Monday, October 18, 2010


In a surprise reversal of position, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett said Saturday that he would not consider making workers contribute more of their paychecks to help the state repay a $3 billion loan from Washington to cover the cost of unemployment benefits. (Allentown Morning Call, 10/16/10)

The Morning Call has a really low threshold for surprise. Next, they'll be reporting that the sun surprisingly rose this morning.

Ol' "Weather Vane" Corbett routinely changes direction with the slightest gust of wind.

For years, advocates begged Corbett to investigate questionable decisions by the Hershey Trust board of trustees, including a shady real estate deal that benefited a trustee. As recently as a few weeks ago, Corbett belittled their concerns and called their allegations "nothing new." Then, poof! a front-page story in the Inquirer spun him in the opposite direction, and suddenly he's announcing an investigation.

After a former aide to then-chair of the House Democratic Campaign Committee Steve Stetler testified in July 2008 to a grand jury that Stetler authorized campaign work by legislative employees on state time, Corbett was perfectly content to let it slide. He even allowed Stetler to ignore a subpoena with no consequences.

A year later, the Post-Gazette revealed the aide's testimony and the Tribune-Review the subpoena. In short order, Stetler was facing indictment.

After nearly two years of investigation, Corbett saw no need to indict Rep. H. William DeWeese, despite evidence of his complicity in awarding bonuses for campaign work, use of a state-paid contractor for campaign work, and supervising staff working on campaigns around the state.

Although Corbett never did charge DeWeese for his involvement in the caucus-wide activities at the center of Bonusgate, public revelations of the evidence put enough pressure on Corbett that he - whoosh! - finally dredged up a separate case

Charging Republicans in connection with Bonusgate was so far from Corbett's mind in the summer and fall of 2007 - in the thick of his investigation of House Democrats - that he allowed the House Republicans to replace all their computers. He thought nothing of meeting privately, with no attorneys present, with the Republican former House Speaker John Perzel. A fund-raiser hosted by the former chief of staff of the caucus he was supposed to be investigating? No problem!

But then editorial pages started throwing around phrases like "if not corruption then certainly politicking," (Lebanon Daily News)," and ""skepticism about his impartiality," (Allentown Morning Call) and "politics creeps into everything," (Harrisburg Patriot-News), and even fellow Republican Sen. John Eichelberger called the investigation "a joke," creating enough gust to airlift Corbett into Republican indictments.

It's not surprising for Corbett to "reverse position" ("I use two phones! No, one phone! Two! One! No, definitely two!" ... "We won't campaign on Bonusgate! No, we will campaign on Bonusgate!" ... "A fee is a tax! It's a fee, not a tax!)

What's surprising is that he gets away with it.


Anonymous said...

Onorato blew two Golden Opportunities when debating Corbett tonight.

1. Did not nail him strong enough on how Corbett upset Governor Ridge when he was working for Waste Management and was cited for pollution and waste violations that even ridge could not ignore.

2. When talking baout NO BID Contracts, Onorato never mention how in the Kimment Whistle Blowers Case on Tom Corbett, Corbett gave out plenty of NO BID Contracts for Collection Agencies and could not Recall doing it, but took Campiagn contributions from their surrogates???



Anonymous said...

A fund-raiser hosted by the former chief of staff of the caucus Corbett was supposed to be investigating?

No problem for Corbett!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Republicans help caused the Economic Crisis we are in and you have forgetful memory.

Both are working on the solutions to renew economic growth, and it is not a one party solution.

The Republicans always talk about smaller government but not one Republican President NOR Congress NOR Senate ever reduced Government size, spending, or staffs. I challenge you to name the year.

In addition, ANY and I mean ANY fair, neutral, and honest analysis of all Presidents will show Republicans added to the National Debt $2.84 to every Democratic President $1.00. Check it out.

President Carter while in office was near a Trillion Dollar National Debt, and President Reagan made it a Campaign Issue.

After President Reagan 8 years, our National Debt was 5 Trillion??? Check it out!!!

President George Bush the father raised taxes along with President Clinton worked along with Speaker of the House Gingrich and reduced that debt to $4 Trillion.

Then President G.W. Bush came in office and after 8 years raised that Debt to $9 Trillion along with a Republican Congress and Senate.

Sure, President Obama inherited an economic mess and Banking Crisis nearly as bad the Great Depression, and used stimulus money to stave off an economic collapsed caused by the Bush Years, to $13 Trillion.

Yet, notice Reagan & Bush II, raised the debt from 1 Trillion to 9 Trillion, with Republican majorities in congress and senate more years than Democrats, but President Clinton reduced the debt with the help of Gingrich that kept spending under control and raised taxes.

The Republicans will win big in November and by next May will be fighting with each other.

Check it out at any National Debt Website on Google showing the Debt and the years Republican and Democrats were in Office.

When they have the congress an d senate we shall see how they do, instead of what they say, like I said, NOT ONE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT OR CONGRESS OR SENATE EVER REDUCED THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT, ALL THEY DID WAS RUN UP DEBT HIGHER THAN ANY DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT.