Tuesday, September 6, 2011


But there’s nothing unusual or suspect about a prosecutor picking and choosing his battles. Resources are limited, after all, and the point of a justice system is not just to punish the guilty, but also to deter crime in the first place. Going after high-profile targets, like Perzel, is a good deterrent to bad behavior. (Patrick Kerkstra, Philadelphia Magazine, 9/6/11)

Whether there's anything unusual or suspect about a prosecutor picking and choosing his targets aside (there is), prosecutors in this case have repeatedly and emphatically denied that's what they've done:

"Anybody who violated the law is going to get it," Deputy Attorney General Frank Fina told the Patriot-News.

CasablancaPA has repeatedly demonstrated what a huge lie Fina's statement is.

Now Kerstra also admits Fina's statement is a lie, but that's just fine by him.


Anonymous said...

Governor Corbett emphasizes the benefits of corporate-run society and the importance of respecting executive decisions, but does not reveal why the directorates wanted key Republicans and Democrats to retire.

All Bonusgate Cases revolves around the struggle of certain targeted Representatives to understand why they faces so much pressure to retire or be prosecuted, which they should ponder carefully like Perzel did, in not confronting his accusers with a plea.

Anyone trying to access cases or evidence or key Grand Jury reports will find most of them classified, transcribed, and stored in one of the major OAG computer banks.

For most Representatives, Bonusgate has soon degrades into senseless prosecutions as the rules of Ethical violations are made more dangerous in order to force the Representative out one way or another.

It has been quietly announced that the a plea to only one count will be played with no penalties and limited key players that have cooperated.

Y a few such as Veon, Cott, Ramaley and DeWesse refuses to yield and intends to go to a jury of their peers or play the game, so to speak.

An new dynamic paradigm is about to enter how to counter the OAG unorthodox persecution skills while brimming with confidence, that all public complaints on prosecutors misconduct will be drown with chants of "Guilty By Office."

The brutality of this organized
corporate emergency meeting to discuss the obstinate refusal to retire or plea so far as come without penalties, in the hope that if one decides to participate at trial.

Soon, in due course, the meetings will be revealed why they are demanding retirement or pleas, to demonstrate the futility of individualism.

Anyone with singular talent and longevity defeats the intended purpose of Bonusgate.

After much personal introspection, and further delving into the true nature of Corbett's plans to run the commonwealth, a few brave men and women are going to going to play in the game despite the obvious dangers.

Naturally, this final game will quickly loses all semblance of order as people are crippled and/or in prison in swift order.

However, the public is now growing more grim, raucous and energetic at the investigations beginning, gradually become more and more subdued as the carnage builds and degrades to a "last man standing" events.

Defendants will slowly gets to their feet, and painfully makes their way to the goal, scoring for true justice, first in a whisper and then gradually getting louder and louder major Federal Investigation to circle the senate, OAG and then Governor.

Seeing his worst fears unfolding Mr. Corbett will hurry to exit in blind panic, with the realization that his misuse of justice has essentially defeated the purpose of his election itself.

Anonymous said...


Big Brother Is Watching You, Following You, And Will Catch You!

Thoughtcrime is death. Thoughtcrime does not entail death. Thoughtcrime IS death. I have committed even before setting pen to paper the essential crime that contains all others unto itself.

Beautiful thing, the destruction of words. Look, I hate purity. Hate goodness. I don't want virtue to exist anywhere. I want everyone corrupt.

No Food Stamps, No HealthCare, No Free Abortions, No Free Day Care, No Free Housing, No Free GED, No Free Education, and No Free Utilities for anyone attacking Big Brother!

You must love him. It is not enough to obey him. You must love him.

This is our land. A land of peace and of plenty. A land of harmony and hope. This is our land. Oceania. These are our people. The workers, the strivers, the builders. These are our people. The builders of our world, struggling, fighting, bleeding, dying. On the streets of our cities and on the far-flung battlefields. Fighting against the mutilation of our hopes and dreams. Who are they?

Power is tearing human minds apart and putting them back together in new shapes of your own choosing.

Imagine a huge network of conspirators prepared to commit any atrocity to weaken and demoralize the order of our society.

The reality is infinitely more subtle.

If Goldstein himself fell into the hands of the Thought Police, he could not give them a list of his agents. Such a list does not exist. They are not an organization in the sense we know.

Nothing holds it together but an idea. Individually, they cheat, forge, blackmail, corrupt children, spread disease and prostitution, in the name of spreading knowledge from generation to generation, until... in a thousand years...You once asked me, Winston, what was in room 101. I think you know. Everyone does. The thing that is in room 101... is the worst thing in the world.


Anonymous said...



February 23, 2009
DEAR READER: The costs of Bonusgate continue to mount

By Mitchel Olszak

Talk about adding insult to injury.

On top of the $3.7 million the Pennsylvania Legislature passed out in staff bonuses in 2007, The Associated Press now reports lawmakers have so far spent $5.8 million defending themselves and staffers in an ongoing investigation.

And the probe — dubbed Bonusgate — is far from over.

So that means taxpayers have shelled out $9.5 million on Bonusgate, with more costs to come.

While some of the bonuses may have been legitimate (if you’re willing to accept the view that state employees should receive extra payments on top of regular salaries), much of the money was spent for sleazy political purposes.

Those purposes were to win elections. Many of those who received bonuses actually took extensive periods of time off their government work to campaign for different candidates.

To date, 12 people have been charged by Attorney General Tom Corbett’s office in connection with Bonusgate. Grand juries continue to examine other payments, and Corbett has indicated more charges are likely.

But we’ve been waiting for months to learn about additional defendants. As time passes, the legal bills mount. You may not be able to rush justice, but it would be nice to see a little progress.

All of those charged so far have been linked to the House Democratic caucus, which spent the most on bonuses. Corbett, a Republican, has taken pains to assure the public his investigation is bipartisan. However, there are skeptics, and their numbers grow with no new action and no Republicans accused.

On the other hand, legislative Republicans are acting nervous. Of the $5.8 million the Legislature has spent dealing with Corbett’s probe, $3.2 million was spent by the GOP caucuses in the House and Senate.

By contrast, Senate Democrats have spent a mere $5,000 in response to Corbett’s investigation. This is probably because that caucus paid out few bonuses. House Democrats were the most generous with bonus payments — to the tune of $1.2 million. And they also are the most freely spending caucus under Corbett’s investigation — $2.6 million to date.

The figures for the different caucuses are, to some degree, a reflection of clout. House Democrats operated under the direction of former Beaver County state Rep. Mike Veon, who is among those charged by Corbett.

Veon is accused of leading what amounts to a criminal enterprise, using public funds for purely political purposes. It’s even alleged he diverted state money to pay for meals at pickup basketball games.

Bonusgate has taken a toll on area Democrats. In Beaver County, Republicans have scored victories by defeating Veon and other legislators linked to him. Another former state representative, Sean Ramaley, is among those charged.

Lawrence County has its interests in Bonusgate as well, with former New Castle City Councilman Chet Orelli serving as a key grand jury witness. Orelli used to be an aide to Veon, and he resigned from council under a Bonusgate cloud.

Still, the larger issue with Bonusgate is legislative integrity. In recent years, Pennsylvanians have gained a greater appreciation for the excesses of Harrisburg and the need for reform.

More Bonusgate arrests will keep that effort alive.


Anonymous said...

No one said the Democrats aren't guilty but if you think Republicans weren't doing the same thing I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Corbett order Frabk Fina to wait until after the election to prosecute the Republican Senators......Hilarious!

It will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Another Pennsylvanian cover-up.

I guess they can lay off half of the state police because no one will investigate the senate.

The Attorney General Corbett refused to do anything here in East Union Township too and all he wants to pond it off on the County District Attorney, as he did the Jane Orie corruption allegations.

No one said the Democrats were not guilty but if you think Republicans weren't doing the same thing, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Corbett played this out over 6 years just to be elected Governor, now he wants it dropped like a stone in dark lake water.

Buy a clue, there are Republicans with enough authority, or influence to sell that Bride by the way the Frank Fina has misled these investigations to protect them.

If you've read up on how the swindle worked, you'd understand it was all about the power of the Republican and Democratic Judges that wanted a big pay increase, and Republican Senate and Democratic House went with it, by adding themselves to the pay for higher pension practices.

Yet, this time it backfired and the leadership went down except for the Republicans being protected by no investigation so far.

Fast Eddie and Corrupt Corbutt should be proud.

Lying bags of crap.

No way, the new AG can ignore the hiring of Harper by GOP Aides now.

I agree with postings, this Fina Putz is a Coward!

Press this on and file charges as quickly against all in the senate and outside of it now who warrant it via an investigation now on the record and new grand jury investigation, regardless of whom it touches and puts in jail.

If not, turn the Investigators that cover it up over to a Fedearl Grand Jury for Election Fraud Abuses of Bonuses paid from secret senate funds run by Long and his cohorts under senate republican leaders retaining private eyes with senate funding.

Anonymous said...


There is yet another rumor afoot about GOP Harrisburg Puppet Masters wanting the Head of GOP State Senator Elder Vogel Jr. on a plate to make room for, you guessed it, a run by state Representative Jim Christiana.

Elder Vogel Jr is too Conservative for the “Convicted Computer Contractor “Bob Asher” Rat Pack of Republican Moderates” that have to put up with Cawley, Eichelberger and Vogel so far, and they will not sit around and just let it happen.

The Boy Wonder CHRISTiana has been ordained to replace the fiery John Baptists type Vogel that will lose his Head just like Senior Deputy Attorney General Anthony J. Krastek dressed in Dragged lost the Sean Ramaley Trial due to some very conscious Republican Jurors that saw through Krastek poor investigation and even poorer truth at the trial and found Ramley NOT GUILTY on all counts.

Too bad the Veon-Cott Jurors only found them Guilty thinking they were going to get a light sentence, but Judge Lewis wanted that pay raise cover.

These powered Republican’s’ in the Harrisburg want Vogel out and CHRISTiana in,” our Tattling Tipster wrote.

Looks like Elder needs to put on his dairy farming boots because the you-know-what is starting to fly, and when Frank Fina Bonus gate cover up fan starts to spread manure all over the senate, well, smelling good is not a Republican trait.

Christ Is The English Term For The Greek Χριστός (Khristós) Meaning "The Anointed One".

Jim was a Used Car Salesman before politics took him down a notch.

Anonymous said...

Lying In Philly Politics Is Natural!+++

Anonymous said...

A Dauphin County Common Pleas Court judge has sent a strong message to anyone who might be tempted to use public funds illegally to promote a political campaign for the state House or Senate -- don't do it, unless you want a stiff prison sentence.

Brett Cott, a former House Democratic staffer, was on the receiving end of that message Friday, the first defendant in the Bonusgate scandal to be sentenced. He was given 21 to 60 months in prison by Judge Richard Lewis.


While chairman of the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania Asher was convicted of perjury, racketeering, conspiracy and bribery in connection with a state contract award. He resigned after the conviction and served one year in federal prison.

If Corbett Campaign Chief Felon Republican Bob Asher convicted of perjury, racketeering, conspiracy and bribery in connection with a state contract award that led to the suicide of Robert Budd Dwyer on National TV., served only one year in federal prison, how did Brett Cott get 4 years?

Anonymous said...

The judge said Mr. Cott had been found guilty of spending most of his taxpayer-funded time as a House staffer from 2004 to 2006 "orchestrating and masterminding political activity" on campaigns in Western Pennsylvania, which is illegal.

No mention was made about the Republican Senate Caucus doing the same thing run by Nyquist, Long, and Crompton, that have never been investigated.

The judge said "public money was used like Monopoly money to run campaigns.

Some potential candidates were scared off by this taxpayer-funded juggernaut. Just like Mike Long tried to do John Eichelberger.

The public was also victimized.

The offenses involved a clear violation of the public trust. [Mr. Cott] fostered a vast, illegal campaign culture."

Yet, not one senate aide was ever investigated by Frank Fina at the Attorney General Office where many ran Corbett Campaign for Governor.

Mr. Walk sharply criticized Attorney General Tom Corbett's office, which brought the charges, claiming that the prosecution of Mr. Cott was political, since Mr. Corbett is a Republican (and the GOP candidate for governor this year) and Mr. Cott was a House Democratic employee.

He said that whatever infractions Mr. Cott may have committed were minor and "have been done in the Pennsylvania political system for 100 years."

Mr. Walk also noted that the jury had acquitted Mr. Cott on almost all the charges that Mr. Corbett had brought against him -- 39 of the 42 charges.

However, Judge Lewis said the three offenses were serious and deserved time in state prison, adding that probation was not an option because that "would demean the seriousness of the crimes."

Ignoring Republican Senate Aides did the same thing but were never investigated by Republican Tom Corbett.