Sunday, November 13, 2011


Norman Pattis of the Hartford Courant:

"I'm wondering why there is no investigation of the governor ... In 2009, the case involving former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sundusky landed in his lap. He convened a secret grand jury to gather evidence, including the role of university officials. He cared more for his political ambitions, however. With the case still open, he was elected governor in 2010. As governor, he joined the Penn State board of trustees. A lawyer, Corbett is presumably familiar with the loyalty he owes to Penn State as a board member. He would have us believe that he served as board member with nary a peep about the grand jury investigation of senior university administrators for their role in covering up the consequences of Sandusky's alleged lust. Perhaps he did say nothing. But there is no question that knowledge of the investigation colored his perception and influenced his judgment.

"A lawyer cannot represent both sides of a conflict. You can be loyal to only one side. When a lawyer cannot serve both masters, he is supposed to serve neither. You don't pretend all is well.

"That is what Corbett did. He should have stepped down as a trustee until the investigation was finished. He is now on a board that is paying the legal fees of administrators accused of lying to a grand jury, but firing a man who has not been accused of any crimes.

"The true north of [Corbett's] moral compass is set firmly in the direction of the press release.

"Instead of integrity, we get the release of a secret grand jury report and the governor's urging prompt and decisive action against Paterno. Corbett postures as the poster boy for integrity in a year in which all politicians are roundly condemned.

"The New York Times abandoned its role as critic to become a cheerleader. Its puff piece on Corbett reports: "The grand jury indictment had been filed under seal, but because of a computer glitch it had mistakenly been made public." Oh, really? I guess Pearl Harbor was just a training mission gone bad."

Read the column in the Hartford Courant.


Anonymous said...

Corbitt knows alot more about this when he was AG, and did nothing about the rumors aroung JS at that time....Corbett is Trying to Fight Off the Feds.....Who mentioned that they will get involved in this investigation.

This is the "silly season" (election year for Obama) and he needs PA in order to win. Corbett is a Republican and if Eric Holder's Office can find anything the PA AG overlooked, then they get the political points they need.

No way the feds would get involved in this if Rendell were still Governor, no way!

First appointed US attorney in Pittsburgh by GHW Bush, but needs an investigation now.

Hello, but what am I missing about this link? Clear PA AG's Office is.....responsible for protecting Pennsylvanians in regards to charities that "non-profit organizations fulfill their charitable and social missions".

AG clearly and undeniably responsible for alerting Pennsylvanians that The Second Mile may be exposing their children to sexual assault in 2009 unless of course you believe that was the "social mission" advertised to the AG's office in the first place!

Additionally, the have an entire DEPARTMENT with three separate field offices dedicated to the endeavor (i.e., the Charitable Trusts and Organizations Section of the AG's Office)!

In 2009, the AG's Office had reason to know TWO SEPARATE REPORTS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT BY PARENTS OF SECOND MILE CHILDREN -- they did NOTHING to alert Pennsylvanians that their children could be at risk via The Second Mile.

I repeat NOTHING, not a PEEP from AG's Office despite it clearly falling in the mandate of the Charitable Trusts and Organizations Section of the AG's Office!

See link below:

Anonymous said...

The article states that Corbett should lose his license to practice because of the impermissible conflict of interest in advancing the prosecution against Penn State while simultaneously serving as a trustee.

Corbett at the very least should step down as a trustee, right now.

Let me guess, he had no clue about the 1998 Investigation either, after his OAG started the investigation in 2007?

Nonsense that the AG opens up an investigation into a matter and finds out enough troubling information that he CONVENES a Grand Jury, but now all of a sudden he had very little information on the topic?

Let's keep in mind that AT A BARE MINIMUM he would have been aware of the 1998 allegations once he began nosing around well before he convened a GJ.

So he's the AG and he knows that a MOTHER OF A 2nd MILE CHILD reported JS for inappropriate contact - basically an IDENTICAL ACCUSATION to the one which touched off the 2009 investigation and GJ.

Again, the AG is responsible for regulating charitable and nonprofit organizations, but he didn't think to announce an investigation of the Second Mile or give some kind of warning to Pennsylvania parents in 2009 regarding what the Second Mile had been accused of TWICE BY PARENTS (again, he could have done any of this under his authority as AG especially in regards to the governance of charities.

Or are we going to br told he risked losing his law license, blah, blah, blah......).

Guess what he actually did knowing all this and having the State authority to regulate charities?




We need the National Media on this to force a Federal Investion of Governor Corbett as AG and all his investigations as AG!

Anonymous said...

Corbetthe found out about the 2009 incident BEFORE CONVENING THE GRAND JURY - it was the reason he called the GJ.

Additionally, you don't call a GJ before doing a cursory investigation - he would have immediately found out about the 1998 allegations.

Both cases included a PARENT of a SECOND MILE CHILD reporting what they believed to be sexual assault of some kind upon their child.

Again, the AG would have KNOWN about both of these incidents BEFORE calling the GJ.

Again, the AG's Office is put in charge of regulating and "consumer protection" in regards to charitable organizations - he put out NO WARNING to Pennsylvania parents in regards to The Second Mile despite being in possession of TWO SEPARATE REPORTS by parents of Second Mile Children that showed a clear and distinct pattern (even a novice investigator would have begun digging into The Second Mile and alerting the public at that point).

But Corbett failed in that duty?

Who knows?

This does look like enough information that firmly establishes Corbett was sleeping on the job while AG, or refused to do anything because he was running for Governor, and this along with other questions on previous unrelated Grand Juries need to be reviewed by Special Prosecutor NOW!


Amazing, simply friggin amazing the hypocritical "double standards" some of people have here and other comments on Newspapers.

Gee, do tell did Corbett have a "moral failing" here? Or are we too stupid to believe it?

Corbett looks corrupt here and needs an investigation to protect the children from his lack of caring, sharing, and cover-ups by blaming Paterno!

Anonymous said...

If the citizens of PA think Corbett moved too slowly as all means they should call for an Independent Investigation of his activity and lack of activity as AG.

It's really no different than the Trustees making a judgment on Paterno's employment status.

(Given that he made prosecuting child predators a priority during his AG tenure--including setting up a special unit to investigate such claims--it would be ironic if that ended up being the vehicle of Corbett's own political downfall by being a criminal AG.)

My point regarding Corbett relates to apparently he could have done more, and maybe he could have.

I'm sure if you could engender strong enough public opinion for that position, he could either be recalled, prosecuted, impeached, or forced to resign.

Anonymous said...

There is no question a Double Standard here performed by Corbett as AG and maybe on his Bonusgate and Computergate Grand Juries too that got him elected Governor....instead of getting a Child Molester off the streets and putting Paterno and all of Penn State in danger.

So what this article is saying is no matter who Paterno called, moral or not, this slogs along because of a high profile defendant. Poppycock!

Maybe thats Schultz' line of thinking as well as Curley's and now Corbett's.

By this dragging out 3 years, the 2010 Governor election is over.

How convienient for Tom Corbett or how well planned by his Republican Senators and Sam Smith.

Why is Joe fired and Corbett out pointing fingers, but knows nothing about Republican Senators giving out the biggest Bonuses or using Computergate Data for Corbett's own Campaign?

Corbett for goodness sake hired Mike Long he was suppose to be investigating?

This sounds much of what Corbett said Penn State should have been doing on Sandusky working there for 4 years after 2002 revealations?

He knew as much, if not more than Joe and he knew these things while running for GOVERNOR, not coaching football.

That may be a worse moral failing than Joe's.

Corbett's job was to prosecute scum bags like Sandusky to protect our children, but he was protecting his political senate friends to run for Governor.

Joe was paid to coach football.

Corbett lets this slog along and it appears because mud slinging at the AG's office really does not go along with a Governor's by the highest Bonus taker Mike Long while working for Corbett and known to hire Private Detectives using state money on state time to harrass Conservative Candidates.

But no one ever investigated Corbett on this, and not one Newspaper called for an investigation either?

Corbett needs to resign as well and the media really needs to hold his feet and call for a full PUBLIC SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to put Corbett under fire because he obvioulsy knew what was going on and kept his finger on the pulse at both Penn State and AG investigations on ?Bonusgate and Computergate, but never on his friendly Republican Senators.

As Ben Franklin once said, "the dead fish stinks from the head".

Absolutely fascinating story that is taking on a Watergate feel, and no National Reporters can demand a Federal Investigation on Corbett as AG???!

Anonymous said...

It seems there is more media coverage on Urban Meyer's 7 houses that he bought in Boalsburg than there is about Corbett's possible role in the cover up.

Few knew Corbett was a Member of the Trustees while serving as the Attorney general.... Holy heck, he knew about this as well.

What did he do?

What did he know?

Why wasn’t he fitted for a noose?

Wonder if the media storm begins there?

Why didn’t he call police?

Or is no one taking on their mentor in the AG's office?


I keep thinking of that Jack Nicholson/Tom Cruise movie here.

Something tells me Paterno may be the scapegoat but this is wayyyy up the food chain in failure to do something about it-perhaps to the Atty General's office and Governors office.

Where are the moral police now? Our Governor knew as much if not more and never uttered a word to a soul.

Maybe Joe will let you borrow his retirement speech Mr. Governor.

Perhaps you should be following suit.

Wow, Corbett WAS law enforcement!!!

So, Corbett Personal Self-Preservation Superseded His Moral Obligation?

in less words: "To save his own ass to become Governot"

Anonymous said...

I don't know of any evidence, but evidence is his perversion was strong enough to inflict himself on many kids.

I can't imagine that officials -- taking more than two years to get this thing through a grand jury -- could possibly believe that Sandusky would suddenly stop.

No way there is enough police presence to trail Sundusky 24/7.

I also can't think of why PSU and Second Mile didn't take strong action to restrict Sandusky's association with kids once it became clear he was the subject of the grand jury.

Why did so many fail?

And yes, Corbett's month's long slog through a grand jury is a failure if any additional kids were at risk.

Sanduskys back yard borders an elementary school playground, for God Sakes.

Anonymous said...

This looks like Corbett campaign Committee and Mike Long planned this Grand Jury Investigation to make sure it was not finish until after the Election.

Another example of an Attorney general not going after the truth and delaying Headlines that could affect his election to be becomes Governor.

If this is true, and with a Federal Investigation, can be proven easily, Corbett did worse things than Curley, Schultz, Spanier, and Paterno.

Corbett is like a Sandusky, Pretending to be a Friend of Children and not being there to protect them and even worse planned his own political ascender to make sure nothing stops him from becoming governor.

Now his political appointee puppet Linda Kelly as approved by Corbett’s Senate Friends is into a bigger cover up than Watergate.

They have one big problem, Joe Paterno got back at Nixon, and he was the President, not a mere Governor! This double standard will not stand, justice will be done, and it begins looking into Corbett’s planning this entire Investigation for his benefit

Now he went on Sunday TV Shows to plan a run to become Vice President. On the back of Paterno,

Anonymous said...

Thank God someone else noticed the NY Times puff piece on Corbett, I thought it was just me. How carefully was that PR planned? Answering questions before they are asked is the strategy, but of course, like all who are deceitful, they reveal themselves in their own words.

Anonymous said...

The conspiracy theorists have found a friend in the guilty and corrupt.

Anonymous said...

If morality was the issue Corbett could have warned State College Police Department, PSU and the Second Mile instead of waiting.

That doesn't excuse PSU inaction, but wasn't Governor Corbett now acting very sanctimoniously guilty of the same thing?

And as a member of the BOT was he obligated to inform PSU? I mean, the job of Trustees is oversight.

Maybe Corbett should fire himself for not being "moral" enough to do that since apparently that is the reason Spanier, Joe, & MM are gone.

Why Joe and not Corbett? Is he exempt?

Joe has been sent to Hell and back and Corbett certainly had something to do with that!

People are pissed off that Corbett prodded the board to fire Joe.

Why he did that, I don't know.

Once this case got out illegally I might add, and PSU's pathetic reaction to it, everyone in the chain was toast, Joe included.

Maybe that designed by the Governor.

And I really doubt that there are a lot of votes coming Corbett's way for firing Joe, in fact, he lost a load of votes doing it and some want him investigated.

It remains to be seen if Corbett was premature.

Once this gets to trial, Joe's actions here might be seen in a completely new light. I hope they are and if treated unfairly, Corbett will be held accountable at that Ballot Box or Feds.

Just like grand jury reports are to remain secret, they are flawed in that they tell one side of the story and the releases poisons a potential trial jury pool.

With all this secrecy, how does information "leak" from the grand jury?

The only legitimate means through which grand jury proceedings can be made public is through the persons who are subpoenaed to testify.

They, alone, of all the people associated with the grand jury, have the right to disclose their testimony to whomever they choose, if they choose to do so.

Yet, once again, Kelly's OAG cannot figure it out who leaked it, and maybe because they did not have a complete case at that time.

Corbett initiated NO INVESTIGATION WHATSOEVER when Gricar disappeared under mysterious circumstances and he absolutely was the AG. Extremely strange that the AG would not initiate an investigation of any kind when a DA disappears under those circumstances - highly unusual.

Anonymous said...

This should be a lesson. The AG has been so called "investigating" the Hershey Trust, with a multibillion $ endowment to help poor kids - but who has spent hundreds and hundreds of millions on salaries for part time Bd members, purchase of golf courses at well over appraised values (and don't forget free golf for multi-millionaire Bd members), high salaries for administrators, and big money and contracts to connected lawyers. But the Hershey Trust officers (the Bd Chair, a fomer GOP Atty Gen. in PA, pulled in over a millioin a year some years from Trust and trust related Bd fees in his parttime job) are all rich, well connected and mostly GOP contributors.

The point is this richest of child service nonprofit trusts, in the rich Hershey area, with richest of the rich connected Bd members, if they are misusing funds (millions and millions and millions) meant for poor kids...that, too, is a sort of child abuse. Act now.

Anonymous said...


I have listed some questions about the legality of what Corbett did he even talks about walking a fine line.

Without having all the facts while transitioning to the Goveners office did Corbett conclude his Penn State Conspiracy theory was correct and pull out all stops to prove it.

When Corbett became governor in 2011 he appointed his chief investigator , Noonan to be Chief of Chief of State Police and Linda Kelly to be AG.

There would be loyalty to their new boss. Can they be objective?

Sealed Grand Jury report is illegally released to the internet the most horrendous despicable information imaginable.

Bringing up horrible images of children being raped.

The name Penn State, the famous football coach ,the Penn State President are all mentioned while the emotions are high guilt by association, was this really an accident or part of a calculated plan to get rid of Spanier.

Corbett wanted a 50 million budget cut for PSU Spanner fought him.

In the midst of the media frenzy governor Corbett, now a member of the BOT, calls other BOT members and forces the firing of Spanier and Paterno.

Justification ‘Lack of Leadership”

There is no fair deliberation by the BOT it is all part of the now out of control actions started by sealed Grand Jury report Corbett.

Was this an accident or part of a plan?

Corbett wanted to reduce Penn States budget by a Hugh amount and there were clear political differences between him and Spanier.

Did Corbett create an atmosphere - either on the governors side or the prosecutors side where someone intentionally released a sealed Grand Jury information.

Were there illegal conflicts of interest, acted on, in the transition of Corbett from Attorney General to Governor.

A good investigative reporter may be able to get a big story they should start with the words “computer glitch”


Anonymous said...

Now Corbett is completely in control and appears to have all the moral high least in the media.

Corbett has the moral high ground when he bothched the case as AG and gave Jerry Sandusky and his fraud charity three years to create and destroy evidence?

Corbett has the moral high ground when he unethically releases the contents of a Grand Jury report that is supposed to be sealed in the name of further advancing his media witch hunt?

Corbett has the moral high ground when he uses the New York Times as a tool in his media witch hunt?

Paint me lost on this whole Corbett having the "moral high ground" - his actions speak more of a sleazy, self-interested, CYA politician then somebody with the "moral high ground".

Anonymous said...

Note I said in the media. Corbett berates Joe, MM & PSU every chance he gets and the media just laps it up.

Once we get an independent ELECTED state AG, Corbett will be investigated and hopefully prosecuted for his somewhat dubious role in this fiasco.

The people of Pennsylvania need to rise up against this man. He is clearly abusing power for his own agenda. It is scary to think this man is the governor of PA.


Anonymous said...

Bot better be careful--Corbett seems to want to make it all about him.

He seems like a bully--I'm not sure he cares much about Penn State or state schools for that matter.

I think he is too involved to be objective, and is trying to mix politics with this tragic scandal.

Now he wants to punish the players who had nothing to do with this by skipping bowl game.

Pretty sure he'll be voted out next election.

I read someplace they only had a small limited investigation at first, like one person, why wasn't it all expanded more rapidly, 3 years?

Why wasn't Sandusky charged on at least 1 count, based on what happened after 2008.

Was it because they didn't have enough to charge him , couldn't win or incompetence on Corbetts office.

A lot of questions.

Any victim from 2008 on should sue Corbett for not arresting JS???

I can see maybe a year to investigate, but 3 years is incompetence.

Didn't he have a moral obligation to advise ST. College PD, 2nd Mile and PSU that he was investigating a child abuser in their midst?

Did his silence cause any more children to be abused?

Tommy was too busy running for Governor. Had this broke on as AG, no way he gets elected to the mansion in HBG.

Anonymous said...

In 2009, Corbett claims he started an investigation due to the accusations against Sandusky by a high school student, so we know that Corbett knew of the allegations in 2009. Now go back a few years.
Corbett served as AG from 1995-1997, and was elected Attorney General in 2004. A year later, the DA responsible for the investigation into Sandusky goes missing. One would think that when one of the DA's from his state disappears, he would have knowledge of the cases that DA was working on. Does this mean that Corbett knew about the allegations of Sandusky's sketchy past in 2005? If so, why when new allegations were brought to his desk in 2009 did he not immediatly call for Sandusky to be locked up? If he was running for Governor, it sure would be hard to win on the heels of taking down Joe Pa and Penn State. This whole thing is fishy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of buttholes in prison, how are Brett and Mike doing?

Anonymous said...

Corbett approved grant for Sandusky charity.

Gov. Tom Corbett approved giving The Second Mile charity $3 million to build a youth center, despite knowing about the sex abuse investigation.

The grant is now on hold, said Mr. Corbett's spokesman, Eric Shirk.

The grant would have helped pay for the first phase of the "Center for Excellence" at The Second Mile, which Mr. Sandusky, a former Penn State University assistant football coach, founded in 1977 to work with troubled children.

The center was a grand dream of Mr. Sandusky's that he said would offer "a sense of [permanence] and a place for our kids to call 'home.' " It would have classrooms, a gym, athletic fields and dormitory space.


According to correspondence from Mr. Corbett's budget secretary, Charles B. Zogby, the $3 million was first budgeted by the Legislature in 2010 and approved for release by former Gov. Ed Rendell a year ago.

A grant agreement was not completed before Mr. Corbett took office in January, and the administration decided to review that and other grants that were pending in the state's Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, Mr. Zogby wrote.

"The Office of the Budget has completed its review of The Second Mile Learning Center project and I am pleased to inform you that Governor Corbett has approved the Commonwealth's commitment of $3,000,000 in RACP funding for this project," he wrote in a July 20 letter to Jack Raykovitz, Second Mile CEO until he resigned Monday.

Mr. Corbett as attorney general supervised an investigation that began in 2008 when a 15-year-old Clinton County boy came forward with complaints that Mr. Sandusky had sexually abused him. The governor spoke about the case in a live radio interview on Tuesday but was not questioned about the grant. He could not be reached to comment about it later.

Anonymous said...

Look at the money donated to Corbett's campaign by the board members of the Second Mile.

Then look at the money they donated to Onorato.

That will help explain things.

Exactly - Tom Corbett is a slime ball. He's a first class prostitute, willing to bend over for anyone that offered his campaign money.

Gas Companies, Second Mile, etc. . .

On top of that who cuts education to fund more in welfare entitlements?

That's right,

Tom Corbett!

The truth can be very embarrassing to some people.

The Governor (ex AG) wouldn't like it if it came out that his administration approved a $3 million grant to a charity whose founder and top fund raiser was under investigation for child abuse and he had personal knowldge about it.

Don't make it worse by pointing out that several other connected with the group were donors to his campaign.

It gives the appearance of a payoff or impropriety.

Can't have that in Pennsylvania.

This business as usual and that's the way things are done has got to go.

Anonymous said...

Two of the happiest people in Pennsylvania right now are Speaker Sam Smith and Majority Leader Mike Turzai - this PSU scandal has shifted the lime light from Speaker Smith’s illegal activities as Republican Caucus Leader spending in excess of $20 million in tax dollars on the Republican Caucus Political Machine and Turzai's unreasonable legislative agenda.

And now Governor Corbett is taking the moral high road on this – he was the Attorney General in charge of the Grand Jury Investigation – as soon as the child sexual abuse was revealed, in whatever year, then AG (now Gov) Corbett should have taken some positive aggressive action.

When is the Republican Political Machine going to be “INVESTIGATED”? The low hanging fruit, Feese, was nothing. Smith doesn’t even get charged and he personally signed for over $20,000,000 in illegal tax dollar spending? How did Perzel and Presky get AG deals and DeWeese and Veon get no offers? A B---S--- trial against Ramaley costing the taxpayers millions only to get a full acquittal for Ramaley?

I’ll tell you – it’s all about politics and getting full republican control of state government at any cost. Innocent people, mostly democrats, have had their lives ruined over this “republican thing” and the taxpayers keep paying for the Republican driven political machine. This all must come to an end – can’t the voters see that the Republicans are destroying this state!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, first Governor Corbett as AG does very little regarding the 2008 Case that was forwarded to him by his former protégé Madeira, who is now Centre County DA (and tied into the same wealthy 2nd Mile donors - Madeira's wife apparently is the sister of one of JS's adopted daughters).

He doesn't even bother to look at the similarities of the 2008 Case forwarded by the Centre County DA's Office to a 1998 Case adjudicated by the same Centre County DA's Office - both cases included the parents of children participating in 2nd Mile charity programs reporting alleged sexual abuse of their children.

Somehow though, Madeira and Corbett are able to notify JS that he is under criminal investigation in 2008 (we know this because the 2nd Mile says Sandusky disassociated himself from the charity in 2008 citing this reason).

Again, Corbett gets this case in March 2009 and would quickly be able to establish all of these facts (including the allegations that a Clinton County School not only allowed JS on site by making him a volunteer FB Coach, but also allowed JS to pull the child out of class and school without parental permission during many of his sexual assaults - one partially witnessed by a wrestling coach apparently).

But Corbett does nothing to establish evidence on electronic devices and files at the Sandusky home and offices or 2nd Mile Offices - doesn't investigate the 2nd Mile at all despite the AG having regulation and reporting authority and the "consumer protection mandate" for charities????

Instead, he kicks the can down the road doing very little, while JS and the 2nd Mile are given three and one-half years to tamper with and destroy evidence???

Then, after the new AG blows the case wide open in a brief amount of time in the last months of 2010 and early-2011, he begins to direct the focus of the investigation toward PSU who he has repeatedly tried to politically bludgeon.

Then he approves a $3 million grant to the 2nd Mile in the summer 2011. Then participates in the "accidental release" of GJ testimony and directs a media circus focused on PSU and its football program via the New York Times.... Who is it again that is "covering up" the fact that they were highly tied into the 2nd Mile via political donors and his protégé Michael Madeira?

The way this thing has been handled by Madeira and Corbett every step of the way stinks to high-heaven!

How can the national press not be focusing on the fact that the VICTIM IN THE 2008 CASE and the actions of Pennsylvania State Employees at that school have been totally forgotten - this boy's claims were kicked down the road effectively by Corbett at the same time JS and 2nd Mile were alerted resulting in three and one-half years to tamper with and potentially destroy evidence, but the press has no problem with this Dereliction of Duty (forget about dereliction of moral obligation!).

Hmmmm... it just gets more interesting every day.

This would certainly explain why the uppermost level of state government came out swinging at Joe, instead of providing the least bit of support. It appears that Corby could only divert attention for so long... $3,000,000 to JS's charity... Hmmmm!?!

Anonymous said...

Nope, it's coinky-dink, as is the "accidental release" of portions of the Grand Jury Presentment! Have you noticed how the State's handling of this matter has taken all attention off of the ACTUAL VICTIM AND HIS ALLEGATIONS that supposedly generated the necessity for a Grand Jury in the first place???

All anybody is talking about is PSU and the 2002 incident, but nobody is saying a word about the fact that the ACTUAL VICTIM'S ALLEGATIONS HAVE BEEN LARGELY IGNORED and the case has been badly botched and damaged over the past 3 years.

Rather than ask questions about a 2002 incident where we don't even have a known victim, why isn't anyone in the press asking how a Pennsylvania High School could allow Jerry Sandusky to pull the ACTUAL VICTIM out of class and even school without parental permission and then sexually abuse the kid?

How could Corbett not have done more for this ACTUAL VICTIM back in March 2009 when he got the case and should have instantly known about a similar case from the same DA's Office in 1998 (including the reporting of sexual abuse by the parent of a child participating in 2nd Mile charities!)?

Why does it take three and one-half years for JS to be arrested regarding the ACTUAL VICTIMS allegations? Why has the High School not been held to account for their role in enabling JS and allowing him unauthorized to take the kid out of class/school for alone time with Sandusky?


Given all the above and the fact that the GJ Presentment was the lightening rod for the attack on PSU (i.e., "the deflection"), is it really credible to believe that the release of a court ordered sealed GJ report was "accidental"?

Anonymous said...

I hope CORBETT is questioned on the morals of granting $3 million to a group he knew was enabling a child molester.

Isn't that the height of fiduciary irresponsibility to give the state's money to an organization that he has to know is going to be sued for every penny they have in the near future?

Second Mile executives and board members donated heavily to the Corbett campaign. State website that tracks donations shows some interesting habits of that board.

Corbett got a ton of cash from these folks. Onorato? Not one dime. IS THIS Payback for campaign donations???

Coincidence... don't think so!


Anonymous said...

WOW! I have to ask the question of what's the difference between this PSU cover-up, and what former state Senator Fumo did? Or for that matter; what President Nixon did?

There's this secret society that's prevalent at PSU. It reeks of a mafia style operation. Pure and simple. The PSU ‘family’ protects all of it’s own ‘relatives’. I bet if a real crack news media investigator would dig-up how many high profile state employees are graduates of PSU that the results would be alarming.

I’m going to bet that those PSU alumni are employed in powerful state government positions that can correct/avoid the ’relatives’ from real jail time.

The prime example is District Judge Leslie Dutchcot who ordered Sandusky freed on $100,000 unsecured bail. This means he won't have to post any money unless he doesn't show up for court. She also ordered him to have no contact with children.

No one has alleged that the Judge did anything wrong, but the Appearance of Impropriety is clearly evident in the relationship between the Judge and Mr. Sandusky. The Judge allegedly gave The Second Mile charity between $500 and $1,000 and worked as a volunteer for The Second Mile, which Mr. Sandusky is the founder of the charity.

As the former State College Lawyer of the Year in 2005, the Judge should know that her prior relationship with Sandusky's charity creates an appearance of impropriety in the minds of every reasonable person.

Anonymous said...

It is clear now we need a Federal investigation into Penn State Board of trustees, Pennsylvania Attorney General Office conducting this investigation, Campaign Contributions to Governor Corbett from Second Mile and Trustees when he was AG running for Governor, and now into how Governor Corbett granted $3 Million to Jerry Sandusky's Foundation?

Nothing more can be done until we can get to the entire truth and it starts with Tom Corbett more than Joe Paterno or even Jerry Sandisky right now, they have lawyered up, but Governor Corbett is a Public Servant answerable to the people on his behavior as AG and Governor now.

If the Board is claiming a Cover-Up on Paterno and others, well, Corbett can no longer say he did not know either?

Corbett is enjoying the ride right now.

He started the investigation, saw it completed, rode to the Board of Trustees meeting to terminate the coverup perps.

In the end, he will have to answer as to why he held up jthe findings in order to give Joe #409, only then, to cut his legs out a week later.

Crbett will also have to pay the University to cover all the damage this has caused or cut the University down to size and neither of those things will be as popular as the support he's enjoying right now.

Where is the Federal investigation, NOW!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Corbett ("One-Term Tom") fiddled while Penn State burned.

But Corbett ... achieved what he had wanted to accomplish through his funding cuts to PA higher education: the devastation of Penn State and his political enemy Spanier.

I'd like to see him face ScottPa in the next Republican primary for Governor!

Who'd win?

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me.
Corbett, as attorney general, knew about the investigation of Sandusky.

He was a trustee at Penn State.

He knew about the Second Mile's connection to Sandusky.

And he approved a $3 million dollar state grant?

He pulls the grant only after the grand jury makes the presentment and he watches the fallout?

This stinks to high heavens.

What else will emerge?

Who is investigating Corbett's actions and inaction in this mess?


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, why would corbett approve this when he was the AG at the time these allegations came out?

There needs to be some investigating into him as well. he didnt take himself off of the board of trustees either.

Way too many conflict of interests here and smells like a form of a coverup.

Anonymous said...

What did Tom Corbett know, when did he know it, and why hold on to it until after the election and dump it on to the new AG?

And with Corbett as governor an exoficio member of the Penn State board of trustees, what exactly did he say to convince the board that Paternoa and Spanier should be fired? What exactly is HE trying to cover up?

Anonymous said...

It's great watching this criminal just begin to squirm a little...

There is way more to come for Corbett..been waiting years for this to see the light of day.

Too bad Corbett had to take down an old aging Joe in a failed attempt to take the focus off of himself.

The valid question is, with Tom Corbett as State DA... why go to the police anyway.... They wouldn't do anything.

A DA disappears and the State DA does next to nothing.

Great judgement Tom.... Keep running from your record.... point the finger everywhere but where justice will put it if given half a chance.


Anonymous said...


Why Does Gov. Tom Corbett Get a Free Pass in the Penn State Scandal?
Posted: 11/16/11 02:47 PM ET
Shelley Ross.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has launched one of the most fascinating CYA campaigns in memory, in public everywhere serving as a moral compass on everything from the firing of Joe Paterno ("It was the right thing to do") to the question of whether or not to fire the graduate assistant coach who reported seeing Jerry Sandusky rape a 10-year-old, but did nothing to intervene

On Sunday's Meet The Press, Gov. Corbett explained to David Gregory how Pennsylvania's current attorney general made the decision that Coach Mike McQueary, currently on administrative leave, was more important to the case as an eyewitness, despite he failing to meet the higher moral obligation to intervene on the child's behalf.

Sadly, Gov. Tom Corbett, who was Pennsylvania's Attorney General until last January failed to meet that higher moral obligation as well. For at least six of the 15 years Jerry Sandusky is alleged to have molested children, Corbett was the top law enforcer in his state. The case began, then stalled on his watch.

Corbett's priorities towards the end of his AG tenure now seem curious: he used the grand jury not to finally close in on Sandusky, but to launch a criminal investigation against two of his political critics and to subpoena Twitter(click here to view document) to reveal their identities.

Gov. Corbett has spent much of his time since the Penn State scandal exploded getting out in front of it, all the while deflecting all personal questions in advance, saying that he isn't allowed to talk about the case because of grand jury restrictions.

Corbett's first national interview on the subject was with Jo Becker of the New York Times published November 10th. There he talks about the frustration of not being able to talk about it "or prepare for it."

"Prepare for it" relates to his dual role as Governor and member of Penn State University's board of trustees, a seat which comes with the job. Perhaps he really needed to prepare to deflect questions about his own failure to bring an indictment.

Although various Sandusky molestation reports had been kicking around for years, the case officially landed on Corbett's desk in 2009. According to the Times, officials at Clinton County high school had reported charges to the local district attorney that Mr. Sandusky had molested a boy there, but, citing a conflict of interest, the prosecutor passed it on to the attorney general's office to investigate.

Corbett did convene and grand jury in 2009. So why didn't he bring an indictment?

It's hard to say. No one has asked Tom Corbett.

Instead, surrogates have been used. The New York Times, for example, quoted Kevin Harley, who worked with Corbett during his years as Attorney General is now the Governor's press secretary .

"He knew what witnesses were going to the grand jury even though he was running for governor. So then he became governor, and he knew at some point that this day would be coming. He just didn't know when it would be."

Was running for governor too much of a distraction to bring even the most difficult of grand jury cases forward after more than a year?


Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, Gregory failed to press him about the culture of Corbett's attorney general's office and why the case stalled under his watch. This, of course, allowed the Governor a chance to filibuster and end on this:

GOV. CORBETT: I always wait for the results of investigation before I issue any opinions.
So why give the governor such softballs when there are so many pointed questions that skirt any legal restrictions in the case.
Here are just a few:

Did you assign a special task force for the Sandusky case?

Did you have to recuse any one in your office for conflict of interest?

The current attorney general has done additional investigating, so you should be able to say what was missing in your case for an indictment?

How much of the resources of your office did you dedicate to the Sandusky investigation?

When did the grand jury looking into Sandusky begin and end?

How many grand juries did you convene in your last two years as attorney general?

How many resulted in criminal indictments?

Did your criminal investigation that involved the Twitter subpoena result in an indictment?

Once you began your campaign for governor, how often did you meet with your prosecutors to discuss the road to an indictment of Jerry Sandusky?

When was your last official conversation about the Sandusky case and what was discussed?

Had you decided not to bring an indictment against Jerry Sandusky?

What, if any, was your "pass down" advice (on the Sandusky case) to the attorney general who succeeded you.

As attorney general, Tom Corbett did create a team to go after pedophiles and other assorted child abusers, although not much is publicly known about the prosecution record during his tenure. He has spoken frequently about a disturbing case he prosecuted as a young district attorney where a pedophile used a Christian charity to recruit his victims.

In the scheme of things, Corbett is not any more of the devil than the Penn State gang who did what they knew was just barely enough under legal obligations. He's also not any less of an ostrich in his failure to now say publicly what he could have done, what he should have done and what laws must be changed tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The comments are interesting....seems like people are catching on to his act, he certainly did not have anyone defending him.

How long until Corbett gets investigated and has to answer questions. He is in the middle of the mix too and with the role he has played so far, it is his turn to sit on the hot seat.

Anonymous said...


ATLANTA -- Jerry Sandusky was not telling the truth. That's according to a computerized voice analysis of Sandusky's interview that was done at 11Alive's studios.

Voice analysis measures the frequency of the human voice as someone is speaking and unlike a polygraph test, no one has to be hooked up to wires. It can analyze a phone conversation, or as in the case today, Jerry Sandusky's interview with Bob Costas.

Lynn Robbins, the president of Voice analysis Technologies, says it is 95 percent accurate and is being used by law enforcement around the country. Robbins says it's an investigative tool and is not used to pronounce someone guilty.

Robbins says, "It works off the frequency of the human voice and analyzes a person as they're speaking. It's the way the frontal lobe of the brain communicates through the vocal cords and comes out through the mouth and it measures differences, mathematic algorithms are applied to that and it measures the differences."

Voice analysis was used to see if Sandusky was telling the truth. Robbins analyzed Sandusky's explanation of what he was doing in a shower with a boy back in 2002.
An assistant coach said he saw Sandusky raping the boy.

Robbins says voice analysis showed, "Snapping the towel is high risk, there's more there."

High risk means false statement. Low risk would be truthful.

She goes on to say "Medium to high risk was 'horsing around.' They may have been horsing around but there was a lot more than just horsing around."

Robbins said Sandusky did a lot of something called SOS- Say or stop, which means the pauses in his answers showed he was holding something back, even in the few places he was found to be truthful.

Sandusky's statements about making children's lives better and enjoying connecting with them were truthful.

Robbins analyzed Sandusky's answer to Costas' question, "A janitor said he saw you performing oral sex on a young boy in the showers in the Penn State locker facility. Did that happen?" Sandusky answered "No."

Robbins say voice analysis showed "The answer to that question was 'no' and it was a high risk once again, deception indicated.

Then she analyzed Sandusky's answer to Costas' question,"Are you a pedophile?" Sandusky answered, "No."

Robbins says voice analysis showed "His answer about not being a pedophile 'no,' is high risk with an exclamation mark which means say or stop, so he's holding something back. That's one of the most deceptive statements he has in the interview."

Sandusky also came up deceptive when asked if was sexually attracted to young boys and when Costas asked him if Joe Paterno ever talked to him about his behavior, Sandusky said no. Robbins says that was a false answer.

Robbins says law enforcement uses voice analysis with sex offenders because it is very effective. She said Sandusky's interview results were very similar to those of interviews with other sex offenders.

Robbins stresses this isn't her opinion, it's the finding of a computerized analysis that attaches mathematical algorithms to the human voice.