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 From March 2009 through November 2011, did Sandusky molest any young boys who were unknown to prosecutors and weren‘t part of the trial? It seems unlikely given the international news focus on the Sandusky case and litigation by victims well under way. ~~ Tom Corbett apologist Brad Bumsted,  “Now comes the Kane probe ... Tribune-Review, Jan. 19, 2013

International news focus? Litigation by victims? Between March 2009 and November 2011?

 The Patriot-News was the first to report, on March 31, 2011, that Penn State football legend Jerry Sandusky is the subject of a grand jury investigation into allegations that he indecently assaulted a teenage boy.

The first civil litigation brought by a victim in the case was filed in November 2011, after Sandusky's arrest, by "John Doe A."

How, exactly, did international news focus and litigation by victims, which didn't happen until 2011, influence Sandusky's behavior in 2009 and  2010?

Tom Corbett is certainly no less guilty of leaving a door wide open if no one walked through it, but given what we know about the behavior of sexual offenders, what are the chances that a lifelong predator in his 60's, whose victims likely number in the hundreds, simply ... stopped ... for more than two years?  Especially given that the "international news focus and litigation by victims" that Bumsted imagines might have inhibited him would not occur for another two years? (does anyone proofread Bumsted's column?)

If only Corbett had had access to experts, who might know a little something about the behavior of sexual offenders. Experts, perhaps, like the members of Corbett's much-vaunted Child Predator Unit.

Whether Sandusky continued to molest children after Corbett received the first complaint is what Bumsted calls "the gazillion-dollar question." Given that Corbett is guilty of the same offense whether Sandusky did or didn't, we appraise that question at slightly less than a "gazillion" dollars and propose instead a more valuable one: Why was an investigative unit that Corbett created specifically to respond to accusations of child abuse not involved in investigating the most explosive allegation of child abuse in Corbett's entire tenure as Attorney General?

Unfortunately for Corbett and his media cheerleaders like Bumsted, the obvious answer to that question -- they were too busy scrambling to indict  the previously ignored John Perzel and Bill DeWeese before Corbett formally announced his gubernatorial campaign  -- leads to an even more inconvenient one:  Why was Corbett scrambling to indict House members in 2009 when he'd supposedly spent the previous two years investigating all four caucuses?


Anonymous said...

It was reported that Fina had more damaging evidence on Sandusky and chose not to disclose it. Was that the evidence of additional Sandusky child abuse you are alluding to?

Could it be that newly departed OAG prosecutor Fina is holding evidence to use as personal protection for following orders from Corbett?

We must remember that a state Grand Jury is totally controlled by the Attorney General. By using a Grand Jury, Corbett did controlled the pace without ordering a slow investigation. This is true especially when considering that Corbett requested one state trooper to conduct the Sandusky investigation.

The politics in 2009 was simple.

Corbett was given the Sandusky case in early 2009.

Corbett announced his exploratory committee for governor around March 17, 2009. Corbett could start raising money for a potential run for governor. The Second Mile was in play along with PSU BOT.

Corbett announced his run for governor on Sept. 15, 2009.

Corbett indicted ten House Republicans in the Computergate case in mid-November.

Corbett campaign benefits from "earned media" coverage for months.
(free publicity)

OAG took Rep. Ramaley, House Democrat, to trial. The jury acquitted Ramaley in the first trial of the Bonusgate case.

Corbett or Fina assigned extra manpower to the two House corruption cases.

The House was in Democrat hands, so he went after them hoping to flip the House to his Republican Party.

Corbett went after Perzel since he was a potential candidate for governor and an easy target following the pay raise vote in 2005.

Corbett left the Senate alone since it was in total control of the Republicans and he did not want to lose control of the Chamber.

General Kane needs to hear from frustrated staff in the AG's Office. Politics in a law enforcement organization is trouble. Corruption overtakes the law of the land.

Anonymous said...

One way to make sure one can appoint their own staffers is to allow the OAG frustrated staffers to weed out those that chose politics over justice.

Once they are fired or resign or indicted, new staffers with earnest will seek out justice to grab Fina & Corbett.

John Eichelberger is waiting to talk to Investigators on a number of Former Senate Staffers that were working on Senate Time on campaigns.

Conservative Republicans Eichelberger and Cawley have done the right thing by blowing to smithereens the cover-ups conducted by current Republican Leadership in House and Senate IN COMPLICITY WITH Frank Fina’s intentional failure not to investigate the senate over 8 years.

"The State Senate campaign of Commissioner John Eichelberger responds today to the decision by Senator Jubelirer to again employ private investigator Ron Harper, Jr. Harper, who is documented to have been paid by the State Senate, attended this morning’s Blair County Commissioner’s meeting for the purposes of intimidating Commissioner Eichelberger."

"Mr. Harper has worked for Senator Jubelirer on numerous campaigns including: the effort to threaten and silence the Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania as they attempted to educate the public about the 2005 legislative pay raise, Robert Regola’s campaign against Democratic Senator Allen Kukovich and Barry Wright’s campaign for Blair County Commissioner."

All purchased with the authorization of Mike Long, Todd Nyquist, and Drew Cromption with SENATE FUNDS ON SENATE STATE TIME FOR CAMPAIGNS OPERATION RESEARCH.

Long said Harper earns $3,000 a month from the Senate Republican Caucus to research people and subjects important to the Senate. Members of the Republican Caucus use his findings to educate themselves about gubernatorial cabinet and judicial nominees who are seeking confirmation.


As a reminder, J. Andrew "Drew" Crompton, in 2006, Crompton took 3 months of unpaid leave from his position with Robert Jubelirer to work on the Swann campaign.

Upon his return to the senate, he received a $19,467 bonus above Crompton salary of $101,523.

I can the hear singing now,

Can't You See,
You And Me,
In Ole De Napoli,
Thats Amore!

Toddy & Tommy,
Waste Mangement
Luzerne & Carbon Counties
CoalMine Garbage Dumps!

Anonymous said...

When the Investigators start to move in on Fina they will have trouble in learning since they will not make out whether he is bloody bad-mannered or just half-witted, as he will be using I cannot recall defense.

Fina the Fink will describe Corbett the most shameless exhibitionist since Barnum & Bailey, in order to disguise how they both have lied most bravely, but not convincingly.

The true answers without saying anything will be that's politics, but once Fina goes before the Grand Jury, the key questions from the Media will be is Frank Fina in there and is he in trouble?

The answer will be we would suspect so and we all have troubles. Life is a vale of troubles.

Once Fina become an Immunity Witness what will haunt Corbett and his minions line long will be how they will not be able to handle Fina becoming a two sided sword with double-edged blades, and every time they whet their virtue of claiming to justice over their political enemies the return stroke straps their own vices.

One must remember a double edged sword has immense power and it is capable of accomplishing both useful and destructive feats, in that case both parties will be glad to see Frank Fina get his due too.

Corbett will defend himself by saying Fina acted without orders.

Fina will retort you told me to use initiative at all times, did you not.

Corbett will say, I cannot recall but if I did, not really. It's awfully dangerous.

If the Investigators ask the right questions and then bring forth a Grand Jury, Fina will crumble, and Corbett will cry it was all Fina.