Tuesday, October 19, 2010


"We, too, are concerned at the length of time this process is taking. If this goes much further Corbett risks being accused of using it to launch what many expect will be a gubernatorial bid in 2010." (Patriot-News, 7/12/09)

"The investigation is not completed." (Tom Corbett, Gubernatorial Debate, 10/16/10)

"We endorse Corbett." (Patriot-News, 10/17/10)


Anonymous said...

Here's a good one: Todd Eachus is attacking his GOP opponent for having an office and working in the same building as other lawyers who are defense attorneys for accussed defendants in the Luzerne court scandal. Wow!

Meanwhile Todd continues to not just work in the same (Capitiol) bldg as admitted purjurers, and people who testified they were coconspirators in the bonusgate and politics on state time charges, but he continues to employ them (like Steve Webb, David Bliss, Angela Bertugli, Bob Caton, and many, many more). He promoted some, gave a number of them raises.

What a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

Karma. She's a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hypocrisy: I see Rep. Pete Daley is endorsing Corbett for cleaning up corruption in the legislautre. I've been told that Daley routinely collected per diems and had votes cast for him in Harrisburg while lawyering in the Washington County Courthouse. If that is true, that's hypocrisy worthy of your site's notice!

Cleaning up the legislature??? You mean investigating political opponents, including innocent people, achieving 16% conviction rate at trial, and ignoring the 2 Senate caucuses, while hiring numerous people who should have been on the "to be investigated" list.

Has Petey cut a deal for protection from Tommy???

Anonymous said...

Democratic State Representative Pete Daley has endorsed Tom Corbett for Governor, guess he wanst to be appointed to a high paying state job to push up his pension benefits before he retires.

Anonymous said...

Good God...Mike's restitution was raised to nearly $2 million?...another fine performance by the "Dream Team" of Sansone and Raynak...Mike would have been better off with a public defender!

Anonymous said...

Looking into my Crystal Ball here is what I see:

Republicans will win 57 to 67 House Seats it could go to 77, but there could be a blow back out west.

The Senate will be 48 Democrats to 51 Republican.

The upshot is that the current gridlock in Congress will soon get much worse.

The Republicans will regret the day they took a Leninist approach of “the worse the better”, and offer no co-operation on any issue.

In Pennsylvania, it will be even worse, as Republican Prosecutions to win elected office while ignoring Republican Crimes will dog Corbett and all Republicans with a DOJ oversight never seen in the Commonwealth History.

Republicans right now see President Obama as a one-term president and that will open up the floodgates of prosecutions of Republicans in Pennsylvania, for the same things, they prosecuted Democrats.

It will soon mean the worst open warfare inside Harrisburg in Commonwealth History.

The coming stalemate will only be made worse by the lack of a reason to act on the deficit.

The vigilantes now asleep will be awakened – will push more for resignations and prosecutions within their own Republican Party structure.

Democrats will put up with some ethical lapses but not Republicans, they will cut each other as the same crimes Corbett prosecuted come after his own people that got him elected.

In short, kicking the can down the road will be the political path of least resistance.

The risk, however, is that something will snap, at the same time and the vigilantes wake up.

The trigger could be the Kimment Case revelations and Jury Verdict causing a belated Watergate rollover crisis for Corbett Campaign Staffers in state government.