surfaced in the latter years of his political career.

An investigation resulted in charges against 25 lawmakers and employees for campaigning while being paid to conduct government business.

Eachus said the problems occurred prior to his leadership, adding that he has never appeared before a grand jury and does not believe he is under investigation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Respect isn't the word I'd use for DeWeese. Is he still making his staff buy his condoms, make his dates and shake down lobbyists to buy him dinner?
November 20, 2010 1:56 AM

DeWeese is just doing what he always does, taking care of his people in the 50th not cronies or having his family members hired like some others.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Mike Veon's B.I.G. Trial, Mike Veon's Defense Team better go to Ambridge and video tape all the demolition and clean up of the old factories right in the middle of town.

It is clear from this Deconstruction and Brownsfield Clean Up, Mike's Grant Money is being put to real use FOR THE PEOPLE.

I would take the Jury to that location as well to see Mike was helping out people not even in his District for the good of Beaver County, Ambridge, and Pennsylvania.

Far better than Asher's Crimes in stealing from the State and Feds on Bogus Computer Contracts Kickbacks, and now Top Advisor to Governor Corbett?

The OAG should drop the B.I.G. Case before it looks silly!

Anonymous said...

Scranton Times reports Mellow to be indicted tomorrow (Tuesday 11/22). It'll be interesting to see if feds indict Mellow staffers too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Scranton Times reports Mellow to be indicted tomorrow (Tuesday 11/22). It'll be interesting to see if feds indict Mellow staffers too.
November 22, 2010 9:31 PM

Staffer do not get Indicted anymore they become State Immunity Witnesses, stay in their jobs, while the State pays them to testify to keep them from jail by covering theuir own mistakes and charging their bosses instead, it is known as the Harrisburg Free JobS Bill if you testify against your boss to save your own guilty butt.

A Free OAG Employment Program paid by the Legislature.