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Remember Todd Eachus?

He became House Minority Leader in January 2009 after the original "Bonusgate" indictments shamed H. William DeWeese out of the post.

Although Eachus was overlooked in Gubernatorial Candidate Tom Corbett's original investigation, Corbett soon became embarrassed when evidence of Eachus' complicity was leaked to the media, and became became part of the official court record.

As part of the Corbett campaign's massive two-year attempt to cover his ass, Eachus was cordially invited to testify to a grand jury. Such invitations are regarded as a harbingers of impending indictment, and indeed, Eachus' fellow invitees, H. William DeWeese and Steve Stetler, were indicted.

Eachus was not, and we're still wondering what it means.

Possibilities include:

a) Corbett never intended to indict Eachus, who potentially was much more valuable to the future Governor as a grateful and indebted Democratic Leader than as a defendant, and the invitation to testify was a ruse intended to deflect questions about the the incriminating evidence Corbett never intended to reveal.

b) Corbett did intend to indict Eachus, but someone or something deterred him.

Any guesses?


Anonymous said...

Any guesses?

Maybe Eachus is under federal investigation? In any event, this slow motion investigation should finally indict Eachus.

Anonymous said...

Not a guess, but an observation: Unlike self important Bill DeWeese, Todd Eachus knew enough to keep his head down, shut up and maintain a very low profile. btw, Bill: just keep talking, pal. I predict a new six year contract for you!

Anonymous said...

The OAG seems to be putting less and less effort into all this - after the big publicity payoff, it was a whole lot of work. AG Kelly should really consider if its at all fair to have invested thousands of staff hours in investigating House Ds, but letting the very same infractions go for both sides of the Senate, and Eachus too.

Anonymous said...

If Feese had more counts, and Feese was involved in a much, much more expensive crime (like $10 million), and Feese actually obstructed justice, which AG Corbett said was the worst of all, how come he got 4 years and Veon got 6? If Feese gets 4, and Veon gets 6, the two disgraced former Speakers should get more.

Anonymous said...

Increasingly, the corruption scandal is viewed more as a judicial concern than a legislative one, but it was legislative misconduct that made prosecutors' track record possible.

Twenty-one of the 25 people arrested — all connected to the House Democratic and Republican caucuses — were convicted or have pleaded guilty. Only two were acquitted.

Charges against another were dropped. One defendant, ex-Rep. Stephen Stetler of York County, is awaiting trial.

Former House Democratic whip Mike Veon is serving a six- to 14-year prison term — the harshest sentence imposed so far.

He faces a separate trial next week on charges of misusing grant money distributed to a nonprofit he ran in his former Beaver County district.

The attorney general's office has not officially closed the investigation, but more than two years have passed since the last arrests.

Unfinished business appears to consist mainly of the sentencing of three Democratic defendants, including DeWeese, and the seven GOP defendants who pleaded guilty, who include former House Speaker John Perzel of Philadelphia.

Would-be government reformers had hoped that the investigation launched in 2007 would be a launch pad for at least some of statutory changes they championed, such as legislative term limits, campaign contribution limits and a ban on gifts from lobbyists, but none came close to winning majority support.

In 2010, a grand jury that investigated the corruption scandal issued a scathing report that labeled the Legislature "irretrievably broken" and called for sweeping changes, but few of its proposals were adopted.

It is clear now that Grand Jury was used by Corbett to become Governor, nothing else.

"By and large, our Legislature is pro-choice on corruption," charged Tim Potts, a co-founder of Democracy Rising PA.

Besides the mandatory training to help legislators and staffers recognize the line between public service and electioneering, the Legislature has done little to reinforce the lessons of the scandal.

The AG just wants it to end to avoid the mistake of letting Computers be changed in the middle of the probe, so not one senator would indicted except for Orie.

Officials insist that the experience has fostered at least subliminal improvements in the ethical culture at the Capitol.

But Corbett handling of the Sandusky Child Predator investigation is unforgivable in an attempt to save his wlwction.

When it is all over both the
AG and Governor may be in Democratic Hands.

Anonymous said...

Worse Majority Leaders Democrats ever had and everyone Eachus brought in are some of the poor patronage employees ever hired.

Most will go sooner or later when Mr. Shrugs is replaced!

Anonymous said...

Worse Majority Leaders Democrats ever had and everyone Eachus brought in are some of the poor patronage employees ever hired.

Most will go sooner or later when Mr. Shrugs is replaced!

Anonymous said...

Soon, an awkward situation, difficult mishap and unforeseen event that will disrupt Governor Tom Corbett's normal course of things and this inopportune occurrence resulting from a small disagreement will be rather embarrassing.

One must see this terrifying secret before it's too late...

Anonymous said...

The Hypocracy of the Republican Party and it's AG/Governor Corbett is finally coming to public light. The Republican mottos - "do as I say, not as I do" and "I'll say anything to get elected and won't let the truth get in the way of a good campaign stratedy" - are coming back to bite them. People are finally starting to call them out, even the Republican Controlled Tribune Review recently noted Corbetts campaign against the Spector Library Grant and then approved the grant funding while cutting funding for basic education which results in local school taxes being increased. And the Republican controlled legislature supported his hypocritical agenda buy approving his first budget without any republican party house or senate objection. Look at the so called "conservative" or "fiscal responsible" members like Turzai, Reese, Kreiger, Evankovich, Dunbar, Ellis, Pyle, and Reed (only to mention a few). And not to mention that they all accept the perks and pay raises. This is an election year, let us not forget! Vote these bums out.

Anonymous said...

"Most will go sooner or later when Mr. Shrugs is replaced!" nickname ever...Frankie Shrugs!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If you believe Corbett that the investigation continues and they'll go after anyone who did wrong, wherever the evidence leads, than Eachus will go yet. And so will Mike Long.

Anonymous said...

When will Manzo be sentenced? Didn't he pleade guilty over 2 years ago? As the architect of bonuses, he'll spend a long time in state prison.

Anonymous said...

Yes Todd brought in Susan who is "one of the chief of staff" who is now punch drunk with power. Making sure to keep all her crew nicely paid with made up job titles and many have received nice pay bumps. It's funny also just how may people Todd gave the to hire while there were to be no job hires from the out side. Let's see a few. We have Mrs. Pheonix in HR who was Zane phoenix sister who was Todds right hand man when he was leader then we have Shawn Migarro in HR who is also related to someone in HR and Todd did them a favored then the you have the Biggica brother and sister Todd hired. I find it interesting that Todd did work for their dad (Russ) who is a lobbyist. Just all interedting. I just hope something happens to him as well. He is just as guilty as the rest. If not for bonusgate. Maybe for cash for kids or the cargo airport. Something. He is scum.

Anonymous said...

The great judge Lewis needs to look out a little for his fellow R's. I mean his daughter is running for state rep. and the GOP are giving all their support behind her. Interesting..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
When will Manzo be sentenced? Didn't he pleade guilty over 2 years ago? As the architect of bonuses, he'll spend a long time in state prison. February 12, 2012 2:56 PM

Awaiting Sentencing.

Anonymous said...

Part of the Appeal Process is if the AG withheld notes.

In some accounts that are currently being verified, Eachus's Outside Counsel Chris Casey and In House Counsel both urged the Indictment of Bill DeWeese so Eachus could remove him from Democratic Leadership.

Although these notes were alleged taken, they never were turned over, under Brady Case precedents this is extreme Prosecutors Misconduct charge that current US Supreme Court is looking to advance on Appeal to correct the many Wrongful Convictions happening throughout the US.

It will be interesting to watch these events come to an unraveling???

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Today one of the defendants in the Sandusky case, which OAG really didn't investigate at all for years as it spent tens of thousands of hours investigating Mike Veon, filed an action to be dismissed because their indictment was based on testimony from the late Joe Paterno. The OAG says they "thought about" getting a deposition from Paterno (the 85 year old coach in failing health for past couple of years, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer), but didn't do it. Since the defense never got to cross examine him, his grand jury transcript, which was read into the record at preliminary hearing, is not admissable. If the AG loses that case because of this oversight, it reenergizes the issue of the poor underinvestigation in the Sandusky case. But hey, isn't that what happened regarding Eachus, Smith, McCall, Senate Rs and Ds, Mike Long and others?

Anonymous said...

Message to AG Kelly: Now would be a great time to go after Eachus, and the Senate. For the sake of justice, do it.

Anonymous said...

Message to AG Kelly: Now would be a great time to go after Eachus, and the Senate. For the sake of justice, do it.

February 14, 2012 10:46 AM


Anonymous said...

Corbett should be charged with Obstruction of Justice and destroying Evidence when Corbett personally allow the Republican Senators to change the computers.

Mike Long, Todd Nyquist, and Drew Crompton should be before a Grand Jury too!

But after Stetler, it will all come to and end, watch and see!

Anonymous said...

If it does end with Stetler, what a shame. In the name of justice keep at it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the perjuror - Nancy Thompson - will be called to testify again in the BIG trial?

Anonymous said...

The Brady Case Prevents The Prosecution From Destroying Notes, If The Notes Were Insignificant Then Why Destroy Them, Veon's Attorneys Should Immediate Move For A Ruling On Appeal And Go Directly To The Supreme Court.

When This Is All Over All Of Corbett's Attorney Generals Assistants Will Be Where Assistant Us Attorneys Are Now, Right Before The Justice System Themselves And One Already Committed Suicide.

All Of The Convictions Will Be Overturned And Vacated, And The Assistant Paoag Will Be Hiring Attorneys And Declaring Bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Some wrongful convictions are caused by honest mistakes. But in far too many cases, the very people who are responsible for ensuring truth and justice — law enforcement officials and prosecutors — lose sight of these obligations and instead focus solely on securing convictions.

The cases of wrongful convictions uncovered by DNA testing are filled with evidence of negligence, fraud or misconduct by prosecutors or police departments.

Common forms of misconduct by law enforcement officials include:

• Employing suggestion when conducting identification procedures

• Coercing false confessions

• Lying or intentionally misleading jurors about their observations

• Failing to turn over exculpatory evidence to prosecutors

• Providing incentives to secure unreliable evidence from informants

Common forms of misconduct by prosecutors include:

• Withholding exculpatory evidence from defense

• Deliberately mishandling, mistreating or destroying evidence

• Allowing witnesses they know or should know are not truthful to testify

• Pressuring defense witnesses not to testify

• Relying on fraudulent forensic experts

• Making misleading arguments that overstate the probative value of testimony

Necessary Oversight:

We need to find solutions to fix these problems.

One way to put checks on the enormous power of prosecutors and law enforcement officials would be to establish criminal justice reform commissions.

The other way is to hold prosecutors and their investigators to crimes without absolute immunity and prosecutes those that crossed the line.

Anonymous said...

The Justice Project’s Recommendations to Ensure Prosecutorial Accountability

States should require that prosecutors’ offices adopt and enforce clearly defined official policies and procedures.

States should require open-file discovery in criminal cases.

States should require that prosecutors document all agreements with witnesses and jailhouse informants concerning conferment of benefits of any kind.

States should require trial and appellate judges to report all cases of prosecutorial misconduct, including cases where the misconduct is ruled to be harmless error.

States should establish a prosecutor review board with the power to investigate allegations of misconduct and impose sanctions.

States should require that prosecutors participate in training and continuing education programs.

Anonymous said...

ABA Model Rules, ABA Criminal Justice Standards, Criminal Justice Standards, actual innocence, ethics, ethical obligations, innocent, innocence, innocence commission, prosecutor, prosecution, prosecution function, prosecution ethics, prosecutorial misconduct, transparency, wrongful convictions.

Prosecutorial misconduct is one of the leading causes, or contributing causes, of wrongful convictions.

This paper contends that prosecutorial misconduct is not chiefly the result of isolated instances of unprincipled choices or the failure of character on the part of some prosecutors.

Rather, prosecutorial misconduct is largely the result of three institutional conditions: vague ethics rules that provide ambiguous guidance to prosecutors; vast discretionary authority with little or no transparency; and inadequate remedies for prosecutor misconduct.

These three conditions create perverse incentives for prosecutors to engage in, rather than refrain from, prosecutorial misconduct.

Anonymous said...


Website Source:

Anonymous said...



B. Sanctioning Prosecutors Directly
Ordering a particular form of relief, such as dismissal of an indictment, may
be a practical necessity in a selective prosecution case, because there appears to
be no reasonable alternative for such a serious constitutional violation.
Dismissal of charges, however, should not be available simply to deter
prosecutorial misconduct. Courts should not rely on granting a particular
defendant relief to serve as a check on future prosecutorial actions in other cases
except to the extent necessary to vindicate a specific constitutional protection
breached by the prosecutorial misconduct. If a court’s goal is to send a message
to prosecutors, the message should not be communicated by granting a
defendant relief without consideration of the harm that the misconduct caused to
the defendant. The constitutional protections belong to individuals, not to courts
for use as a means to police the conduct of prosecutors. While deterrence of
misconduct may be an appealing rationale for dismissing a case, no
constitutional basis exists for employing a remedy to address an institutional
problem that did not result in an unfair proceeding or an unsupported verdict.437

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or has Jeff Foreman added another pound of skin to his turkey neck?

Anonymous said...

I honestly cannot believe Angela Bertugli is still employed by the House democratric caucus. She has testified at the grand jury, at the Bonusgate Trial, and now at the Big Trial that she spent her first 4 months on the House payroll doing grad school homework, that she was hired because she was having sex with Mike Manzo and that she got bonuses, presumably for good performance at the task for which she was hired? Note that after the scandal broke Bill DeWeese didn't fire her, Todd Eachus didn't fire her, and now Frank Dermody didn't fire her. After staffers testified they did political work on state time, hid it, and knowingly got bonuses for political work, they were not fired, did not have to forfeirt their bonuses and in many cases got promotions. After the legal Counsel got caught with boxes of evidence he never turned over implkicvating DeWeese, deWeese got indicted but the legal counsel remained. How can this be? This represents millions in wasted and corrupt expenditure of taxpayer dollars. here is Gene Stilp, Eric Epstein and the media?

Anonymous said...

The "unpunished" staffers who testified under oath they stole time, conspired to hid corruption, participated in the bonus scheme, or gave sex for hiring or promotions, should all have had to pay back what the took or the bonuses they got, and certainly those most responsible should be gone - but the Dem Caucus still hasn't done anything about it. In fact look at the jobs Tom Andrews, Bob Caton, Angela Bertugli, Karen Steiner, Paul Parsells, and on and on, have, it's crazy. But the press has expressed no interest at all. As they have no interest in any kind of investigation of the State Senate, especially the most obvious offenders in the GOP Senate caucus. Obviously they buy in to the idea Mike Veon deserves a second prosecution rather than going after the biggest bonus recepients and the most public political operatives on public time.

Anonymous said...

Now that a story has appeared questioning if Corbett still knows what is going on in the grand jury, which would be improper, it raises question whether the new AG continues to investigate the Senate, where the biggest bonuses were given to the most obviously political staffers at the highest levels who seemingly were most publicly doing political work out of state offices, I think even advertising their state phones to accept calls for paid political consulting work. Has the investigation gone on to all 4 caucuses wherever the evidence leads, or was there simply no evidence the Senate GOP caucus did anything wrong?

Anonymous said...

That Manzo/Mistress story is just outrageous. I don't care who he sleeps with, but I don't want to pay for it. He must pay back not just his bonuses, but the ones he awarded to both his wife and his mistress, and every cent of state pay his state employed mistress got. I don't want to pay his pension, or his state paid mistressespension. If she testifies she was hired and paid (not to mention bonused) to sleep with him any time the state paid to bring her to Harrisburg, or him to Pittsburgh, shouldn't he be charged with running a prostitution operation too?

Anonymous said...

Shame on Leader Dermody and the whole House Democratic caucus for not cleaning up the staff. These are people paid for with state taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous said...

The most surprising "where the evidence" leads testimony never investigated was the under oath statement by an AG called felon/witness that the very illegal acts he did for Veon was the same things he was doing for House Speaker McCall for more than a year after Veon left the House. The very same illegal activity, except continuing even after the investigation was well known, provable in the very same investigative manner the charges Veon and that defendant were convicted of were proven. But Veon is in jail for 6 years and McCall serves as a high paid appointee to, for goodness sake, the Gaming Control Board that regulates casinos.

Anonymous said...

Feds are now investigating the Penn State Trustees and Second Mile, providing "Hush Money" to the victims, under AG Corbett and crack PAOAG Staff and Investigators.

Once the Trustees and Second Mile contributions come under the Federal Grand Jury and match up to AG Tom Corbett's For Governor Campaign groups and listing and are granted Immunity Governor tom and some at the PAOAG may be under investigation and arrested sooner than they think too.

In any event, Corbett smells like a rotten fish either way rather for his past deeds of breaking the law to become Governor...


Corbett inability to win a second term.

Not a good thing to be happening just when the Presidential Pennsylvania Primary will be here on April 24 and the candidates for President on the Republican side will have to talk about Tome Corbett's complicity.

I do not see revenge coming, I see a rescanning coming, and it is heading right for the Center of the Republican Party and will take off Corbett's Head and some Judges in Dauphin County.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to the Pitt BOT ...
They met on Friday, and were very critical of the budget that Gov. Corbett proposed. They passed a resolution indicating:

"To take such steps as are necessary to protect the overall quality and strength of the university in the face of a proposed escalation in the withdrawal of state support."

The proposal also stated:

"the apparent lack of support for public higher education within the current [state] administration."

State Education Secretary Ronald Tomalis, attended Friday's meeting as a nonvoting member of Pitt's board. After the resolution was passed, he asked to address the board. He said he took "great exception" to the characterization and said his boss and the administration do in fact support higher education.

Trustee John Pelusi Jr. appeared to take issue with Mr. Tomalis' assessment of the state's treatment of higher education. "The math doesn't add up with no disrespect to the secretary," Mr. Pelusi said.

I doubt the passage of the resolution will do much by itself. However, it's nice to see the Pitt BOT call the Governor and his administration on their proposal.

A link to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article about this is below.

Tom Corbett may be under investigation before he gets a chance to run again.

Anonymous said...

Latest from Ganim on Feds probe, BOT, and the Corbett Reply:

Corbett now trying to backtrack on his earlier statements about the Second Mile not being investigated.


Gov. Tom Corbett, who has been pretty guarded in what he says about the ongoing state grand jury investigation, recently said something different, according to two State College reporters.

Corbett is constantly reminding inquiring minds that he’s bound by secrecy rules and can’t discuss or divulge a lot of what he knows about the child sex abuse investigation he started three years ago when he was state attorney general.

But this month, when Corbett unveiled his budget plan for this year, he did a round of television interviews where he discussed some aspects of the scandal that has engulfed Penn State and Sandusky’s statewide children’s charity.

In at least two of those interviews, reporters say, Corbett made statements that The Second Mile is not under investigation.

How does Corbett know that?

Grand juries are conducted in secret, and law-enforcement officials — police, prosecutors and investigators — are barred by law from talking about it.

The television reports — from WJAC and WTAJ, both serving State College — use the present tense to describe Corbett’s comment. Both reporters said Friday that they stand by their reports as accurate.

Corbett’s spokesman, Kevin Harley, angrily denied that the governor was talking about the current investigation.

In any event, Corbett has some explaining to do and now before a Federal Grand Jury????

Anonymous said...

The bigger trouble for the Office of the Attorney General is more at issue than a computer glitch releasing the grand jury presentment prematurely is the shoddy quality of the document itself and the reckless intent with which it was written.

This article is, I think, referring to what the University was told in relation to Gricar's 1998 investigation.

Schultz is on the record as saying that he had been informed of the investigation.

I believe that the feds now want to know what was told, who was told, and when.

Seems more likely to me than seemingly honest people with good track records all of a sudden deciding to cover up for a pedophile. I would like to know the truth and how Corbett helped them cover the truth.

The backpedaling by spokespersons for both Corbett and Kelly confirm the seriousness of his statement that SM was not under investigation. He screwed up.

His statements were in the present tense to 2 different media outlets. Please give them the courage to press the matter.

IF he meant the past tense, it doesn't really matter to me since SM was the obvious focal point all along. JS was working through SM in both 2002 and 2008. He retired from PSU in 1999. SM should have been the starting point. If stuff later led them to PSU, so be it.

Corbett is a bad, bad guy. He needs to go!!

Anonymous said...

From the article:

"Grand juries are conducted in secret, and law-enforcement officials -- police, prosecutors and investigators -- are barred by law from talking about it."..

"And, abiding by grand jury secrecy rules, Linda Kelly, whom Corbett appointed to take his place after winning the election, isn’t giving her predecessor any kind of updates, Frederiksen said.

“Definitely not.”

“Linda Kelly does not discuss investigations with anyone outside the attorney general’s office,” he said.

Yet, SOMEHOW, the grand jury presentment report, with creative writing and inflammatory but unproven charges, made it into the public??

Corbett and Kelly under oath before a Federal Grand Jury will crumble together.

Also, believe Feds should investigate Gricar's disappearance.

Yesterdays news about Fed Investigation was not good for The Second Mile, the Second Mile Board and Second Mile executives, the Penn State BOT, Graham Spanier and Gary Schultz.

It is really not good news for Governor Corbett or Linda Kelly.

I think we'll find out Curley was simply caught in the middle and as it relates to Joe, I don't think yesterdays news means much for PSU but on the relationship on why Corbett acted the
way he did.

It does, however, indicate to me how laughable it was to pin this on a football coach when the president and VP in charge of campus police had as much or more information than the football coach.

If, as I suspect, it turns out some BOT members had knowledge and have been lying?

And Corbett allowed it in exchange for campaign contributions.

It makes they're actions 1000 times worse.

If those same people were purchasing the silence of victims?

I don't even want to think of the consequences, but Corbett is in real trouble now.

If Joe could speak from the grave here with his notes, to let the world know the true story, it would be apocalyptic for Corbett.

Anonymous said...

The Freeh Investigation isnt an "investigation" at all, but a COVER-UP.....

The "real" reason this investigation is being conducted isnt to uncover the truth, but to "bury" the truth.

The way you go about such an undertaking is to hire a PROFESSIONAL to do an investigation under the SMOKE AND MIRROR illusion that an an actual and full-fledged investigation is taking place.

It paints the picture that the University is doing the "right" thing. But, its all an illusion.

The true nature of the Freeh inveatigation isnt to uncover the truth and bring it to light.

Its to uncover the truth and BURY it - ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Freeh and the University are covering all their tracks and burning all evidence so that NO EVIDENCE ever again sees the light of day.

From the beginning I said it was to give the impression of an investigation, but the guy was hired by the BOT.

It is only one step removed from the BOT hiring the Clinton mouthpiece. They are paying for a service.

People are too smart to buy what the BOT or Linda Kelly and Tom Corbett is selling.

Anonymous said...

The Freeh report was never going to be fine. An august body that hires an investigator to investigate themselves is never the way to go. Ever. They must have thought that we were all idiots when they did this.

Then to throw in the condition that the BOT gets to review the report before it's release, and it's obvious this whole thing was a charade. The question is, what were they afraid he was going to find?

Freeh is pouring gasoline all over Old Main as we speak. The feds had better hurry.

The FEDS need to up their gametime is of the essence.

Oh boy, I absolutely think there is so much truth to this.

The Freeh investigation is an absolute joke and the Sandusky thing is EVERYTHING but a PSU football scandal.

It's far reaching and will include politics and Gonna get ugly folks...

Anonymous said...

They seem to be following the money trail to see if 2nd Mile families (with abused sons)were paid to stay quiet by BOT individuals and money to Corbutt.

I wonder if Tommy Corbutt will get a commission from Freeh for "recommending" him for the job.

Corbutt could probably use a few extra bucks to supplement the "contributions" from the natural gas industry and the Second Mile.

Therefore, by God, it will be done. And perhaps it was immediately necessary to say "Hey we're on this. Heads are gonna roll."

Anonymous said...

"If Joe could speak from the grave here with his notes, to let the world know the true story, it would be apocalyptic for Corbett."

Joe had a chance to speak when he was alive - and didn't...he cared more for his precious program than for innocent assured that his soul is burning in to his buddy Bishop Bevalaqua.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused on something, maybe Casablanca can assist. What is the schedule for the Stetler trial, and the sentencing of DeWeese (the guy actually in charge), of Manzo (the guy who testified he was the mastermind of bonuses) and Perzel?

Anonymous said...

Former Sen. Gerald LaValle, who was co-director of the Beaver Initiative for Growth with ex-Rep. Mike Veon, will testify today for the prosecution in Veon's second corruption trial.

LaValle, a senator from 1990 through 2008, testified at a 2009 preliminary hearing that he was in essence a figurehead for the non-profit, which was controlled by Veon.

Signor Ferrari said...

What is the schedule for the Stetler trial, and the sentencing of DeWeese (the guy actually in charge), of Manzo (the guy who testified he was the mastermind of bonuses) and Perzel?

Stetler's trial is scheduled to begin the first week in April.

The last notation on Manzo's docket indicated sentencing would take place 120 days from Feb. 17. 2011. Obviously, that date has come and gone with no explanation.

DeWeese's sentencing date is April 24, Primary Election Day.

Perzel's sentencing date is March 21.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Former Part-time Jail Guard, Teacher, Commissioner, and Senator Gerry LaValle knew nothing what Mike Veon was doing.

Gerry also knew nothing his Convicted Wife was doing by stealing Pensions from her own relatives at United Way as the State Grants kept her salary above $120,000..

Yet, his son was paid big money to transfer Real Estate to B.I.G.

Gerry never was a Full Time Senator the theme he ran on when doing nothing for the County.

Yet, he knows so much for the Prosecutors?

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Sad for Mike. It's about time for OAG to concentrate on Senate.

Anonymous said...

Another stellar performance by the "Dream Team"...Veon would have been better off with a PD!

Anonymous said...

After Orie, Governor Corbett may be the next public official going down on corruption charges.

“This is definitely the first step,” Levinson said. “The first thing that happens is the prosecution sends out a subpoena for all the documents they can find and then start in on key witnesses.”

The state grand jury continues to meet on the Sandusky case, a spokesperson for the attorney general’s office said, even after two presentments have led to multiple charges against Sandusky.

Because grand juries meet in secret, prosecutors cannot talk about what topics they are exploring.

Yet, Tom Corbett is being investigated by Federal investigators on revealing secret aspects of tee Sandusky Grand Jury to Penn State Trustees and Second Mile Contributors to his Campaign.

However, Corbett said publicly there is no indication The Second Mile is under investigation, which is no longer the case.

Corbett also publicly defended his decision to accept more than $25,000 in campaign donations from current members of the Second Mile board while running for governor.

Anonymous said...

Corbett said they'd go wherever the evidence leads. Let's see if that's so. How about Senate indescretions?

Anonymous said...

Still wondering how the House Democrats can keep on staff that publicly testified to deeply implicate themselves, including in the bonus scheme, with no punishment, no bonus pay backs, nothing. Dermody should now answer for that.

Anonymous said...

Today a story sources Sam Rohrer as saying Gov. Corbett threatened state jobs if Republican State Committee members didn't vote to endorse the Gov's preferred candidate for US Senate. Is that true? Because if it is, isn't that a violation of law, a conflict of interest, misue of his state office? Let's see if Sam Rohrer is brave and upright enough to follow through to enforce the law.

Anonymous said...

Up to the Appeals now, only those Appeals can bring this Website to Flight, it is over now the music of the night........

Anonymous said...

This is a great Spring - I am having a ball with this Orie trial. And then we have a bunch of nice sentencing coming up. Payjacker Perzel - finally, Payjacker Veon - again thankfully. And old Payjacker Billy Blabbermouth gets his own cage assignment. Recommend they get assigned to Guantanamo, even if we have to let less dangerous terrorists out to fit them in.

Keep going AG and Feds. We have a republicrat-made cesspool in PA and it stinks.

And of course, keep voting republicrat!

Anonymous said...

Nicest thing anyone said about Perretta-Rosepink last week after her conviction: “I don’t like her, but that (BLEEP) was loyal.” Yes, she was — to a fault.

Heard when Lavelle's wife got arraigned, he was hiding in his car in the parking lot, what a man?

There was this little Bird in his nest on a freezing windy day that could not even fly yet.

The little Bird look up over the nest and all of sudden the wind took him away and he fell from his nest into the grass.

As he laid there he started to Chip Chip very loud.

A cow heard him and went over to him feeling sorry for the helpless Bird.

The Cow stood over the Bird and lifted up his tail and dumped right on him a warm bunch of Dung.

Even though the Dung kept the Little Bird warm the Bird kept chirping even louder and louder.

All of sudden a Coyote hears the Bird and comes over to the Bird and gently pulled him out of the Cow Dung with his paw.

Lifts the Bird in the air as he brushed him off and the Little Bird quits chirping in the delight someone cares.

All of a sudden the Coyote opens his mouth and swallows the Little Bird.

The Morale Of The Story:

Folks that throw dirt on you aren't always trying to hurt you, and folks that pull you out of a jam aren't always trying to help you.

But the main point is when you're up to your nose in shit, keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

The Mellow plea areemet deserves some review. First, if the OAG was following the evidence wherever it might lead, it's surprising the never got to Mellow, or Fumo, or Musto, or Orie (who they got the first complaint about). Second, ok, even if they missed it the first time, it's impoossible to believe the feds wouldn't now require Mellow to fully cooperate with the AG ongoing 4 caucus probe now - since Mellow publicly has agreed to plead to the exact klind of politics/fundraising on state time and resources that sent Veon, Feese and Cott to prison, and for which Perzel and DeWeese face prison. How can all those staff folks in the House get charged, punished, etc., if the investigation doesn't apply to the Senate? Third, if as we've been told their is interest in a state investigation of gaming and licensing of casinos, recall Mellow was the Senator for and friend of Louie DeNaples. Finally, will this fed conviction take Mellow's $139,000 a year pension? If not, shouldn't AG at least get a guilty plea to an offense that would? Why take Veon, DeWeese, Feese, Perzel and bunch of lesser staff folks' pensions, but not 40 year Senator who put money in his pocket, served as Senate leader and Pro Temp, and has the highest pension of all. Now is the time to follow the evidence wherever it leads. Today you can find that evidence on page 1.