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"I met with with the Attorney General's office before I was charged ... Because I didn't confirm their theory, the guns focused on me. They had a complete misunderstanding of the process. They refused to listen." -- Sean Ramaley on KDKA

Listen to the full interview on KDKA radio.


Anonymous said...

Even the Jurors knew Sean was a victim of the prosecution, by the way they stopped the verdicts on the counts.

They just said, Not guilty on all all counts.

Shame on all the Prosecutors at OAG, you played a big part in being political pawns for self-interest of one man's political power demands.

None of you walk tall for justice, not one of you.

Karma will comeback upon you someday and you will understand what you did, and be ashamed, if not you, your children.

Anonymous said...

The ABC This Week with Christiane Amanpour, had Pennsylvania Governor Corbett as her guest.

Corbett admitted that his office (when attorney general) had an investigation ongoing involving Jerry Sandusky in Clinton County a couple years ago. Why wasn’t Jerry Sandusky arrested then?

I think it's time for the Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly to request a federal investigation by the United States Department of Justice’s Attorney General Eric Holder.

There was too much state and federal money being poured into Penn State and there has to be federal laws broken involving the welfare of children.

This sexual predator has been stalking young boys for over twelve years.

You mean to tell me that these young boys did not report to any adults that Jerry Sandusky was having sex with them over the last twelve years? I find that difficult to comprehend.

These young boys did not tell their parents, grandparents, uncle/aunts, clergy, doctors, psychologists, teachers, siblings, probation officers, caseworkers at children and youth, or their closet friend?

I do not buy that argument.

Young children tell someone they trust when having a problem they can not process.

This twelve year cover-up begins with Jerry Sandusky, his non-profit residential program and the workers there.

All these young boys and all those adults that crossed paths in twelve years, and not one boy told an adult?

That argument will never stand-up in a court of law.

WARNING: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States of America governments need to intervene before Moody’s, Standard and Poor, and Fitch Ratings down grade the credit worthiness of PSU.

Anonymous said...

Not up on PA politics...someone please explain who this scumbag Corbett is?

Throwing everyone under the bus when HE was the AG and could have led a proper investigation, but chose not to do so?

How EVIL is this man?

Anonymous said...

Law ignored in Paterno case, Governor caught in middle, Coennecticut Newspaper.

Interesting take on Corbett being on the PSU Board Of Trustees and taking no action internally at PSU, while having detailed knowledge of this investigation.

Why did he let Sandusky continue to be allowed on campus as a Board Of Trustee member?


Pa. Governor In Middle On Penn State Case:
The Hartford Courant
November 13, 2011

Normally, the scandal at Pennsylvania State University would raise crippling questions about the integrity of Gov. Tom Corbett.

But because this case involves allegations of child abuse, we have suspended judgment.

We have also forsaken allegiance to principles we pretend to hold dear, such as the presumption of innocence, fair play and the rule of law.

Corbett is doing the hero's walk:

He urged the firing of football coach Joe Paterno and school president Graham Spanier. Even The New York Times is lionizing Corbett as a wise lawmaker capable of safely walking through an ethical minefield.

Corbett's name could well be thrown into the mix as a Republican presidential candidate.

But from afar, I'm wondering why there is no investigation of the governor.

A lawyer, Corbett is presumably familiar with the loyalty he owes to Penn State as a board member.

He would have us believe that he served as board member with nary a peep about the grand jury investigation of senior university administrators for their role in covering up the consequences of Sandusky's alleged lust.

Perhaps he did say nothing.

But there is no question that knowledge of the investigation colored his perception and influenced his judgment.

Corbett became attorney general of Pennsylvania in 2004. He immediately created a special unit to investigate claims of child abuse. In 2009, the case involving former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky landed in his lap. He convened a secret grand jury to gather evidence, including the role of university officials. He cared more for his political ambitions, however.

With the case still open, he was elected governor in 2010. As governor, he joined the Penn State board of trustees.

Anonymous said...


Pa. Governor In Middle On Penn State Case:
The Hartford Courant
November 13, 2011


A lawyer cannot represent both sides of a conflict. You can be loyal to only one side.

When a lawyer cannot serve both masters, he is supposed to serve neither. You don't pretend all is well.

That is what Corbett did.

He should have stepped down as a trustee until the investigation was finished. He is now on a board that is paying the legal fees of administrators accused of lying to a grand jury, but firing a man who has not been accused of any crimes.

The true north of his moral compass is set firmly in the direction of the press release.

Instead of integrity, we get the release of a secret grand jury report and the governor's urging prompt and decisive action against Paterno.

Corbett postures as the poster boy for integrity in a year in which all politicians are roundly condemned.

The New York Times abandoned its role as critic to become a cheerleader.

Its puff piece on Corbett reports: "The grand jury indictment had been filed under seal, but because of a computer glitch it had mistakenly been made public."

Oh, really? I guess Pearl Harbor was just a training mission gone bad.

So Joe Paterno was kicked to the curb, summarily fired — presumably without a chance to address the charges against him.

He is pilloried in the press.

There are calls that Penn State should cancel the rest of its season, and, perhaps disband the football program. Mobs, especially self-righteous mobs, are like that.

Like lust, self-righteousness is a passion that must spend itself completely.

The allegations involving Sandusky are so shocking they numb.

It is not enough that children were molested on campus and that senior administrators turned a blind eye.

New claims arise that young boys were made available to boosters of the university's athletic program. This is sick and twisted stuff.

The shock of it all tempts us to forget the law and such basic building blocks of our society as a sense of fair play, including the presumption of innocence, and a sense of fair play in our civil dealings with one another.

This week we sacrificed a commitment to the rule of law to the far more gratifying satisfaction of universal tongue clucking and moral outrage:

Those are the lynch mob's tool.

The law demands deliberation and respect for process.

If you believe the secret grand jury report was "mistakenly" publicized, then you're probably prepared to accept a defense of the shower room antics of Jerry Sandusky suggesting he did nothing wrong, he merely slipped on a stray and slippery bar of soap.

Will Corbett call for an investigation of the grand jury leak?

Norman A. Pattis is a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer in Bethany.

Anonymous said...

believe that Joe Paterno is a good man. I believe Joe Posnanski of Sports Illustrated, the brilliant sportswriter who is working on a Paterno biography, when he writes that Paterno has “lived a profoundly decent life” and “improved the lives of countless people” with his efforts and example.

It was precisely because Joe Paterno had done so much good for so long that he could do the unthinkable, and let an alleged child rapist continue to walk free in Penn State’s Happy Valley.

I suspect a similar instinct prompted the higher-ups at Penn State to basically ignore what they described as Jerry Sandusky’s “inappropriate conduct,” and persuaded Paterno that by punting the allegation to his superiors he had fulfilled his responsibility to the victimized child.

He had so many important duties, after all, and so many people counting on him. And Sandusky had done so much good over the years ...

Nevertheless, No higher cause can trump that obligation — not a church, and certainly not a football program.

And not even a lifetime of heroism can make up for leaving a single child alone, abandoned to evil, weeping in the dark.

If this is the standard for Joe Paterno then it must be the standard for Tom Corbeet, and Corbett should resign too.

Anonymous said...

Mr Pattis is correct in everything he says.

I think its high time someone besides me brings up the fact this was supposed to be sealed.

Corbett should requse himself for any further participation in the affairs of Penn State and he should also keep his opinions to himself regarding witnesses whose name he shouldnt even know at this point.

This witness already has serious legal recourse against the state and the University.

Pattis said federal investigators should look at this, this should be a no brainer, they should.

I am sorry, Corbett and the rest of the B.O.T. (they had,have to know Joe is going to be able to sue the heck out of them), and the Head of State Police threw Joe under the bus to quick, knowing he has due process, for a law he didn't break, or simply put, following the guidlines to the PA Law.

People, this might be really, really deep, and as we see things delevoped so far, can anybody say they feel comfortable with the PA A.G. leading the investigation?

Seems the press has the most power here to bring somebody down, WHY did they settle just at JOE?

Everybody says the press has freedom to report, well, since they didn't report what was known, here is a chance for them to make up for it, and dig deeper.

Corbett should not get a pass here. His culture of cronyism is a BIG part of the problem.

Corbett waited until after the election and after Joe had the 409Record Wins?

Corbett needs to be investigated and now!

Anonymous said...

Alright, lets reserve judgement until the FEDS get here;

CLEARLY PA is not capable of taking care of itself anymore... they are too corrupt and too insular anymore.

I can speak from personal experience that trying to speak out against the educational system can get you ousted or worse and that no one will protect you-- not the press, not the educational system NO ONE.

So its hard out there in this state when you try to do the right thing if everyone else around you is corrupt!

As far as Corbett is concerned, I dont know the man personally.

HOWEVER as I said I reserve my judgement until the FEDS get here.

As far as the rest of this system.... it sucks and I am really considering leaving this state now.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Governor- You are no more guilty than the rest of the CYA'ers here.

You too should step down.

What did you know?

When did you know it?

Obvioulsy you knew about this in at the minimum 2008.

What did you do? Where's the police report?

Why was this man free to roam and continue to hurt more children?

The guy that at least TRIED to do something was taken to the nearest tree-rope in hand.

Not only could you Mr. Governor have gone to law enforcement-for petes sake YOU WERE law enforcement.

No different.

When that report hit his desk in 2008 the Police should have been called.

Legal system or not.Sanduskey should have been arrested-right there.

He roamed a free man for 3 additional years free to do whatever to whomever.

They had the goods on him right then. Last I heard you only need to rape once to be a rapist.

Thats my understanding of this, right Joe?????

So if I am understanding this correctly, Paterno does what he is legally obligated to do and the Moral Police try him in the court of public opinion and yet the man who in fact was law enforcement in this state knew just as much if not more and did less than Joe?

Wow..... Absolutely wow....and you dare to go on TV and will not take responisibilty?

Tom Corbett is "FOOLING US" as much as Sandusky "Fooled Paterno and Coaches."

Anonymous said...

“The grand jury presentment is only a summary. It’s not a transcript of direct testimony. But it specifically states that McQueary was never questioned by university police, and no one conducted an investigation until the attorney general’s office took on the larger case in 2009” (Ganim, S. 2011).

This is the damning sentence in this article. It begs three burning questions that need answered:

1. Why did this case take over seven years to reach then Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett’s desk.

2. Why did it sit on PA Attorney General Corbett’s desk over a year?

3. Why it was still sitting on PA Attorney General’s Linda Kelly’s desk over ten months?

Ganim, S. (2011, November 16). Mike McQueary, key witness in Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case, changes story about shower incident. Retrieved Patriot-News Web site: