Tuesday, February 7, 2012


H. William DeWeese has been convicted of some crimes, and escaped indictment on other, more serious crimes. But he'll never face trial for his greatest offense: his deep and abiding cowardice.

DeWeese took every opportunity to blame others for his own misdeeds. He wasn't just willing, but eager to see the careers and reputations of his colleagues and staffers destroyed in order to protect his own.

His response, when those staffers who devoted nights and weekends to DeWeese's own cause were arrested: "Obvious, buoyant joy and ebullience." It was, he said, "one of the best days of my f-ing life." Colleagues said, "He was like a kid on Christmas."

It's one thing to say, "I didn't do anything wrong." It's another to say, "I didn't do it; they did." He not only stood by while others were blamed for his own crimes, he did everything he could to make sure they were blamed. And then chortled with unbridled delight.

In the run-up to the Mike Veon trial, Veon's defense was mocked for pointing out that dozens of lawmakers and staffers engaged in the same activities as those for which Veon was arrested. His message was simply, "If what I did was criminal, why aren't all these others charged with crimes as well?" His question remains essentially unanswered.

DeWeese, on the other hand, was happy to stipulate that crimes had taken place, as long as he could blame others for them.

DeWeese is under the wildly misguided impression that his appeals will be resolved in time for him to take office next January, if he is reelected. We predict his faith in his eventual exoneration is so strong that he will refuse to resign after his sentencing in April, and that he expects an expulsion resolution to fail.

One thing we do expect, is when DeWeese eventually is forced from the House, his colleagues will send him off with accolades, applause, and a standing ovation on the House floor. And for that, they should be ashamed.


Anonymous said...

Truly, Mr. DeWeese should be thoroughly ashamed of how he treated, that is abused, his staff and those under his control who were charged in Bonusgate. Now that he has been convicted, he still accepts absolutely no blame, but instead it is always the fault of his staff, his chauffer, his secretary or other underlings. If Mike Veon got 6 years, surely the former Speaker and Leader deserves far more.

Anonymous said...

The question I can't believe that is not being pursued is whether others so obviously guilty, including Senators, Senate staff, and other House and staff, will also be prosecuted? Or at least have to return their bonuses and admit guilt? Start with DeWeese's obvious coconspirators like his own PR guy and caucus paid legal counsel.

Anonymous said...

You criticize DeWeese and bask in glory over his fall from grace, but you fail to mention the unlawfulness of current Speaker Sam Smith and his cronies, like Mike Turzai and Dave Reed. They hide behind the clock of innocence and Christianity but conducted themselves then and still to this day no different than the likes of DeWeese and Veon.

It’s all about control and until there is absolute equality in both chambers, it will never change. Leaders control the rank-n-file members with staff allocations, special mailings, grant dollars, and other “perks” in exchange for votes. Not only votes on the floor (– just ask freshman House Member Eli Evankovich – he has voted 100% with his Republican party, his leadership and his governor – let’s face it, he ignores the values and principles of his district in exchange for his “election payback” to his Republican party, his leadership, and his governor –) but for votes to secure leadership positions.

Dave Reed slept with his district office staff secretary, got her pregnant out of wedlock, then “had to marry” her to save face with his so called Christian principles. Darrell Metcalfe dismissed his Harrisburg Secretary because she was an unwed mother, but continues to hide behind his so called Christian values. If these men are good, please define bad!!! Smith, Turzai, Reed Metcalfe, Perzel, Feese, Coleman, Evankovich, Reese, Kreiger and many others should not throw stones. “He who lives in the glass house…” None of these men will let the TRUTH stand in the way of a good campaign strategy. They say anything to get elected, but do what they want after - check their records.

As for DeWeese, like him or not, it all goes back to the current Governor and former Attorney General Corbett – why did he only focus his investigations on the Democrats when in fact the Republicans did as much or more and got a free pass – not to mention the free pass Corbett gave Sandusky to avoid the potential political backlash from the enormous Penn State Alumni Assoc. throughout Pennsylvania – going after PSU would have created serious problems for Corbett so he swept it under the rug to protect and advance his own political agenda. Corbett put 10 to 20 investigators and staff attorneys on the Bonus Gate matter, a few stragglers on the Republican Comptergate matter, and ONLY 1, YES ONLY 1, investigator on the Sandusky matter – which is more important, protecting kids or a political agenda? Veon, DeWeese? How about Corbet? Smith? Turzai? Reed? And others?

Not to mention that Corbet and company has spent far more tax money investigating and prosecuting these so called crimes than actual tax dollars lost on the so called crimes. Even if the AG gets 100% recovery of the funds, it won’t begin to cover the actual cost of the investigation and prosecution. And, let me remind you, huge amounts of resources were dedicated to Bonus Gate and the Sandusky investigation had only 1 (a single) investigator assigned to the child predator investigation. Go Figure – and who else in the Republican network of leaders knew what Corbett was doing to protect Sandusky, PSU and the Republican Caucus and its agenda?

Justice? Stay tuned – hopefully you will see JUSTICE but only if the Republican do as I say not as I do double standard falls!

Anonymous said...

My guess is DeWeese gets less time than Veon , since DeWeese's attorney did not engage in the type of outrageous behavior that Veon's attorney did ( also fewer counts ) . I think Feese gets more time than anyone - 40 counts to work with , plus he foolishly went to a jury .
Those who plead guilty , will get breaks at sentencing , but Perzel and Preski are still going to state prison .
Note however , the wild card is that Feese and Preski are both former prosecutors and this may work against them .

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention Manzo, but I sure guess he gets a bg prison sentence. He testified the bonuses were his idea, originally, and that he and Scott Brubaker put the plan together and presented it to Veon. If Veon gets 6 years, what does Manzo get for being the creator of bonusgate, lying to the AG, getting big bonuses for himself, his wife and his mistress and admittedly lying on the stand at trial? Six years plus restitution of his, his wife's and his mistress's bonuses sound right.

Anonymous said...

So, is the investigation still ongoing? What about the Senate? Or the target letter to Todd Eachus?

Anonymous said...

DeWeese should be ashamed of himself - still blaming others, deflecting to put it on staff, taking no responsibility. His "friends" in the House should be ashamed too. What a blow hard. I sure hope court doesn't give him any sentencing postponement - why should this wealthy, powerful arrogant guy be given accomodations?

Anonymous said...

I hope the former Speaker doesn't still have staff to read him books, go buy his condoms or shake down lobbyists for freebies. Good riddance to him. And Bill, stop blaming staff for your irresponsibility and law breaking!

Anonymous said...

Bill spent all his time/effort making Bill feel good. His favorite saying, "I love me, I love me."

Anonymous said...

Loses The Election Or Does Not Run

Slight Delay On New Sentence Date

Standing Ovation By The House Upon Resignation

Five to Ten Years

No Bail On Appeal

Jailed At Sentence

Appeals Fail

Early Release



Anonymous said...


Since day one of the Jerry Sandusky investigation Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has been at the center of it.

He was the Attorney General when the allegations first surfaced.

Then as governor, Mr. Corbett sat in on Penn State Trustee meeting when they decided the fate of Joe Paterno and former University President Graham Spanier.

Just one day after the Governor delivered his budget proposal, we were invited to the Governor’s mansion to talk about a number of topics.

We were warned repeatedly the Governor could not say much about the Sandusky case because it is an on-going investigation, but he did answer some of our questions.

He admits he was stunned when the allegations against Sandusky first surfaced.

"When it was first brought to my attention it was just total shock”, said Corbett. I said my goodness. Well we got to follow it up.

I have a reputation of somebody who’s gone after child predators for a long period of time.”

He strongly denied that the length of the investigation of the filing of charges was delayed so he could focus on his run for governor.

Corbett has a seat among the Penn State Trustees and was on a speaker phone the night Paterno and Spanier were terminated.

“The only thing I said was you have to remember the children. That was it.

I listened.

This was their discussion.

The only thing I said is you have to remember the children.

People may have different memories, but I know exactly what I said.”

The Governor denies reports that he told the Trustees remember the boy in shower, which would refer to one of Sandusky’s alleged victims.

He told us the situation at Penn State is heartbreaking but did not foresee the fallout.

“I don’t think anybody would think it would have worldwide implications.”

Corbett also told us the Second Mile Foundation, which Sandusky founded, is not under investigation.

That statement could raise some questions.

There are a number of Second Mile board members that were also major contributors to Corbett’s gubernatorial campaign.

Anonymous said...

Wins The Election

Slight Delay On New Sentence Date

Standing Ovation By The House Upon Resignation

Two Years

Bail On Appeal

Appeals Win

Vacated Verdicts

Runs For Governor Reminds Voters On Sandusky

Runs For House Seat

Corbett Loses Governors Race

Wins House Seat

Returns Seinority After 2 Years

Democratic House Leader Again

Veon, Cott, Rosepink Pardon

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, but it's ridiculous to imagine anyone convicted in any of the political corruption cases (Fumo, Veon, Perzel, DeWeese, and if they are convicted including Stetler and Orie) ever get pardoned. These cases have been handled differently than normal cases from the start - including handcuffing and perp walks for people who turned themselves in, and sentences for first time offenders beyond normal. No politician will ever go on the line to help one of these high profile people.

If that's justice, what about the State Senate?

Anonymous said...

There is going to be a series of contretemps coming within the year.

PA Wild Man said...

COWARDICE??? Bill DeWeese is nothing but a coward. He and his hired gun Chadwick sold the entire Democratic Caucus down the river. He prides himself as being a former USMC officer. Let me tell you, if you were in a foxhole with HWD,the bullets were flying and the enemy was a few yards away, Bill DeWeese would shoot you and use your body to cover himself. A good leader would stand up for the staff and other members. Deweese?? Well, he was in full self preservation mode and Chadwick was doing his dirty work. I hope he goes to prison for a very long time. Poor Bill, who will carry his salad bowl? On the other hand, you would have no fear sharing a foxhole with Michael Veon. He has integrity.
Now DeWeese wants to run for reelection. Can you believe this jerk?

Anonymous said...

The Cowards are the oAG that turned Work rules Ethical Violations into a Prosecutors Campaign Team to elect Tom Corbett Governor.

Cut the crap on DeWeese he did the right thing and he will win on Appeal!