Saturday, June 30, 2012


“It was a calculated risk,” that Jerry Sandusky still could be victimizing boys as the investigation languished.  -- Tom Corbett, who indicted Penn State officials Tim Curley and Gary Schultz for failure to stop Sandusky.

"As Governor Tom Corbett stated, 'If we were going to do this case, we had to have the best possible case  ... the responsible and 'humane' thing to do was, like Governor Corbett (said), to carefully and responsibly assess the best way to handle vague, but troubling allegations."  Curley and Schultz, through their lawyers, pointing out that they took precisely the same "calculated risk" as Corbett.

Newly disclosed emails make it clear that Penn State head football coach  Joe Paterno dissuaded Vice President Gary Schultz and Athletic Director Tim Curley from reporting serial child rapist Jerry Sandusky to law enforcement in 2001. The emails reveal that they, along with former Penn State President Graham Spanier, also were aware of a 1998 allegation of abuse.

Schultz, Curley and Paterno all allegedly lied to a grand jury about what they knew. Their inaction allowed Sandusky to go on to abuse at least four more boys, probably more.

These disclosures are horrifying, and everyone involved should be held accountable for their failure to act. Including Tom Corbett.

As Curley and Schultz point out, they did nothing that Corbett himself didn't do after allegations came to Corbett's attention in 2009. Corbett knew that Sandusky could be continuing to abuse children while he and his investigators did nothing to stop him for nearly three years.  He admits he took a "calculated risk" with the safety of children, while he figured what course of action would be most politically advantageous.

If Curley and Schultz face criminal charges for failure to stop a child rapist, why shouldn't Corbett?  A resolution buried in the House Rules Committee since December 2011 could answer that question. Rep. Brandon Neuman this week announced a discharge petition to force a vote on the resolution.

By now it's clear that prosecuting others for doing just what Corbett himself has done was Corbett's signature move as a prosecutor.

He prosecuted legislators and staff for working on political campaigns on state time using state resources, and putting political operatives on the state payroll when Corbett himself put his campaign manager and other campaign operatives on the state payroll and OAG staff spent hours working on Corbett's campaign on state time using state resources.

Now he's prosecuting others for taking a "calculated risk" that a serial child rapist would continue to rape children. 


Anonymous said...

Corbett may not be investigated but he will not win Re-election either.

If some at the PAOAG stand up and tell the truth then Corbett and others will be investigated, but like at Penn State, many employees at the PAOAG live in fear of their jobs.

If Penn State cannot cover up crimes neither should the PAOAG.

Anonymous said...

How do leaked emails make it "perfectly clear" that Paterno dissuaded further action? Does anyone outside of Paterno and Curley know the context of their conversation?

Anonymous said...

Read Curley's testimony, it will reveal what they agreed upon.

I re read Curley's testimony from the Grand Jury proceeding this past weekend.

This would be the testimony that was read into the Court record during his prelim trial.

It astonished me that I didn't pick up on this when they read it into the record, but 99% of this is right there in Cuirley's own words.

Go re read it.

It is there.

Curley goes and talks to Sandusky, informs Reykovitz, and that is basically it.

He then, to use his own words, "circles back around" and informs Joe and Spanier. That's it.

It seems pretty clear that they all knew what they had done, and that it did not involve the Police.

Corbett did the same thing, he knew a Child Predator was under investigation so he assign one sole State Trooper?

He did the same thng Paterno, Curley, Schultz, and Spanier did but they hade doubts, Corbett had investigators, yet one Trooper assigned????

Anonymous said...

I worshiped at the alter just as most used to do.

I stopped when it was obvious that Joe should no longer be coaching, they tried to get him to retire, and he blew them off.

That act placed Joe over and above the University itself, and it is part and parcel to why we are having this arguement.

Joe put himself above the University, whne he ended the Pitt series, when refuse to reveal his pay, when he cheated with Ref Guman, when he hid players crimes from the school and media, when he lied about Triponey, and when he kept quiet on Sandusky and everyone else allowed it to happen.

As for these e mails, they are not hard to interpret.

The original plan drafted up by Schultz (and presumably Curley) would have resulted in calling DPW/CYS.

But after talking with Joe and Spanier they do an about face and decide to not call DPW/CYS.

It hardly matters now what Joe and Spanier told them to get them to capitulate on the original correct course of action, the bottom line is capitulate they did.

And they took this horrific course of action that allowed Sandusky to continue to prey on the young boys in the mid State area.

Corbett is just as accountable, he kept this quiet so he could elected, he sloed down teh investigation, he is complicit in taking money from Second Mile Campaign contributors and gave them Grants.

Tom Corbett may have exposed Joe Paterno but now Penn State will expose Tom Corbett.

In fact, I think the PAOAG like the "Sleepers" movie will lie down on this case and lose it on purpose, so all of this scandal can go away sooner to help Corbett re-Election. Watch and see?

This is horrific. One day you will wake up and realize that everyone except a few blind loyalists now gets it.

There isn't going to be any stadiums or trophies with his name on it.

It's over and Corbett term in office is over in 2014.

Joe isn't owed any apology here.

The young boys Jerry abused, we can't apologize to them enough and neither can Corbett for delaying it for years.

Anonymous said...

Now Corbett has two questions he cannot answer honestly?

1. Why did you assign only 1 State Trooper whne you had 10 Person Child Predator Unit of Experst whose mission is to remove Child Predators from communities?

2. Why is it Joe Paterno was not indicted and charged with crimes after lying before a Grand Jury and you had the email to prove it??

Anonymous said...

If the failure to report charges against Curley and Schultz are dropped...due to the statute of limitations passing, as is expected, doesn't the heat have to shift to Corbett?

Look, if all involved at the top at PSU screwed up for whatever the reason, then they deserve to be fried, but the witch hunt against them is about the failure to report, not perjury.

There will be a firestorm if the failure to report charges are dropped, and the media will want answers.

They will have to look at Corbett.

As AG, Corbett dragged his feet on Sandusky, and one could certainly argue that had he acted faster, he could have nailed the PSU higher-ups on failure to report.

Curley and Schultz will have preliminary hearings on July 11th, and I'm sure their attorneys will ask that the failure to report charges be dropped at that time.

It will be interesting to see what happens after that.

I haven't seen any where they say the charges will be dropped at this point and time -- just plenty saying they have a great chance of being dismissed.

I think the prosecution would have dropped them already.

Clearly, the AG never answered questions at her Press Confereence when she promised to take questions.

Clearly she looks like she is covering for Corbett now.

Anonymous said...

One has to question how the OAG got the dates so wrong from 2002 to 2001?

The law clearly states that the statute of limitations on failing to report is 10 years.

The date of the shower incident witnessed by McQueary has been confirmed to be February 9, 2001.

The whole reason there were articles written all over in April about the date change from 2002 to 2001 was the statute of limitations coming into play.

Sure, people tried to use the date change to question McQueary's credibility, but that was a side issue because everyone knew his testimony as to what he saw would trump the uncertainty of the date.

Yet, seeing how Corbett purposely made mistakes by not investigating right away, it is easy to see how he could have setup curley, Spanier, and Shultz to walk by him bungling of the date too.

Corbett wants this to go away now, he wants it forgotten by 2014, Curly & Schultz will walk.

Anonymous said...

Schultz would be a fool not to turn state's witness on Spanny and Curley.

If part of his 3-part plan was to notify child welfare agency, and Curley and Spanier rejected that, Schultz should cut a deal for himself, sing like a bird, and avoid jail time.

Anonymous said...

How (and why) do only FOUR out of THIRTEEN Emails get leaked to the press?

Can someone explain that? What could be the motivation? And, why those specific four?

Whatever happen to the Investigation into how the AG leaked the secret Grand Jury Report?

Anonymous said...

Those trying to implicate PSU in a cover up check out Black Shoe Diaries.

There is a fan post raising some good questions about AG Agendas and Emails.

I'm guessing that the other 9 exonerate Joe but that's not the narrative that they want to paint so they held those back.

Like water torture the prosecutors drip drip drip out the information they want the public to know and withhold that they don't want known.

In this way they influence the jury pool.

The reason why Corbett only had State Trooper investigating is that almost the entire OAG Staff were checking the potential Jury pools of every prosecution after losing the Ramley case.

Right now, Who has control of the agenda - Freeh and the AG.

Why did the AG make that totally inaccurate statement in the presentment?

Where is the Grand Jury testimony of Raykovitz? We have Joe's, Tims & Gary!

What did he report back after his meeting with Raykovitz?

Where are those emails?

Do they make the decision seem reasonable?

Why haven't we heard from Jack Raykovitz?

Corbett needs to be invetsigated, but until today, the current AG Kelly needs to be investigated too.

And some very wealthy and powerful Penn State Donors have hire Top Lawyers to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Help me understand this...PSU trustee Lubrano comes on public internet boards including his own two nights ago and asks internet bloggers how they would react to certain hypothetical scenarios which pretty much mirror what the e-mails seem to indicate which e-mails were disclosed by CNN the following day.

Then Lubrano just today returned to these board as well as his own and asks everyone to look at his own press release (not a press release sanctioned by the BOT) which press release expresses Lubrano's deep disappointment in CNN for information leaking into the public sector -- the same "leaks" which Lubrano posted on these public board prior to the CNN report. Huh?

Mr. Lubrano, what was his purpose of his post regarding hypothetical questions.

Does he have privy to some information prior to posing those hypotheticals?

What was the purpose of those hypotheticals other than to show everyone that he had information prior to any of us?

Is it not hypocritical to issue a personal press release not sanctioned by the BOT expressing his disappointment in "leaks" when he actually leaked the same information just a day before the CNN report came out?

Is there a protocal for BOT members to issue public statements or press releases?

Isn't it important that the BOT operates as a unified body rather than have at least one if its members posting leaks on internet message boards and issuing personal press releases on one's own letterhead?

This alone could be subject to an official investigation by the AG to find out leaks, is it not?

Anonymous said...

The buck runs to Spanier, no matter what Joe did or did not do and the AG did no0t indict him.

Spanier had responsibility for the entire University.... not just the FB program or the athletic department.

The job of deciding whether to go to authorities resided at his pay grade... not Curley's or Schultz's or even JVP's.

I don't care what Joe might have said. It was Spanier's job to make the hard decisions which impact the University's integrity and legacy.

If he decided not to go to authorities of his own volition, he is uniquely responsible for the most monumental screw up in school history.

If he deferred to Joe or any of his direct reports, he shirked his duty as University President and is equally responsible for the screw up.

I don't see any way that Spanier is off the hook

Anonymous said...

The denial and side stepping is insane. Joe knew, Jay knew, Mike Saw, Bradley Saw, Curley knew, Shultz knew and most importantly Spanier knew.

I respect what Paterno has done from a football perspective, but he clearly was the orchestrator to covering this up.

For the denial train - you are going to tell me that Joe, who obsessively controlled every decision related to his football program simply sat back and had no idea what was going on???

Fools to follow your Idols to the depth of allowing them to fool you to think they are ignorant without agenda.

Joe put the football program in front of the safety of children and justice for those who we should protect most - children.

I keep seeing comments that "Joe told authorities" - No Joe sat back and conveniently played the role he duped everyone to believe that "I'm just an old man who does not know what's going on" while cute when it came to post game pressers - not cute when it was convenient at the expense of ignoring a monster on the loose for the sake of saving the programs image.

Anonymous said...

To all the morally outraged who would have done so much better:

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, an entity full of social workers
and bleeding hearts who want to help others and "change the world", was notified
of this guy in 1998 and did nothing for 13 years. NO FOLLOW UP.

A child protection agency, full of those who are going to "help the poor children" and "stop abuse", was alerted to this guy in 1998 and did nothing for 13 years. NO FOLLOW UP

The Second Mile Charity, Sanduskys charity, full of "social-justice" types who want to help the needy and underprivileged, was alerted to this guy after the 1998 and 2002 incidents and did nothing to stop their peer even though it was through their charity that he accessed boys. NO FOLLOW UP

The biological mother of Sanduskys youngest son disliked Sandusky and was suspicious of his behavior called social services several times with her reservations but got nowhere. NO FOLLOW UP

AG Corbett knew and took money from Second Mile and gave them Grants later, but he put the investigation on NO FOLLOW UP SLOW ONE TROOPER INVESTIGATION.

Anonymous said...

In an effort to placate the alumni and several million Americans still outraged at the board's incompetence, the board (or whoever writes the board's public statements) issued its "report," beginning with a trickle of crocodile tears about sharing "the grief of the entire Penn State family at the passing of Coach Paterno," and then praising both his and former President Graham Spanier's "lasting contributions." The board declared it "has always been" its intention to "to fulfill (Paterno's) employment contract and to name him head coach emeritus."

Considering that the trustees had fired Paterno illegally, they had no choice but to honor the contract. The title of "head coach emeritus" is window dressing.

A more fitting title, although it would never assuage the pain the board caused Joe Paterno and his family, would have been to name him "professor emeritus," which does carry privileges and would recognize that Paterno, a member of the faculty, was far more than a coach.

Almost as an after-thought, the trustees, in the latest statement, casually tossed a one-liner that "other options" to honor Paterno "are also under consideration."

Alexander said the latest "report" was made because "We're trying to be responsible to our constituents."

If the board of trustees really wants "to be responsible," it would stop violating the state's Sunshine Law, would agree to be included in the state's right-to-know law, would stop issuing silly statements to justify their own incompetence, reverse the firing of Joe Paterno (and possibly that of Dr. Spanier), and then resign.

Anonymous said...

In July, 2011 I was vacationing with my family at the Jersey shore.

For years we had heard that "JoePa" had a vacation home in the area, but had never spotted him.

We would often scan the beach looking for the elusive "legend".

One early Sunday morning, I was walking the dogs.

It was around 7AM on a bright and sunny day.

I didn't notice the rather tiny and hunched figure until he was nearly upon us. JoePa!

Respecting his age and "reputation" ,I rushed him...."how about a picture?".

He was brusque in his response, a crabby old man..."No, no pictures", as he kept on walking with his head looking towards his feet.

I backed off, wishing him well. I snapped a photo with the phone.

Looking back, I wonder about the decade old burden that must have been rotting him from within that morning on the beach.

The revelations were still a few months off. He was dead a few months after that.

Little did any of us know the depths of the crimes that were about to be revealed.

I expect many more.

My story is from about a year ago. It seems so very long ago .

Anonymous said...

From a joe apologist: Absent new information, the emails make Joe only marginally better than the other guys.

The fact that he was in ongoing discussions with these guys makes it worse than the original narrative of handing it off to Curley and co.

Curley and Schultz's attorneys' statement about it being a joint decision is particularly damning.

No idea if it will make Joe more or less apart of this shameful behavior, but this isn't the end of the revelations.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the biased hypocrisy never ends at Rick's does it? You were there, you know darn well that investigations take time - that Ugarte and the Captain's cases went on for well almost two years before charges were filed. But I do not expect to see you admit that publicly.

You have legal experience so you know that equating a long, thorough, SUCCESSFUL investigation with a cover-up goes beyond disingenous, it is just plain idiotic..

But you do not care. You just want to see the man who had shown a light on your ilk's misdeeds feel shame like you felt.


Anonymous said...

There is big source that alluded to payments being funneled through the 2nd mile to PSU football players.

If this can be proven and the sources seem pretty confident that this will be proven and made public.

The question now is will this be included in the Freed report?

It seems that members of the PSU BOTS and the 2nd mile were one in the same, and are being covered by Corbett and this AG.

Is this tied into the payment of Players and Governor?

It would seem that Corbett, BOTT and 2Nd Mile, members would be trying to keep Sandusky under wraps.

Their were reports of land deals and other investment options that were intertwined between the bot of higher ups and the 2nd mile and Zimmerman and Corbett.

Does anyone feel that part of the deals was to keep sandusky out of the spotlight and out of jail?

Signor Ferrari said...

Assuming you are referring to the original "Bonusgate" defendants, Anonymous 1:53: the time from when Bill DeWeese turned over his hand-selected documents and dropped his legal challenges, allowing investigators to begin interviewing witnesses, until the day of arrests was eight months. And there were no children at risk of abuse while the investigation was ongoing.

Anonymous said...

Look the whole Joe Pa was hiding Sandusky is crap. This can be proven because Ray GRICAR vanished.

A vanishing DA PROVES that there is an organized crime presence in State College.

Organized crime when mingled with BIG GAMBLING and NCAA football, usually is WELL aware if there is a GENUINE PEDOPHILE running around.

If Sandusky was out of control the mob would have used its "ahem"..... UNORTHODOX..... investigative techiniques. In order to find out the truth.

The point is that THEY SIMPLY WOULD HAVE W-H A C-K E D Jerry Sandusky IF HE WAS butt phukking boys.

Nobody want to play the MAFIA CARD.


Anonymous said...

The Paterno family is asking the Freeh Group and the Pennsylvania Attorney General to immediately release all emails they have related to discussions between former Penn State administrators about how to handle a report that Jerry Sandusky had been seen in the shower with a young boy in 2001.

The statement released by the Paternos came after a CNN report last week in which the news station reported on leaked emails from 2001 where the administrators discussed the issue.

“With the leaking of selective emails over the last few days, it is clear that someone in a position of authority is not interested in a fair or thorough investigation. To be clear, the Paterno family does not know the source or sources of these leaks,” the family said in the statement.

According to the statement, the family believes the “leaking of selective emails” was not done with the intention of giving more information, but instead was done “to smear former Penn State officials, including Joe Paterno.”

The family is concerned that the public is having to try to piece together an entire story from just a few emails “that have been selected in a calculated way to manipulate public opinion,” according to the statement.

“It should not be the responsibility of the Paterno family to call for an honest, independent investigation. Given the seriousness and complexity of this case, everyone should be demanding the full truth, not just carefully selected excerpts of certain emails,” the family said in the statement.

Anonymous said...

So who actually read these e-mails to CNN?

There are a ton of threads here on the topic, but I haven't seen anyone actually speculate who contacted CNN and leaked the e-mails.

Maybe I am incorrect, but I had thought that both the prosecution and defense were under a court-imposed "gag" order preventing each side from releasing information or making comments to the press.

I can't believe either side would violate a gag order and talk to CNN.

If that is the case, wouldn't this have to be an inside job by someone at Penn State?

How can someone be leaking university emails without our BOT's and AG's knowledge.

They should know a small pool of people that were permitted access to these emails.

It is time for the BOT to do something right. Call for:

1.-immediate full release of the emails

2.-public release of who had access to the emails

3.-independent investigation into who is leaking the information and full disclosure of the findings

Time for the BOT and Outside Law Agencies to do something right.

It looks like the The Prosecution. They're showing Schultz, Curley and Spanier that they're dead meat.

In the Middle of the Night someday, Paterno Statue will be removed quietly.

Anonymous said...

I scratch my head! The wife of a cabinet official gets, well ARD and probation (and a valet ride home from the police station by the Gov's state police detail) for offense, after offense, after offense including multiple DUIs with damage, shoplifting, leaving the scene, etc - the State Senate politicos get off scott free, and Mike Veon gets 6+1 (7) years. If Mike Veon got 7 years, how did DeWeese (also took a trial, was way, way less remorseful, and arrogantly refused even to stop running for re-election, still) get 2 years? Stetler gets convicted on every count, blames everything on Veon and DeWeese, and before even his sentencing the coourt is debating about whether he'll get just a county sentence (less than a year?) or state time.

What gives?

Anonymous said...

Gov. Tom Corbett criticizes leaks coming out of Penn State's investigation into Jerry Sandusky scandal.

“I’m upset to see that something’s come out piecemeal like that,” Corbett said, at a news conference following a ceremonial bill signing at the Harrisburg YWCA. "I’m not sure where it came from. ... But I never think it’s a good move if information is leaked out.”

The Paterno family asked for all the emails reported by CNN on Friday and other information to be released.

About that, Corbett said, “I’m not going to get into that issue. Louis Freeh is going to release his report sometime before school starts again. Let’s find out what happens there.”

Isn't this the same Gov who's prosecutors office "accidently" leaked select parts of the grand jury report? Just dump all the emails for all to see not these selective emails and quit playing these stupid games

"I'm not sure where it came from," said Tommy Boy with a wink. Let's see. Since the contents of the report were to be revealed to the public, with no prior report to the BOT....Let's guess where the leaks are coming from.....

1. The AG since the emails were sent to her by Freeh.

2.Freeh shared information with the BOT, which explains Massers' foot in mouth incident(and negates the integrity of the report),

3. OTT himself since his friend the AG could have shared them with him.

4. Judas, who has motive to continue the purge of the athletic dept. and be named permanent AD.

Anonymous said...

When is this clowns term up?........I don't think he will even run,his party won't let him knowing it's useless......I could care less what Corbett thinks about anything so I didn't really read the article so will refrain from comment I just wanted to post that I thought he was a clown.

Corbett is just afraid the leaks will come out about him and dropping the ball when the first boys were molested and he did NOTHING .. Wonder how much Penn State gave him when he ran for the Senate to drop the ball. You can tell he is against children, taking away all the education funds he can , not doing a good job of checking out the molesting reports , wanting to take away funding for public schools and giving it to Charter and online private schools .. Bet they also gave a big donation to him...

Wasn't the grand jury presentment leaked a week early? Or was it never even to be released in the first place? I can't remember. Oh well, I criticize Tom Corbett, uh, well....his handling of everything in this situation.

Perhaps these "leaks" are hitting a little too close to home and Corbett's afraid too many people are starting to connect the dots?!?!?

Where is Ray, Tom?

Anonymous said...

It was Corbett who had received a case of alleged molestation by Sandusky in 2008--yet never brought up charges in 3 years or so!

Besides the Gricar facet of this thing....knowing Tom Corbett was there during all this, it just bugs the H outa me knowing he did nothing either.Joe could have done more with his power,but,he was not the judge and the jury and higher ups and CORBETT knew full well what was going on.

I would love to see his emails and have his butt called on the carpet.Knowing what he knew and when he knew it..i have lost alot alot of confidence in the guy to EVER do the right thing.

Mr. Lawman Tom Corbett!!!

What a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Sure Tom..I bet you are upset..funny..the B.O.T. keeps trying to protect you why you insisted on firing Joe..and the leaks from who else..Freeh...of course he is going to want paid...

Remember (last November), Corbett and the PSU Board promised they would do a nationwide search to bring in a new president to PSU (someone from the Outside).

Then, just a few days later, broke that promise and put in their own local guy (Erickson).

Can you trust people who break a promise like this?

I think most people wouldn't feel so good.

Don't look now Governor.......that logo behind you is starting to show teeth.

Anonymous said...

Liar corbett's feigned anger in plain English is this: (sobbing) I wanted to control this story. How dare someone tell the truth?

Hmmm...who orchestrated the firing of Joe and Graham, ahhh Tom Corbett. Who took sooo long to complete the investigation until oh, I don't know, after the election, ahhh Tommy. Tom is a fraud, get the information out there.

Sorry Joe...does anyone believe he confided in either his wife or kids if Big Red felt unconfortable talking to him about it? No.

Oh Tommy Boy, save your moral indignation about leaks for when you are indicted, you're already implicated in the scandal.

We look forward to the impeachment.

Anonymous said...

Governor Corporate, you were the worst excuse for an Attorney General since your predecessor who went to jail for bribery.

You failed to take action in the PSU matter for soooooo long and now you complain about leaks.

What a joke.

But you an even worse Governor than you were AG.

One term Tom baby!!!

Or are you pinning your tail on the Romney elephant and hoping to get one of those lifetime appointments to the Federal Bench.

What a hippocrite!!!

I can't wait for me to vote you out of office.

You have no agenda but to cut programs.

Stop the insanity!!!!

Anonymous said...

REPUBLIC PARTY POLITICIAN needs to look no further than his SURROGATES who do his dirty work...he had 4 years to plot and plan and allowed a child molester on the street for 4 years until he could maximize the situation for political gain and destroy a public education institution and jail his opposition...he is a real ALLEGENNY COUNTY SLIM BALL that needs to be purged out of HARRISBURG.

Could be why Corbett is upset, he realizes he has lost control.

Anonymous said...

Enough defending this Paterno and attacking Corbett.

Someone sent the text for Paterno, that's clear in the emails.

Joe Paterno, at some point, totally lost himself in his God-like stature at PSU and acted like all the dirtbag coaches he used to spit on from his high horse years ago.

Scratch that - he acted worse. I don't think Switzer ever covered up child abuse.

As far as I am concerned, Paternos' actions are becoming more and more concerning.

Once all of the emails are released, like the Paterno family has asked for, and if they show that he knowingly covered up for a child molester in order to protect himself and his program, I will be the first one there to tear down the statue.

Anonymous said...

So just because politicians have a reputation of being corrupt that should give Corbett a free pass?

Then why isn't there equal coverage of how Tom Corbett probably knew more than anyone, and was also in a legal position to do something more about it?

As AG of Pennsylvania, Corbett decided to put far more resources into digging up dirt on his political opponents than bringing in a known molester of children.

It's ironic that people say Penn Staters only focus on football, when everyone else is only focusing on football.

It is well documented that when he became AG of Pennsylvania in 2005 that he had enough information to move against Sandusky and chose not to.

Corbett's involvement, along with Paterno and the rest of the gang of idiots allowed countless more children to be abused.

My anger is with ALL of these men. Men that lead my university that let me down, and a man that I looked up to that turned out not to be what I thought.

All of it makes me sick, but my fear is that our focus is too much on one man that men equally or more culpable get a free pass, like Corbett and his entire staff at AG office.

Anonymous said...

What would the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office emails and internal communications from 2009-2010 show? Has anyone looked at this?

Somehow this case took a very slow path through the AG’s office. Did Mr. Corbett follow up and determine why the investigation was going so slow?

The timeline of the AG handling of the Victim #1 concern needs to be explained to the public. Yes, Mr. Sandusky is a bad person, but even more ugly is how he was protected by those we thought were protecting our kids.

Joe Paterno is not the reason it took the AG’s Office so long to investigate and develop its case.

Anonymous said...

Tertiary, imho, during Corbett's many years reign as AG he certainly managed to fail in a few respects that are most obvious.

I find it hard to believe that he wasn't apprised of the pedophile Sandusky's felonious and deviant assault on that then-child victim...

And regardless of then DA Ray Gricar (absolutely no understanding of any legitimate reasons of why that he chose/selected not to file any type of charge against JS-other than the obvious power players involved and all the perceived negative ramifications that they felt would effect THEM.

Corbett could of overruled Gricar and had his office file charges against JS.

They should be looking into all the links of his 'friends' that were in the administration at PS, the former and current PS BofT's, staff, The Second Mile (CEO & wife), the BofT's there, developers/investors into the retirement project/golf course/water/etc. and CONTRIBUTORS...

I have been harping for months about The Second Mile. To be honest, I've never heard of it until this entire debacle started. This was a place filled with folks that are trained & licensed and they let a pedophile hide in plain sight.

It is absolutely mind-boggling that none of the executives, staff members, licensed child health professionals from that place have been written about. They simply close up shop and plan to transfer assets? It's that easy?

Interesting....someone needs to elaborate on the Altoona Diocese, it ha sbeen a hush, hush, so far?

Anonymous said...

Well the one thing we certainly can say about this Governor - he knows how to keep a secret - such as when he was PA Attorney General and knew about Sandusky, and on the Penn State Board......

We have to be careful, very careful ....and said absolutely nothing.

Are Corbett's emails being checked, his hard drives....I hope they don't disappear like Ray Gricar' you know when someone has a hard drive, it gets information from other hard drives, and sometimes that information is shared, and today stuff once lost forever can be found.

It is a federal crime to LIE to the federal government, and you can get years and years in prison - just for ONE lie....but who would lie, or cover up this situation????

Let me see now, Penn State is definitely involved, the Governor, the DA's former office, the Altoona Diocese, Sandusky, Paterno, the missing counselor who interviewed one of the victim's with Gricar (who is also declared legally dead - after his entire body just disappeared) ....seems like a scheme to me, but then, that's what it appears to me.

Why would anyone want to cover up Sandusky?

If he was "exposed" what would the repercussions mean, how would his conduct affect JoePA, Penn State, the Altoona Diocese, the Governor (Attornery general).

Is it possible his exposure would not affect anyone, or any organization?

The reason Corbett is criticizing the emails is becasue he's afraid one of HIS emails will be released showing he knew about it and covered it up too.

Anonymous said...

This is good.

Now if we only had had a law that says an elected attorney general is ineligible to become governor until at least six years after the end of his or her term as attorney general, think of the innocent children who might have been saved from Sandusky's clutches.

Anonymous said...

Assuming the accuracy of these e-mails, what was the full extent of Paterno's involvement in the alleged cover-up of the scandal?

What exactly held these administrators back? How is it possible for a group of four adults to conclude that the "humane" thing to do was to ignore the plight of an abused 10-year-old boy?

Why doesn't the Justice Department investigate why the Pennsylvania Attoreny general took so long to protect the children?

These questions demand answers for the sake of past and future cases in which children have been victimized at the hands of adults and were then made to live in shame.

Anonymous said...

THE ALTOONA MIRROR, So I am reading this toilet paper of a publication today.

And again they put down Joe Paterno. And they celebrated some idiot named Hontz who suggests that "Joe was king", and that "Joe knowingly covered up the incident with the full understanding that he was harboring a pedophile".

After 45 years of consistency we are just supposed to buy this crap?

And, by the way, the newspaper claims that the CNN employee that got the initial e mail leak was a 1972 grad of Bishop Guilfoyle.



wasn't one of those FOOTBALL guys MOLESTING BOYS back in the 90's.

But NOPE NOOOO revisiting....NO COVERAGE

And get want to talk about ALTOONA ENABLERS well Back in the early 2000's when I was on the street and HUSLTERS scene I PERSONALLY WITNESSED one of the alleged BG pedophiles on the DRUG SCENE.

He would always be showing up at the Crack House to pick up a guy known as "Gimmi". Appearently he had been molestin Gimmi FOR YEARS, although at thet point Gimmi was a grown man, who just got into the old TURD GOLD FORD CONTOUR to do GOD KNOWS WHAT.

And this SOB still rides FREE TODAY........Where is the CLAMOR over BG...o you self righteous ALTOONANS.....(crap of a town by the way)

Neil Rudel knows about this GUY, and how he still ROAMS....well gee NEIL why dont YOU put on your SHERLOCK HOLMES HAT and BUST THE GUY riding around in the GOLD FORD. You are a sportscaster .....YOU KNOW, and JUST AS GUILTY as JOE by YOUR OWN STANDARDS

You know about BG....HOW MUCH MOLESTING is still HAPPENING...HUH

Corky GEIGER gets a pass...well because he is a OUTSIDER/VULTURE....

Anonymous said...

It is hard to imagine, or accept, that JoePa was covering something like that up. I'll reserve my judgment till the report, and the evidence it's based on, comes out. But I will say this: don't be the guy who dies in the middle of a scandal. Suddenly everything is the dead guy's fault.

There is no evidence that Joe ever knew about any Sandusky crap before McQuery came to him (to JoePa). There is absolute evidence that Joe promptly turned the matter over to Curly and Shultz; and though now many criticize him, in hindsight, for not doing more, that seems like a fair and reasonable response to me.

If, and today it is only an IF, if Joe later expressed some thought that the administrators might better talk to Sandusky before they turned him in, it doesn't take away from the fact that he promptly reported it to them, and made sure McQuery got in front of them. Nor would it mitigate the Curley/Schultz/Spanier later decision - they are still responsible.

Anonymous said...

Do we know which law firm PSU consulted with in 2001?

Was it Wendell Courtney's firm, McQuaide Blasko. One of Wendell's colleagues at the firm, Dan Bright, was also a Board Member at the Second Mile.

Also worth noting that Courtney's wife, Linette, was a Second Mile board member in 2001.

If this was outside counsel to PSU regarding JS in 2001, how did they not recuse themselves?

And PSU had to have known about these conflicts.

Again, The Second Mile continues to get a pass here.

But there should also be a focus in Freeh's report about the incestuous relationship between PSU and SM and Corbett Campaign.

Also another interesting tidbit that Lubrano is asking the BOT about this week is Freeh's independence.

Specifically his relationship to Struthers, who is big donor to PSU and formerly on Board at SM.

See link


Anonymous said...

Courtney was also TSM counsel despite what he has said. Even today they are interwoven.

Remember the idiot Damon Sims, VP of Student Affairs who made asinine comments in USA Today article during coaching search (ie de-emphasize football)?

His wife is an attorney at McQuaide Blasko.

Quietly Courtney has been shown the door.

What a coincidence destroy files after the search warrant which is Obstruction of Justice, yet no charges by the AG the appointment of Corbett.

Anonymous said...

Expect a whitewash on the Penn State Freh report, no investigation into Second Mile, no investigations left for anyone to do, everyone will be responsible but no one accountable, terrible mistakes, but thos mistakes have been corrected, lets move on!

Will sound like Corbett's Senate Investigation, we are still gathering evidence, but the House Trials are over, lets move on!

Anonymous said...

Corbett is one of the maggots.

You damn right wbr!!!!

Corbett should be thrown in jail for covering for st penn as well!!!!!

Continued use of the word "maggot" in reference to Penn State and Corbett is gross and maggots.

Anonymous said...

Remember: The Governor (then AG) and his Harrisburg Gang that Couldn't shoot straight, bungled the Sandusky investigation for years.

Meanwhile the victums suffered, while the AG resources went after Corbett's political opponents.

Don't count on Corbett's home boys to get anything right.

We'll know about the Feds when and if they start arresting people.

They appear from the subpoena to be looking at possible payoffs to victims or witnesses.

The danger to Penn State isn't the Freeh report.

As ugly as it may be if the Feds find out somebody got paid off to keep quiet all the folks who are heavily invested in Penn State and Second Mile and Political Prowling for Power as a football team with a university attached and going to have to make the switch to a university with a football team (or maybe not) attached.

Sad, really sad.

DJM599 said...

Excuse me, but those newly disclosed emails you refer to (contained in the Freeh Report) DO NOT make it perfectly clear that Joe Paterno influenced anyone to do anything regarding Sandusky. To conclude otherwise is to engage in drastic conjecture about facts not nearly in evidence. However, if you have a pre-conceived narrative you wish to fulfill, I suppose they will do just fine.