Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Does Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett raise any money from people he's not supposed to be investigating?

We know it's an old habit dating back to his prosecution of Jeff Habay. He was caught again soliciting Steve Stetler while Stetler was under investigation. He allowed former House Republican chief of staff Brian Preski to host a fund-raiser while the caucus was under investigation for the period when Preski ran the caucus. PA Turnpike Vice-Chairman Tim Carson also hosted a fund-raiser, even though Corbett is actively investigating the Turnpike. And most recently, he solicited indicted Rep. John Perzel - at his Capitol office, no less.

Despite the fact that Corbett declared contributions from legislators off-limits, it turns out that campaign cash can be safely laundered through the coffers of his running mate, Jim Cawley.

According to Capitolwire, "Cawley’s campaign finance reports also show more than $104,000 in contribution since the May primary from state lawmakers – a group from whom Cawley’s running mate has declined to accept contributions.

"Most of those funds came through two donations of $50,000 apiece – one from Senate President Pro Tem Joe Scarnati, R-Jefferson, and another from the Senate Republican Campaign Committee."

Y'all know, not a single member or staffer from the Senate Republican Caucus has been tarnished in Corbett's never-ending investigation of the legislature, despite the fact that the Senate Republicans handed out the largest individual bonuses - much of it to staffers who spent half the year working on political campaigns.

Although Corbett claimed he had no idea lawmakers were contributing to Cawley, "Drew Crompton, Scarnati’s chief of staff, said there was 'an acknowledgement' from the Corbett camp that a contribution from Scarnati to Cawley would not be returned."

Crompton also said Scarnati was “more than happy to give to his campaign,” and that Cawley has participated in events with various Senate Republican candidates. Some mailers also have been printed that list Senate candidates as well as the governor and lieutenant governor. The contribution toward Cawley’s campaign expenses recognizes those “shared efforts,” Crompton said.

That's Drew Crompton, taxpayer-funded legislative employee, acting as campaign spokesman for Scarnati and other Senate Republican candidates.

That would be the same Drew Crompton who received a nearly $20,000 taxpayer-funded bonus in a year when he spent most of his time working on Lynn Swann's failed gubernatorial campaign.

Need we point out that the Senate Republican Campaign Committee also represents Sen. Jane Orie, whom Corbett steadfastly refused to indict despite the fact she allegedly ran a campaign operation out of her district office right under the nose of Corbett's staff during his alleged investigation?

Kudos to Capitolwire for practicing actual journalism among the usually-compliant Capitol Stenographers Corps. But with less than a week until Election Day, it's too little, too late.


NorthPGH Progressive said...

Checkout some of the crazy Jane Orie mailings that the PA Senate Republican Campaign Committee is sending out for Ms. Orie.

Anonymous said...

It must suck to be a Democrat Party junkie these days. What I think is the best part is that even with all of the lying, cheating, and stealing that Veon and Cott got busted for the Dems are taking a bashing from the public in this election. How much is Mike going to have to pay back? heard that figure just got elevated a little ... ouch.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was so effective! All you had to do was mention Veon's name and I instantly forgot about the possibility that Senate Republicans awarded taxpayer-funded bonuses for campaign work (and operated at least one taxpayer-funded campaign operation out of a district office) and Corbett ignored it in exchange for political support. You are a genius, Anonymous 9:17! Perhaps you should go to work for the Corbett campaign!

Anonymous said...

So, the hypocrite Corbett is caught in yet another lie. Unfortunately, I think Capitolwire is read mainly by Harrisburg insiders. Doubt this will gain any traction in the mainstream press.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Anonymous 11:04, the previous commenter's technique has been quite successful. No one dares to criticize Corbett lest they be accused of siding with Veon. To paraphrase the Vice President, there's only three things Corbett can mention in a sentence: a noun, a verb and Bonusgate.

Anonymous said...

There will be legal investigations gridlock meaning no bipartisan solutions the Corbett's Crisis that will be mission impossible.

Only then will a few politicians suddenly remember that, there will be few experienced politicians left to help Corbett solve local government debt, public pension debt, and corruption investigations of Corbett and Republican Judges and Bigwigs past behavior.

This shock will have nothing to break the impasse. The risk has brought upon himself is Corbett will then preside over a stagnation of the highest moral crisis, and high unemployment linger, with no one to cooperate with him as Corbett is investigated and eventually resigns under Republican protests more than citizens.

Cawley did the right thing early, by being Corbett running mate, but Cawley will be the one that abandons Corbett as soon as the first revelation of Corbett’s Corruption begins.

In addition, an uncooperative Democratic and Republican Party trapped in a belief in that Bi-Partisanship is a bad thing among Tea Baggers will limit Cawley.

Even so, Cawley and his party will be unwilling to tackle long-term problems.

This means the Republicans will remain on an unsustainable power base in due course.

The result will soon be the worst of all worlds: neither short-term trusts nor medium-term solutions of sustainability.

Whether that is Mr. Corbett or not, that Corbett will become the worst of his legacy

Fake Tom Corbett said...


Anonymous said...

Corbett's office under FBI scrunity. Read the court documents:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Interesting tidbit that Corbett would like to have fewer City of Philadelphia Dems come out to vote today. Unfortunately Corbett indicted the one guy who could have thrown sand in the gears, Perzel. I doubt Perzel or the Philadelphia GOP, will be doing much to help old Tom.

Anonymous said...

Tom wins as usual,learn to love the man.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad a few good D's who lost tonight but I must say to Todd. Karma is a bitch! What comes around goes around. HA! To all the other D's that lost. You all were great Rep.s and I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

While I am not an expert in PA politics as many here seem to be, I have to wonder if the political game has become more important than serving the citizens. The divisiveness apparent from the recent election results does not point out a win for any person. Yes, one side garnered more votes but at what expenses? Was this election worth the pain and troubles that BonusGate revealed? Republicans and Democrats have both had their hands caught in the cookie jar. Was it more about "our side beating your side" - A spectacle, a team sport of sorts - Rather than doing what is best for the constituency?
While this blog site openly admits its' purpose, I wonder if it's supporters are more about the purpose of the game - serving the people or is this just more like a fan sight for a Nascar driver or teen idol?

Anonymous said...

How did DeWeese win again, is he that good, or does he have the best Campaign Staff & Voluteers in Pennsylvania?

So, far DeWeese has out lasted Jubeliere, Brightbill, Fumo, Veon, Prezel, McCall, and now Eachus.

I believe DeWeese may actually become Speaker of the House again.

DeWeese cannot be this lucky it must be the people that are with him.

Anonymous said...

A Coverup of Fraud and Corruption.
Millions of Pennsylvania Taxpayer Dollars Wasted.

When Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett was confronted with a major scandal within his own office, what did he do?

a. Called for an internal investigation from his Internal Affairs Unit.

b. Requested the state Auditor General and Inspector General to review the matter.

c. Ordered everyone to preserve documents and turned documents over to the FBI.

d. Fired the alleged wrongdoers.

e. Fixed the problem.

f. Fired the person who brought the matter to his attention.

The Answer is F.........Tom Corbett did nothing to correct the problem. Instead, he fired the whistleblower.

Listen to what Tom Corbett has to say for himself.......

Anonymous said...

Todd Eachus the late seven-term House member may be the worse ever Majority Leader to ever walk the hallow halls of capitol.

Eachus lost by about 10 percentage points and he lost despite being the House majority leader.

Todd held all the advantages of an incumbent: name recognition, campaign savvy, party backing, power and ample campaign cash.

The Democrat reportedly poured about a half million dollars into his unsuccessful re-election bid, outspending Toohil by nearly 5-to-1.

There was talk that it was Eachus ordered his lawyer Chris Casey, to urged his own colleagues to be indicted and that it was Eachus the real secret immunity witness.

Toohil even compelled the Eachus to debate her, something he unwisely had tried to duck and looked like a chicken in doing it.

The only bad thing that has happen from Eachus defeat is the Democrats may regain their power now that Eachus is gone.

There was no way Eachus was even capable of leading the Democrats in or out of power.

Sometimes it is good when a long term do nothing lousey politician loses in order to save the Commonwealth, in Eachus Case, all Pennsylvania is better off.

Anonymous said...

If Frank Dermody decides to become a Full-Time Legislator, he may be elected Minority Leader of the HDC.

In any event, with the imprisonment of Infamous Fumo, retirement of McCall, rejection of Eachus and Prezel by the voters, and removal of Rendell from Public Office, Philadelphia just lost most of its power in the Commonwealth.

There is a God and I guess it shows Divine Intervention sometimes makes the correct calls, unfortunately, these calls are made in the Board Room of Banks and fought over oil, gas, water, and timber.

Because "Eachus" was so weak, it was clear Toad never made much of an impression on anyone with a very aural impact bare of any worthy accomplishment.

Rumor has it, Governor Corbett will put the Used Car Salesman in charge of reducing the 17,000 State Cars no longer needed.

It is a loud alert to the people to get out of the way of ever electing such a weak knee Lawmaker to ever be in Harrisburg.

The word T.I..M...B....E.....R,
of a falling tree comes to mind so good people can be warned to not be under it.

"Timber" is the proper word for a politician such as Eachus that very few could tell either he was still standing, or was recently cut, so that Eachus's is still in his natural state of a whole funk.

Timber Todd has fallen and will not get back up.

Anonymous said...

Here is the big question???


Is Todd Eachus going to payoff Mike Veon $1.9 Million now owed by Court Order of The Honorable Judge Lewis?

Or pocket it???

Anonymous said...

I believe myself to be very independent in political thought, but have leaned a bit right in the last few elections.

Would like to see more folks pay attention to our school boards and town councils.

And all votes begin with money and all rejections end with coins.

Anonymous said...

Witness For The Prosecutions:

It was like a Tropical Storm called Tomas, wiped out many politicians with big pensions!

Now Pete Daley will join Corbett's Cabinet to gain even a bigger Pension.

Wall Street Pete biggest accomplishments during his over 30 years in the legislature can be found here: